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Last Will and Testament

William A. Rodgers


Last Will and Testament

William A. Rodgers


Georgia Wilcox County

In the name of God amen. I William A. Rodgers of said State and County being of sound and disposing mind and memory do make declare and publish this my last will and testament.


I command my immortal spirit to god who gave it and bequeath my body to the grave to be buried by my executors in a befitting manner according to the established customs of the Christian religion.


Respecting my worldly affairs it is my will and desire First that my just and lawful debts shall be paid by my executors in the order of priority prescribed by the laws of Georgia.


It is my will and desire that all the property of every kind of which I shall die seized and possessed shall be sold by my executors at public or private sale as they may deem best and the proceeds of such sale to be applied by them to the payment of my debts as herein before provided. But this shall apply to my Shingle Mill and all land and timber teams and appliances used in operating the same in the description and judgment of my said executors who may operate said shingle mill as long as it is profitable to do so selling the same and all property used therewith at such time and in such manner as they may deem best.


If anything should (illegible word) from the sale of said property after the payment of any debts and the charges of administration it is my will and desire that the same shall be divided share and share alike among my children Maggie H. Rodgers, Virgie Mae Rodgers, Ida Lou Rodgers and Hugh Dennard Rodgers.


In regard to my life insurance two thousand dollars of which is payable to all of my children and the other policies to my said children Maggie H., Virgie Mae, Ida Lou and Hugh Dennard it is my will and desire that my daughter Fannie McDuffie and such other of my children that may be 21 years old or married at the time of my death or the payment of said insurance shall receive their potions of said insurance at once and I request and admonish them to use the same in a provident and business like manner. For each and all of them who may not be of lawful age or married at my death I hereby name and appoint my beloved friend and brother in law Henry J. Brown Guardian and I request and direct him to receive and hold said life insurance and any residue of property or money from my estate in trust for my said children Maggie H., Virgie Mae, Ida Lou and Hugh Dennard each to receive his or her portion at majority or marriage not using any of the principal for support and maintenance unless necessary and then by Order of Court of Ordinary of Wilcox County. It is my further will and desire that said Henry J. Brown shall qualify as such Guardian in the Court of Ordinary of Wilcox Count y and that his said guardianship shall be administered under the legal supervision of said Court he to receive legal compensation for his services.


I hereby name and appoint my daughter Maggie H. Rodgers and the said Henry J. Brown Co executors of this my last will and testament with full power and authority to execute and enforce all the provisions of the same provided they shall qualify as such executors in the Court of Ordinary of Wilcox County and shall conduct said executorship under the legal supervision of said Court and I desire that they shall receive the usual compensation for this service.


I name and appoint my esteemed friend D.B. Nicholson attorney at law legal adviser for Henry J. Brown as guardian and for Maggie H. Rodgers and Henry J. Brown as executors under this will and direct that he shall receive such reasonable compensation for his services as may be approved by the Court of Ordinary of Wilcox County.

In testimony of all which I have hereunto set my hand this 5th day of April 1905.

William A. Rodgers


Signed and published by Wm. A. Rodgers as his last will and testament in the presence of the undersigned who subscribe our names hereto as Witnesses at the instance and request of said testator and in his presence and in the presence of each other This the 5th ay of April 1905.

W.W. Blalock

J.A. Christmas

C. O. McLeod


I do solemnly swear that his writing contains the true last will and testament of the within named William A. Rodgers deceased so far as I know or believe and that I will well and truly execute the same in accordance with the laws of Georgia so help me god.

H.J. Brown

Sworn to and subscribed before me

This June 4th 1906

J.M. Warren Ordinary Wilcox County



Source: Will Book 1858-1957

Film No. 271348

transcribed by Janet Moore
to provide free research
to Wilcox County families.

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