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Thomas Henry Wootten
Generously contributed by Johnny T. Young
Transcribed from the Wootten Family article  Crisp County's History in Pictures and Stories, 1978, Cordele, Crisp County Historic Society. Written by Aurelia Wootten a grand daughter of Thomas Henry Wootten, Sr.  Also found in the Wootten family article in The Passing of the Pines:  A History of Wilcox County, Georgia, Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. 1984. The article in "Passing of the Pines" was written by Emma Caroline Wootten Young, the mother of Johnny T. Young the submitter of the following  article.
Thomas Henry Wootten, enlisted as a private in the Pulaski Blues, a company attached to the regiment of General Clement A. Evans' Brigade as Co. F. 31st Georgia Regiment, Quartermaster Corps commanded  by Captain Warren D. Wood.  He was with Early when Sheridan made his ride.  He fought in the first and second battles of Bull Run in the Wilderness, Gettysburg and all the battles of the arm commanded b y General Robert E. Lee.  He also served in General John B. Gordon's division.  He served with the Army of Virginia from the beginning to the end of the war, and surrendered at Appomattox on April 9, 1865.  He came with General Evans and his family from Fortress Monroe, Virginia, to Savannah, Georgia.  From there he walked to his home in Hawkinsville.  He had no money and the ferryman would not let him on the ferry at Hawkinsville and he jumped in the Ocmulgee River and swam across.  Thomas Henry Wootten, Sr. was born in Wilkes Co. GA August 15, 1836 and died on July 18, 1900.  He is buried with his second wife Caroline Christian Wootten and son Thomas Henry Wootten Jr. in the Wootten Family plot at Cedar Creek Baptist Church between Hawkinsville and Abbeville in Wilcox Co.
Submitted by  
Johnny T. Young,
Great Grandson of Thomas Henry Wootten, Sr.




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