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Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery
Please see also History and restoration of Mt. Zion Cemetery - generously donated by Johnnie Rhodes Knight

These Cemetery records  were originally transcribed and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we have asked for and received permission to use them on this website. We appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.

A complete listing of the tombstone inscriptions in the Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery was made by Harry Blue on 27 October 1982. It was my intent to show the genealogical information only from the markers. In this listing you will find the complete name, including any reference to mother or father or other person and the birth and death dates in that order.

Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery is located by traveling south from Abbeville on U.S. Highway 129 approximately nine (9) miles and turning right into a dirt road marked 105 and proceeding to the church. The cemetery is on the left side of the road in front of the church.

There are approximately one hundred and thirty eight (138) well marked graves in this cemetery. When a military marker exists this is noted immediately below the original listing by showing the inscription from the military marker. Also when special markings such as Masonic or Woodmen of the World emblems appear I have made a note of this fact.

I have attempted to be completely accurate in this listing. Errors may have occurred. If so it was because of the difficulty in reading a particular inscription or purely a human error. If such error appears, please forgive me.

Alphabetical listing of the tombstone inscriptions in the Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery of Wilcox County, Georgia. Listing made by Harry Blue on 27 October 1982. Updates included in Volume II were supplied by Mrs. Vera Rhodes, Abbeville.

A.W., son of J.W. & M.E. Allen, July 9, 1898-Oct. 21,
1898 Alta Murray Allen, Apr. 4, 1911
Harold E. Allen, July 25, 1906-June 25, 1966
James Wade Allen, June 29, 1873-July 22, 1946
James Worth Allen, Jan. 25, 1909-Nov. 23, 1979
Mary E. Beall Allen, Mar. 5, 1877-Oct. 4, 1935
WM. Gdson Allen, Oct. 25, 1879-May 21, 1907
Alma Stell Beall, Sept. 12, 1887-Mar. 24, 1968
Flora L. Dix, wife of T.H. Beall, Oct. 24, 1882-Oct. 9, 1954
Homer Worth Beall, Sept. 19, 1915-Nov. 5, 1951; a military marker also:Homer Worth Beall, Georgia, MOMM3, U.S.N.R., World War II,Sept. 19, 1915-Nov. 5, 1951
Julian K., son of W.R. & Alma Beall, July 15, 1913-May 21, 1915
Thomas Henry Beall, Jan. 2, 1881-July 30, 1959
William Ruffin Beall, May 5, 1873-Nov. 22, 1950
Susan F. Britt, dau. of R.B. & Missouri McDonald, Nov. 5, 1877-Mar.26, 1911
Samuel Brown, May 4, 1844-Oct. 3, 1900
Sarah J. Wilcox, wife of Samuel Brown, Apr. 15, 1852-Jan. 4, 1922
Julius J. Connor, 1905-1973
Marie Conner, 2-21-1907 - 3-26-1989
Teresa Cummings, 1882-1927
Major M. Davis, June 15, 1881-Feb. 5, 1929
Neil Claud Davis, Dec. 15, 1910-Sept. 1, 1919
Elizabeth, wife of J.A. Dicks, Aug. 25, 1851-Nov. 11, 1918
Hardy L. Dicks, May 20, 1887-Apr. 15, 1915
J.A. Dicks, Feb. 3, 1857-May 3, 1915; Masonic emblem.
T.G., son of J.A. & Elizabeth Dicks, Mar. 6, 1880-July 27, 1910
Albert J. Dix, Dec. 8, 1893-Dec. 13, 1971
Henry Clayton Dix, July 8, 1891-Apr. 5, 1960
Infant son of M.L. & Ella Dix, 1917
J.T. Dix, Sept. 25, 1850-Feb. 24, 1926; Masonic emblem.
Kate Evans Dix, July 28, 1900-Feb. 18, 1976
Marvin A. Dix, July 21, 1884-Feb. 17, 1959
Mary Frances Dix, Jan. 4, 1895-Feb. 4, 1937
Roxie Dix, Aug. 19, 1857-Sept. 6, 1935
Samuel Alfred, son of J.T. & R.A. Dix, Feb. 1, 1896-Sept. 25,1897; age 1 yr., 7 mos., 24 dys.
Lola Miller Elder, 1890-1918
James A. Farrell, Mar. 4, 1868-Sept. 22, 1917; Masonic emblem.
Dennard, son of James A. & Annie Z. Farrell, Nov. 1, 1897-Dec. 4, 1898
Fannie M. Field, May 1, 1898-Sept. 3, 1961
Frank Fitzgerald, b. ?, d. 9-14-1985
Roderick Lee Goins, Sept. 27, 1889-Feb. 4, 1969; Shrine emblem.
Temple E. Dix, wife of R.L. Goins, Feb. 25, 1898-June 21, 1955
W.P. Goodwin; there are no dates under this name.
J. Samuel Graham, 1871-1918; Masonic emblem.
O.E. Gwaltney, Apr. 27, 1873-Jan. 2, 1926
Mrs. S.C. Gwaltney, Oct. 6, 1835-Oct. 21, 1907
Infant of J.M. & M.E. Hall; there are no dates under this name.
Ila Dale T. Harrell, Oct. 26, 1901
John W. Harrell, 8-21-1927 - 5-10-1985  
Willene Adams Harrell, 6-7-1931 - 4-20-1985

Irene Beall Harrison, Mar. 21, 1912-June 24, 1981
Moses S. Harrison, May 31, 1904-Apr. 1, 1968
Charty E., wife of C.O. Howell, Feb. 22, 1878-Dec. 27, 1902
Marvin Lee Irvin, Apr. 26, 1901-Oct. 29, 1954
Frances Allen Land, Sept. 7, 1876-Jan. 7, 1920
James W. Land, Aug. 26, 1893-Oct. 7, 1920
Land, Jan. 12, 1898-Sept. 25, 1905
Mary Jane Land, Apr. 9, 1896-Oct. 13, 1912
Seaborn Land, Feb. 29, 1868-Oct. 7, 1935
Frances B. Leverett, 8-4-1904  
Ralph E. Leverett, 5-24-1902 - 10-18-1982  

Infant son of W.G. & Berdie Maroney, Oct. 31, 1925.
Henry Martin, S1 U.S. Navy, World War II, Apr. 23, 1926-Dec. 17, 1981; Military marker.
W.L. Martin Mar. 1, 1885-Apr. 7, 1951
Earl M. Melton, Sr., Dec. 5, 1919-Nov. 22, 1981
Bessie Brown Miller, 1881-1919
Cecil J. Miller, Aug. 30,1932-Apr. 1, 1964, A military marker also: Cecil J. Miller, Georgia A2C 10 Rad. Mbl. Sqdn., Air Force, Aug. 30, 1932-Apr. 1, 1964
Eliza Miller, 1850-1931
Gertrude, dau. of J. W. and Alice Miller, 8-22-1906 - 2-4-1924  

Infant son of Willie & Juannita Miller, Jan. 1, 1948
Jody Miller, 1875-1927
Joseph Miller, 1844-1920
Joseph Miller, 1844-1920, A military marker also: Joseph Miller, Georgia, Pvt. Co. E., 4 Reg. Ga. Inf., Confederate States Army, June 9, 1844-Nov. 13, 1920
Mamie Foster Miller, b. 1914 -  
Peirl Miller, Feb. 7, 1905
Robert M. Miller, 1873-1919
Roy Miller, Aug. 2, 1904-July 31, 1960
Samuel A. Miller, 1877-1955
Valarie Jean Miller, Oct. 19, 1951
Willie E. Miller, May 9, 1886-June 13, 1926
Willie S. Miller, Jan. 1931 - 9-141982  
Earl M. Morris, May 6, 1964-May 6, 1964
Lloyd Gene Morris, Jr., June 1, 1959-June 1, 1959
Celia A. McCartney, Nov. 23, 1840-Feb. 19, 1885
Elizabeth, wife of G.M.B. McDuffie, Sept. 9, 1836-Nov. 9, 1911
G.M.B. McDuffie, Dec. 19, 1831-July 5, 1893
A.D. McLeod, Sept. 1, 1848-May 7, 1903
D.H. Pomeroy, 1891-1957; this information taken a funeral home type marker.
Patricia Harrell Proffitt, 4-2-1951 - 6-24-1985  
Robert R. Proffitt, 1950 - 6-24-1985

James H., infant son of S.B. & M.A. Reid, Feb. 27, 1882-Apr. 12, 1882
Glen Roy Smith, P.F.C. U.S. Army, World War I, Sept. 4,1899-Feb. 4, 1979; military marker.
Marina C. Stell, Feb. 13, 1861-Nov. 3, 1943
Alice Gertrude Miller, wife of James W. Tomberlin, Sept. 20,1873-Oct. 1, 1911
Bessie May, dau. of James & Alice Tomberlin, Mar. 31, 1899-Sept. 27,1901
Elizabeth Tomberlin, devoted wife of John A. Tomberlin, d. Feb. 17,1875; age 27 years.
Gertrude, dau. of J.W. & Alice Tomberlin; there are no dates under this name.
Infant dau. of J.W. & Alice Tomberlin, d. Aug. 16, 1911
James Wilcox Tomberlin, Feb. 12, 1875-Aug. 10, 1944
Martha Wilcox Tomberlin, Jan. 20, 1885-Sept. 18, 1947
Ina Pauline Troop, dau. of Joseph K. & Eliza Miller, June 2, 1888-June 16, 1906
John M. Troop, son of J.W. & Dora Troop, 1914-1916
Anna Turner, dau. of Elias & Sophoronia Turner, Dec. 15,1857-Aug. 28, 1876; this grave is a brick vault.
Infant dau. of J.M & Docia Vickers; d. Feb. 8, 1911
John Irwin Whitaker, Mar. 5, 1879-Mar. 18,1950; this information taken from an upright marker. On a slab marker also: John Irwin Whitaker, Mar. 5, 1879-Mar. 18, 1950
Nannie Brown Whitaker, Apr. 2, 1888-May 21, 1973; this information taken from an upright marker. On a slab marker also: Nannie Brown Whitaker, Apr. 2, 1888-May 21, 1973
Wilcox; there are no dates under this name on a small concrete slab marker.
Elizabeth McDuffie, wife of James L. Wilcox, May 10, 1805-Nov. 8, 1887
James L. Wilcox; who died on the 16 day of July 1861 in his 58th year.
Joe W. Williams, Apr. 30, 1908-Mar. 17, 1966
Saphronia A. Tomberlin, wife of W.A. York, May 12,1867-Apr. 4, 1906
R. Young; there are no dates under this name.

The following is a listing of those gravesites in the Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery which have no legible inscriptions. In most instances there are no markings at all. Each of these will be shown as near or adjacent to another gravesite which does have identifying marks.

 1. Concrete slab marker near the grave of Glen Roy Smith.

2. Small concrete slab marker near the grave of Alta Murray Allen.

3. Concrete marker near the grave of Alta Murray Allen.

4. Concrete slab marker near the grave of Dennard, son of James A. and Annie Z. Farrell.

5.-6. Pine marker near the grave of James A. Farrell. 7.-9. Infant concrete slab markers. 10.-11. Concrete slab markers.

12. Infant concrete slab marker; all six of these are near the grave of
Teresa Cummings.

The above are in the part of the cemetery farthest from the church.

13. Brick vault, small size.

14. Broken stone at the head and foot of the grave.

15. Brick vault, small size.

16. Brick vault, full size.

17. Brick grave, small size. Outline of brick.

18.-20. Brick vault, full size.

21. Brick vault, small size.

22. Brick vault, full size.

The above are all in one row nearest the church.

23.-25. Brick vault, full size.

26. Brick vault, small size.

The four vaults are in the second row nearest the church.

27.-29. Raised concrete infant size markers.

These three markers are nearest the grave marker of James L. Wilcox.

30. Brick vault, small size.

31. Brick vault, full size.

32. Brick vault, middle size and capped with concrete.

33. Brick pile. Probably was a vault at one time.

34. Brick marking the head and foot of a grave.

These five markers are nearest the grave of infant of J.M. & M.E. Hall.

35. Concrete slab marker of middle size.

36. Concrete slab marker oversize.

37. Concrete slab marker smaller than either of the two above.

These three markers are nearest the grave of Elizabeth, wife of G.M.B. McDuffie.

This completes the total enumeration of the gravesites in Mount Zion Baptist Church Cemetery, Wilcox County, Georgia.

Murray's Grave

Located on Mrs. J.E. Holt's home place. Hwy. 247 (Cordele-Hawkinsville Hwy. No. 16). Information obtained from Mrs. Holt. Listed by Bob Nobles, Jr.

White man buried in a field; land now under cultivation. Man died when horse fell on him.



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