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Young's Cemetery
Contributed by Johnny T. Young Ed. D.

Young's  Cemetery, Ben Hill Co. Formerly Wilcox County, GA 1863-2006

Directions: One mile south of GA 90 on Lower Rebecca Road on the right side of the road.

Compiled by Johnny T. Young  Ed D - May 2006

Last First  Middle Maiden Birth  Death Comment Additional Information
Atkinson, Billy  Jack   1937 1971    
Atkinson Evie   Minchew 12/17/1908 3/16/1988    
Atkinson Wendell D.   12/13/1941 9/4/1984    
Atkinson, William F.   1908 1970    
Bradford Teresa   Young 8/9/1956 5/2/2000 d.o. M.Hill and Mary Young, w.o. Larry Bradford  
Briggs James (Jack) E.   8/7/1927 8/1/2004 Lt. Col. USAF, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam Distinguished Flying Cross,  Air Medal, 90 LC.
Coley James D.   2/22/1855 4/27/1910    
Gardner Mary Olive Young 1/1/1856 1/15/1918 d.o. Samuel Young and Mary Luke, w.o. Z.T. Gardner  
Gardner Z. T.   7/18/1850 9/10/1915 h.o. Mary Olive Young  
Gibbs James "Buck"   9/28/1914 6/27/1981 h.o. Mattie Player  
Gibbs Mattie   Player 8/14/1905 8/19/2000 w.o. Buck Gibbs  
Gilmore Martha   Young 7/13/1892 2/9/1966 d.o. M.D. & F.J. Young  
Jones Elizabeth   Young 11/22/1853 12/17/1932 d.o. Samuel Young and Mary Luke, and w/o J.D. Coley and Buck Jones  
Jones M. J.   4/12/1866 8/8/1919 w.o. J. B. Jones  
Grave marked with stones at head/foot next to M.J. Jones "Mother" on 5th row.between Gardner and Jones (DYS List)
Kitchens Betty L.   1/13/1932 N/D    
Kitchens Henry L.   6/13/1935 N/D    
Livingston Emory M.L.   9/20/1920 1/29/2003 U.S. Navy WWII  
Livingston Ida Mae A. 4/1/1899 3/14/1984    
Livingston Johnny S.     9/27/1940 Veteran  
Livingston Mary E.   4/15/186 3/11/1948    
Unmarked grave, only no grass Pat Swearingen list. Row 2 next to Mary Livingston grave (DYS list)
Odom Joe Lowell   10/2/1926 N/D    
Odom Kansas (Bunk) 10/14/1958   10/14/1958 8/11/2004    
Odom Nellie Faye Minchew 7/21/1931 N/D    
McCuller Geraldine   Young 6/12/1912 11/12/1944    
Minchew Annette   Handley 5/22/1945 N/D w.o. James T."Bull" Minchew  
Minchew Clarence     3/13/1902 1/14/1966    
Minchew Clayton     1/11/1929 4/20/2005    
Minchew Daisy   Wood 11/22/1936 N/D w.o. I. P. JR.  
Minchew D. F.   11/1/1898 4/7/1919    
Minchew Florence   G. 12/24/1933 N/D w.o. Clayton Minchew  
Minchew  Isbon Player "Jr."   5/17/1927 5/20/1998    
Minchew Isbon Sr. P.   10/14/1904 7/29/1974    
Minchew James "J." W.   3/21/1905 12/18/1972    
Minchew James T. "Bull"   8/19/1931 6/14/2000    
Minchew Ludy     11/10/1899 10/11/1961    
Minchew Martha J.   5/5/1910 6/30/2005    
Minchew Mary E. Player 1/9/1874 1/22/1932 w.o.  R.M. Minchew  
Minchew Melissa     10/29/1902 9/26/1981    
Minchew Nancy L.     3/25/1905 22 years old at death.  
Minchew Robert W.   05-17-1876 5/18/1905    
Minchew Roy D.   12/9/1915 3/24/1976 S 2 USN WWII  
Minchew Sam Mack   11/3/1936 4/18/1939 s.o.. Clarence and Thelma Minchew  
Minchew Sibbie     9/27/1872 3/11/1940    
Minchew Thelma   Hobgood 2/15/1907 Date not listed w.o. Clarence Minchew  
Minchew Viola   Smith 3/13/1907 10/23/1998    
Minchew W. S.   10/17/1872 7/27/1946    
Musslewhite Jesse Rene'   4/15/1989 4/17/1989    
Player Ada     0/0/1902 0/0/1903    
Player Isbon    P.   11/11/1867 6/4/1929    
Player Martha     1/14/1885 7/2/1927    
Unmarked childs grave in Minchew plot next to Martha Player an Ludy Minchew (DYS List)
Player Nancy L.   9/6/1845 9/4/1930 w.o. George. W. Player  
Powell Malcolm Eugene   12/19/1915 9/6/1978    
Powell Vera   Young 2/15/1923 2/7/1976    
Storey Ollie May   12/29/1921 7/20/1975    
Whited Vera   Minchew 6/8/1929 1/24/1965    
Young Alice   McCants 2/9/1910 12/8/1991 w.o. Wiley T. Young  
Young Angie   Joyner 9/11/1922 5/7/1990 w.o. M.D. Young, SR.  
Young Archie     10/12/1890 2/22/1946 s.o. George W. Young, US Army WWI  
Young Bobby Wright   7/25/1935 11/22/1987 s.o. Archie Young  
Young Charity   Williamson 2/10/1890 6/12/1977 w.o. S.E. R. Young  
Young Clyde S.   3/15/1895 10/31/1974 WWI Veteran, s.o. M.D. and F. J. Young  
Young Coley C.   10/10/1904 9/12/1983 s.o. G.W.M. and Lucretia Ball Young  
Young David Franklin   12/12/1890 10/4/1947 s.o. M.D. and F. J. Young  
Young Dona L. Player 8/15/1876 8/22/1941 "Mother", second w.o. Samuel S. Young (Luke Cemetery)  
Young Donna   Couey 10/30/1951 2/16/1997 w.o. M.D. Young, Jr.  
Young Emma Caroline Wootten 10/30/1915 12/26/1987 w.o. S.B. Young  
Young Ethel Florence Hill 7/25/1894 12/6/1976 w.o. J.R.F. Young  
Young Faitha Jane Paulk 4/29/1863 4/10/1929 w.o. Marion D. Young  
Young George Wesley Marion   10/26/1872 1/6/1946 s.o. G.W. and Cornelia Minchew Young  
Young George W.   10/13/1846 5/10/1926 Veteran CSA Co.C, 7th, Regt. GA Militia CSA, s.o. Samuel Young and Mary Luke  
Unmarked grave, Possibly George W. Young's wife ( Cornelia Minchew or Henretta Vinson) concrete slab (DYS List)
Unnamed grave raised brick, concrete may be James R. Young, s.o. George M. Young  next to M. Livingston (DYS list)
Young Gregory Hill   2/16/1954 5/15/1982 s.o. M. Hill and Mary Young  
Young Inf.s.o M.D.& F.J. Young     9/29/1899 9/29/1899    
Young Imogene   Stanford 2/4/1898 2/28/1992 w.o. James D. Young  
Young James Daniel   11/19/1896 1/16/1958 s.o. M.D. and F. J. Young  
Young James Herman   10/27/1918 3/23/1984 Added 6/24/2005  
Young Johnny  Robert Franklin   11/20/1893 12/2/1971 s.o. Samuel S. Young and Mary J. Luke (Luke Cemetery  
Young Lois   Hobgood 9/13/1899 4/22/1969 w.o. Martin Young  
Young Myra Mae Hill 8/14/1897 11/11/1981 w.o. Clyde Young  
Young Marion David   2/11/1851 1/7/1931 s.o. Samuel and Mary Young   
Young Marion  David  Sr.   1/25/1916 7/20/1999    
Young Marion  David, Jr.   1/13/1947      
Young Martha Lucretia Ball 8/18/1880 2/3/1967 w.o. George V. Marion Young  
Young Martin John Henry   9/2/1901 9/11/1987 s.o. Samuel S. and Dona Player  
Young Mary   Luke 1/24/1819 10/4/1880 w.o. Samuel Young  
Young Mary J.   1/4/1886 10/3/1906 d.o. M.D. & F.J. Young  
Young Mary O.   8/2/1892 7/26/1894 d.o. J.T.& J.A. (Young's Chapel Cemetery)  
Young  Maudeen     4/15/1905 1997 d.o. Archie R. Young  
Young Rachel L.   2/4/1901 8/13/1909 d.o. M.D. & F.J. Young  
Young Robert C.   1/6/1849 3/20/1863 s.o. Samuel and Mary Young first burial in cemetery  
Young Sally   Kelly 6/19/1892 11/30/1978 w.o. David Franklin Young  
Young Samuel     1/1810 5/22/1896 Original Young from Rentfrewshire Glascow, Scotland  
Young Samuel Bartow   10/30/1912 10/22/1971 Son of J.R.F. and Ethel Hill Young  
Young Samuel Elbert Robert   11/16/1888 2/14/1954 s.o. M.D. and F. J. Young  
Young Thelma   Sutton 10/30/1901 8/9/1954 w.o. Archie Young  
Young Wiley Tom   3/6/1908 12/21/1983 s.o. Dona Player and Samuel S. Young  
Young, four unmarked infant graves children of Archie R. Young (Daisy Y. Swearingen) (DYS List)  
Five unmarked Adult Graves, 1 unmarked childs grave as of 1982  Jesse Paulk List
Young, four unmarked infant graves children of Archie R. Young (Daisy Y. Swearingen) (DYS List)
Legend:  h.o.= husband of, w.o.= wife of, d.o= daughter of, s.o.= son of, N/D= not deceased


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