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Will of Stephen Doster


Stephen Doster 

Georgia Wilcox Co.

In the name of God, Amen I Stephen Doster of the County of Wilcox and the State of Georgia being of sound & disposing mind & memory & being desired to settle my worldly affairs while I have strength to do so, do make & publish this my last Will & Testament, hereby revoking all other will by me at any time made theretofore.

Item first I commit my soul to God who gave it & my body I desire to be buried in a decent manner & my worldly estate I dispose of as follows

First, I desire all my just debts paid as early as possible.

Second, I give & bequeath unto my beloved wife Susan Doster during her life time Jenny & Henny two women, my sorrel horse, buggy & harness & all the household & kitchen furniture she may want or need about the premises and one years provisions also five hundred dollars of the first money collected from the sale of my property not disposed of.

Third, I give & bequeath unto my son Philitus Doster my negro man Dick also two hundred dollars of the proceeds of my perishable property.

Fourth, I give & bequeath to my three grandchildren, heirs of Wilson Doster lot of land No (184) one hundred & eighty four in the eight district originally of Dooly County now of Wilcox, containing (202 ) two hundred & two and one half Acres 

Fifth, I give & bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth E. Smith during her natural life & after her death to the heirs of her body the following A boy by the name of Henry & a girl (Martha) & I hereby constitute the & appoint Horace H. Smith trustee for said Elizabeth E. Smith. 

Sixth, I give & bequeath to my daughter Avarilla M. Fitgerald during her natural life & after her death to the heirs of her body (Louis & Tom) & I do hereby appoint James Fitzgerald trustee for said Avarilla M. Fitzgerald.

Seventh, I give & bequeath to my daughter Mary Ann McLeod during her natural life & after her death to their heirs of her body (Lucy) a woman & her child (Ella) & I do hereby constitute & appoint Daniel A. McLeod trustee for said Mary Ann McLeod.

Eighth, I give & bequeath to my daughter Susan Futch during her natural life & after her death to the heirs of her body the following two boys Sam & Austin and appoint John Futch trustee for said Susan Futch.

All the above mentioned property given to my wife Susan is to remain in her possession during her life, then to be equally divided between my five living children above named as my heirs and should either of my daughters herein mentioned depart this life without having received her property & increase given in this will to be queally divided amongst my living heirs.

This in purpose of carrying out my last will & testament into effect I Hereby constitute and appoint Philitis Doster & James Fitzgerald my executors.

In witness wherein I the said Stephen Doster in this my will consisting of these three sheets of paper have set my hand on signed this the 21st day of February 1859.

Stephen Doster

Georgia Wilcox Co

Before me James W. Mashburn, Ordinary of said County came in person Philitus Doster & James Fitzgerald executors of the last will & Testament of Stephen Doster deceased late of said county & as the witnesses to said will James E. Coney, G.M. Graham, Norman M. McDuffie, who being duly sworn depose & say that they saw the said Stephen Doster sign, seal publish and declare the said instrument his last Will & Testament voluntarily freely with compulsion & that they signed the Will as witnesses in the presence of said Stephen Doster & each other. 

J.E. Coney
G. M. Graham
Norman McDuffie

Sworn to & subscribed before me this 2nd day of May 1959

James M. Mashburn

Signed sealed & declared by the above name Stephen Doster as his last Will & Testament in presence of us, who at his request in presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto:

James E. Coney    Wilcox County
G. M. Graham          

Norman McDuffie    


Source: Will Book 1858-1957

Film No. 271348


transcribed by Janet Moore
to provide free research
to Wilcox County families.



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