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Last Will and Testament

Richard B. Burnham


Last Will and Testament

Richard B. Burnham


Georgia Wilcox County

I, Richard B. Burnham of said State and County being of sound mind and without any influence or dictation I make this my last will and testament In the name of God. First I will that my body be buried decent. Second I want my just debts paid out of any money I may have on hand or out of the cotton one & half bale now in my possession.

Third I give to my beloved wife Fifty acres of land being the South east corner of the lot I reside on and will includes my residence and all the improvements thereon. Also my boy mare and buggy and enough corn and fodder & such Peas potatoes as may be on the place to make years support for her and my boy Lewis also one cow and calf also one black sow & pigs.

Fifth I give to Perry my same Fifty acres in the North west corner of the same described lot of land also one sow pig and one cow and calf it is be left after paying my debts.

Sixth I give to my son Charlie Fifty acres of land in the North East Corner of the same described lot of land also one sow pig and one cow & calf if it is left after my debts is paid.

Seventh I give and bequeath to my other children not already named all my right title & claim in and to one hundred acres of lot of land No (no number given) being the North side of said lot and to which I hold bond for title to from S. P. Mitchell & I have paid about $160.00 and am due about $140.00 equally between my son George my Daughter Millie my Daughter Gallie my Daughter Sallie and to my Grand Daughter Lola and also my daughter Mary Jane provided they pay up my obligation for said land to said Mitchell all such things as is necessary to sum and keep my place that has not been bequeathed already I will that it remain on the place and be controlled and managed by my wife during her widowhood or until her death and then to go to my son Lewis and also all that I have bequeathed and given to my wife the fifty acres of land cow and calf and hogs shall be his without reserve at the marriage or death of my wife.

Eighth I will that all the things in my house be equally divided among all my children and wife that will accept and care for them at or soon after my death.

Ninth I will that J.E. Bowen be my Executor and this may last will and testament be carried out according to his suggestions & dictation of Without bond and that he attend to it instantly after my death as much as possible. I sign this my last will in the presents of God and these Witnesses. This December 7th 1907.

Richard B. Burnham (his mark)

Claburn Hamilton (his mark)

John Burnham

Perry Burnham

J. E. Bowen N.P Exofficia J.P.


Georgia Wilcox County

Wilcox Court of Ordinary February Term 1908

In re: Probate of will of R.B. Burnham late of said County deceased. It appearing to the Court that service on the non resident heirs of R.B. Burnham deceased has not been perfected. It is ordered that said case be continued until the March Term 1908 of this Court and that in the meantime ( illegible word) be perfected on said non resident heirs to wit: Gallie Ashland, Millie Jackson, & Lola Bond by publication as the law requires.

Witness my hand and official signature this Feby 3rd 1908.

J.M. Warren Ordinary


Wilcox Court of Ordinary March Term 1908.

In re: petition of J. E. Bowen for probate in solemn form of the Will of R.B. Burnham the above stated petition coming on regularly to be heard and it appearing that he parties at interest resident in this State were personally served with notice of the petition for probate at least ten days before the term of this Court at which said notice required appearance and that the parties at interest not residing in this state were duly served by publication of a citation once a week for four weeks in the Abbeville Chronicle the Official Newspaper published in Abbeville Wilcox County Georgia and it appearing to the satisfaction of this Court by the testimony of all he subscribing Witnesses that the instrument offered for probate is the last will and testament of Richard B. Burnham as alleged by the propounder in his petition and no legal and sufficient reason appearing why said will should not be admitted to record as prayed. Ordered that said will be and the same is hereby established in solemn form as the last will and testament of R.B. Burnham and the same be admitted to record. Ordered further that letters testamentary to issue to the Executor name in said will to wit the said J.E. Bowen upon his taking the usual oath of office this March 2nd 1908.

J. M. Warren



Georgia Wilcox County

I do solemnly swear that the within writing Contains the true last will and testament of the with named Richard B. Burnham deceased as far as I know or believe and that I will well and truly execute the same in accordance with the law of the state so help me God

J.E. Bowen

Sworn to and subscribed before me this March 2nd 1908

J.M. Warren Ordinary



Source: Will Book 1858-1957

Film No. 271348

transcribed by Janet Moore
to provide free research
to Wilcox County families.

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