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Wilcox Co Pioneer Origins

This list is for a guideline to researchers who are looking for where their ancestors might have been before arriving in Wilcox County. If you can add to this list, please contact us.

 Atkinson, Boyd, Corbett,  Deen, Garrett, Hardeman, Mitchell, Paxton, Perry, Sapp, Sharp, Thomas, Wells, Whitehurst, Williams

North Carolina

Anson Co. NC
  Harrell, Ashley, Lanier

Bladen Co. NC
  Beard, Bryan, Carver, Dryden, Everett, Fiveash, Mercer, Spivey, Terrell, Musselwhite

Beaufort Co. NC


Bertie Co. NC

Caswell Co. NC

Cumberland Co. NC 
Jones, Graham, Willis, Williard
Columbus Co. NC 
Smith, Money, Cribb
Craven Co. NC 
Browning, Bryan, Gaskins, Miller, Stafford
Chowan Co NC
Chatham Co. NC
Copeland, Tillman, Wilcox
Dobbs Co. NC
 Caswell, Griffin, Minchew
Duplin Co. NC 
Alderman, Brice, Bowen, Bostick, Boykin, Blanton, Carlton, Carroll, Covington, Drew, Folsom, Fussell, Garrison, Guy, Hollingsworth, Hurst, Kornegay, Knowles, Lamb, Mathis, Mills, Mobley, Newton, Peterson, Sheffield, Sellers, Thomas, Thigpen, Williams
Granville Co. NC
  Hendley, Meadows
Green Co. NC 
Guilford Co. NC
Halifax Co. NC 
Hyde Co. NC
Denmark, Fountain, Giddens
Johnston Co. NC
Starling, Bryan, Johnson
Mecklenburg Co. NC
Brown, Rives
Martin Co. NC
Johnson, Everett
New Hanover Co. NC
 DeVane, Futch, Giddens, Hendry, Highsmith

Northhampton Co. NC


Onslow Co. NC
  Burnett, Fullwood, Gornto, Gillett, Jones, Parramore, Warren


Pitt Co. NC
Albritton, Baldree, Cason, Hardee, Highsmith, Knox, Meeks, Munden, Moore, Robson, O’Steen, Sirmans, Sutton, Tison, Wainwright, Ward, Weeks

Robeson Co. NC
  Avera, Baxley, Benton, fort, Grantham, Hall, Henderson, McInnis, McCraine, McMillan, McDermid, Overstreet, Patterson, Pittman, Pope, Barker, Bennett
Rowan Co. NC


Roanoke Co. NC


Richmond Co. NC
McDuffie, McKinnon, Campbell.
Sampson Co. NC
Bennett, Bass, Merritt, Byrd, Register, Peterson.
Tryon Co. NC
Tyrell Co. NC


Wayne Co. NC
Lee, Peacock, Tomberlin
South Carolina
Anderson Co. SC
Beaufort District SC
  Booth, Calder, Crews, DeLoach, Floyd, Grice, Johnson, Roddenberry, Rowe, Studstill, Sweat


Barnwell District SC
 Brooker, Bamberg, Brown, Corbitt, Crummey, Dowling, Dukes, Darley, Dyess, Eason, Fender, Ganos, Guess, Hargreaves,  Hutto, Howell, Hiers, Hughes, Johnson, Joyce, Jowers, Kinard, Kirkland, Lightsey, Mixon, McClelland, McClain, O’Quin, Overstreet, Peters, Rentz, Reddish, Rice, Roberts, Rhoden, Ray, Sellers, Southwell, Smith, Steedley, Touchton, Tyler, Williams, Wise, Zeigler
Charleston District SC
  Roberts, O’Neil


Cheraw District SC
Barrentine, Cone, Fletcher, James, Knight, Mikell, Morgan, McCall, Surrency
Colleton District SC
  Burnett, Carter, Crosby, Drawdy, Herndon, Langdale, Mattox, Moody, North, Padgett, Prescott, Varn, Walker, Wetherinton
Camden District SC
  Peeples, Parrott


Darlington District SC
Connell, Clemenets, Davis, Dyall, Morgan, Reeves, Norwood, Whiddon
Edgefield District SC
  King, Monk, Nobles, Nichols, Summerall, Swearingen, Smith, Timmerman, Walker, Renfro
Fairfield District SC
Georgetown Dist. SC
  Edwards, Beverly


Marlboro County SC


Marion District SC
  Fletcher, Gibson, Jewell, Lee, Manning
Orangeburg District SC
  Ammons, Causey, Crum, Griffis, Ratcliff, Rich, Strickland
Spartanburg District SC
Meadows, Moore
Union District SC


Williamsburg Co. SC
 Lacey, Hicks, Gaskins, Gordon, McCallister


York District SC
  Bridges, Denton


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