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Last Will and Testament

Miss Mary Finleyson


Last Will and Testament

Miss Mary Finleyson


Georgia Wilcox County

In the name of God, Amen.

I, Mary Finleyson as Citizen of Wilcox County Georgia do make ordain and declare this instrument which is written by my subscriber with my name to be my last will and testament revoking all others not owing anything.


To my dearly beloved Sisters Martha & Catherine Finleyson I give and bequeath the use and profit and benefit of whole estate real and personal for the term of their natural lives all real and personal property namely land notes, money and all perishable property. I constitute and appoint my beloved Sisters Martha and Catherine Executrix and of this my last will and testament in the Consideration of which it will be readily perceived that no performance character has been consulted or has had any agency in the draft and that although it has occupied May of May lease and I have showed it-in its present form it may not withstanding appear small and incorrect but having indevered to be plain and explicit in all the dealing having of the expense of the property perhaps of tenant-less I hope and trust that no disposition will arise concerning them but if among it the call should be otherwise from the sort of legal expression as the usual bequeath therein or balance too much or too little has been said already of the delivering to be consented with said My will and document expressed in that all dispute.


If unhampered in any instances should be decided by this my article and utilized (illegible word)


Known for their Probity and good understanding to be chosen by the disputants each having the place of me and a third by these to which three men them chosen shall written by law as legal constituted local this sense of the testator execution and discussion to all interest and purposes to be finding on the parties as if it had been given in the Superior Court of the United States.

By Witness of all and each of the things therein attached I have set my hand and seal this 7th day of October 1909.

Mary Finleyson (her mark)


S.R. Mitchell

Z. J. Brown

W.E. Finleyson

Signed sealed declared and published by Mary Finleyson as her last will and testament in the presents of S.R. Mitchell, Z.J. Brown & W.E. Finleyson who subscribed our names hereto in the presents of said testator and after she had signed her name hereto and at her special instance and request and in the presents of each other this 7th day of October 1909.

J.M. Warren Ordinary


Georgia Wilcox County

We do swear that this writing contains the true last will of the within named Mary Finleyson deceased as far as we know or believe and that we will well and truly execute the same in accordance with the law of this State so help us God.

Martha Finleyson

Catherine Finleyson

Sworn to and subscribed this nove. 15th 1909.

J.M. Warren



Source: Will Book 1858-1957

Film No. 271348

transcribed by Janet Moore
to provide free research
to Wilcox County families.

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