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Last Will and Testament

Allen R. Sudderth


Last Will and Testament

Allen R. Sudderth


Georgia Wilcox County

I, A.R. Sudderth this 29th day of March A.D. Nineteen hundred and ten being of sound mind and of my own free will and accord make this as my last will and testament. At my death after payment of any debts incurred by my last sickness and any other just debts that I may owe I will and bequeath to my beloved wife Mrs. Priscilla Sudderth all of my property of which I may be possessed at the time of my death money notes and account personal property and real estate, to be used by her during her life time, unless she should marry again. At the death or marriage of my wife, Mrs. Priscilla Sudderth I desire that all my remaining property be sold and equally divided among all of my children except that I desire that my daughter Effie should receive and extra allowance of Five hundred dollars more than an equal share with the others. Should any of my direct heir not be living at the time of such distribution of my estate it is my desire that their children, if any, should share equally in the share of my estate which would gone to their mother or father, should any of my direct heirs die before such distribution leaving no children then I desire that the share which would have gone to them be divided among their living brothers and sisters.

In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal the day and year above written.

Allen R. Sudderth (seal)

Subscribed in our presence

E.P. Wilson

H.S. Brogdon

I.N. McAllister N.P.W.C. Ga



Source: Will Book 1858-1957 Page 106

Film No. 271348

transcribed by Janet Moore
to provide free research
to Wilcox County families.

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