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Wilcox County Will and Probate Records

If you have will records to contribute please contact me.

William Atkins
Charity Ball
Sarah Ball

John Barnes
William Barton
W. W. Beall
Christopher Beckham
Z.W. Benton
Frederick Brown
Jane Brown
W. G. Brown
James Lafayette Bruce

Lovina Bruce
Richard B. Burnham
John W. Byers
M. A. Cain
William Carter
Robert H. Causey
S.A. Causey
A. M. Clark
Elizabeth Collins
Francis Barton Collins
Hozias L. Davis
Charles P. Dennard
Stephen Doster
Sarah Dychus
Frederick Faircloth
J.F. Faircloth, Jr.
Mary Finleyson
William D. Finleyson
John J. Finlyson
Alfred K. Fisher
David Fitzgerald
James B. Fitzgerald
John L. Fountain
Celia E. Fuller
Elener Fuller
Daniel Ezekiel Gammage
T. Gottlieb
William Hogans
James Holt
James Johnson
Mary Johnson

Mary L. Jones
Cornelious Jordan
Walter T. Jordan
John Henry
Charles T. King
James Lacey

Annie E. Leedy


John E. Maguire
Elizabeth J. Mann
Mary V. Marshall
James W. Mashburn
Sallie O. Massie
M. E. McAnally
Mary McBryant
Samuel J. McCall
Claburn McCarthy
Daniel McDuffie
Susan Francis McLeod
John B. Mitchell
Mr. & Mrs. M.W. Mitchell
Mary Adell Mitchell
N.E. Mitchell
G. C. Mixon Sr.
George H. Moore
J. O. Moye
Mary J. Odom
John G. Peavy
William Player - 1878
William Player - 1919
William T. Pollard
W. P. Pool
Thery C. Pope
Abraham A. Ramsey
Henry C. Ramsey
G.W. Reid
George Reid
Mrs. Eliza Reid

Dave Richardson
William A. Rodgers
Carrie Rogers
Francis Lamar Sieg
Lewis Simmons
Mrs. M. J. Spinks
Alice F. Stubbs
Allen R. Sudderth
T. T. Summerford
David W. Taylor
E. T. Tippett
Caroline Tomberlin
Wright Tomberlin
James W. Turner
Smith Turner
Myrtis Collins Ware
James T. Warren

Thomas Warren

Amanda J. Wilcox
Mary Wilcox
Charles Wilson
Rachel Wilson
Mary Windham
Samuel Young


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