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Last Will and Testament
Sallie O. Massie

Georgia Macon County GA

In the name of God, Amen;

I Sallie O. Massie do make advise and devise and publish this my last will and Testament:

I devise and bequeath to my Mother, Mrs. Lizzie Shephard and her unmarried children during her natural life or widowhood during their minority the House and Lot in the town of Abbeville, Wilcox County, Georgia, now occupied by said Mrs. Shephard’s children as a home and located at the Southwest corner of Stubbs and Church Street in said town and containing one half acre more or less, at the death or marriage of the said Mrs. Shephard, said house and lot shall be the property of my sister Alice Shepherd in fee simple. Provided, however, she shall allow the same to be used and occupied as a house for her unmarried brothers and sisters during their minority.


I give and bequeath only to my son Henry Stewart the sum of five hundred dollars to be paid to him by my executor upon his arriving at the age of twenty one years. I make no further provision for him because he is well provided for by inheritance from his father. If he shall not live to be twenty one years of age the five hundred dollars herein bequeathed to him shall belong to my beloved husband J.R. Massie as hereinafter set fourth.


In case my child soon hereafter be born, shall be born alive and shall live to its maturity then one half of all the property herein before bequeathed and devised to my said husband J.C. Massie shall belong to said child but if said Child shall die before arriving at the age of twenty one years then said one half of said property shall belong to my said husband. And I hereby name and appoint my said husband, J.C. Massie Guardian for my said child and specially stipulate that he shall be required to give bond as such Guardian.


I hereby name constitute and appoint my beloved husband J.C. Massey executor of this my last will and testament especially directing that he be not required to make return of inventory or any other return of the property herein bequeathed as devised, to any court whatever.

August 21st 1894

Mrs. Sallie O Massie


Signed, delivered and published by Sallie O. Massie as her last will and testament in the presence of us the subscribers who subscribed our names hereto in the presence of said testatrix (at her instance and request) and of each other. She signing in our presence and we signing in her presence.

August 21st 1894

Geo M Miles

N.W. Massie

O.J. Massie




J.C. Massie propounder of

Last Will and Testament of

Sallie O. Massie

In Ordinary Court Wilcox County Georgia

April term 1896 April 6th 1896

Appearing to the court that at he March Term 1896 of Wilcox Superior Court the above stated case having been appealed from this county was regularly tried before a jury with a verdict rendered then finding the papers purported to be the last will and testament of Sallie O. Massie, deceased and a judgment having been rendered in accordance with the said verdict and ordering the probate of said will. It is therefore ordered and adjudged by this Court that said judgment be made the judgment of this county of the said will to be admitted to probate as the last will and testament of Sallie O. Massie deceased.

Benj. G. Blasingame

Ordinary – W.C. G.



Source: Will Book 1858-1957

Film No. 271348

transcribed by Janet Moore
to provide free research
to Wilcox County families.

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