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The Milkins Family
Generously contributed by Susan Atkin

Ray and Alice Milkins
ca. 1912

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Ray and Alice Milkins
Ray Milkins was born November 11, 1884 in Wyandotte, Michigan to and died January 5, 1930 in Dekalb Co. GA. Alice Weekey was born Nov. 20, 1887 and died Oct. 9, 1975. They were married in 1911 and later divorced in 1919. Their daughter Charlotte Vodine Milkins was born June 24, 1912 and died May 14, 1962.

Ray Milkins married  Mabel Settle June 14, 1920 in Wilcox Co. GA. Their children are Francise  Milkins and Robert Edward Milkins.

Charlotte Milkins
June 24, 1912 - May 14, 1962

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The Milkins Family
Left is Charlotte Vodine Milkins.
Right top photo is Ray Milkins.
Right Bottom photo is Alice Milkins and Charlotte pictured with other family members.

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 Midnight Wedding
At eleven o'clock last Tuesday night, the telephone bell at the Presbyterian manse jingled madly, and a voice said, in answer to the usual response, "They have come at last. Can we come around there and have them married at the Manse?"
"Why, of course, any one can be married from the manse, and especially your friends.
In five minutes a large motor car came puffing up to the residence of the Presbyterian pastor and a gay party got out. They had left Macon at five o'clock in the afternoon, expecting to arrive in the city before dark. They didn't, however. Rains had softened the earth in various places and particularly on the margin of a stream abut seven miles from Macon, so that when the heavy car rolled into the mud, it stuck. There it remained while the sun slowly climbed down the western slopes. But that bridal party did not enjoy the sunset as much as they might have under other circumstances. Neither did they rave over the soft twilight that followed, nor the darkness that followed the twilight. Their attention as focussed on mud--plain mud.
Finally, after what seemed ages, the "honk" of an approaching car was heard. The usual signals of distress were given. The stranger attached a rope. There was a mighty heave--and the mud gave way. The bridal party was saved. What reacked it that the benevolent stranger himself got stuck. Is it not all in the days run? So argued the happy party as they alighted, and answered the momentous questions that made two hearts happy and two lives as one.
The contracting parties were Mr. Ray Wilkins (sp) and Miss Alice Beatrice Weeks (sp) who are esteemed residents of Macon. They are friends of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Babb, who are well know throughout the city.

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Mr. and Mrs. Ray Wilkins left Sunday for California to spend the summer. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Millikin was a recent interesting even in Milledgeville and on there western trip will stop over in Wyandotte, Mich. for a visit to Mr. Milkin's parents. Mrs. Milkin was formerly Miss Alice Raley Weew (sp) of Macon, and her many friends here wish her much happiness.

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Certificate of Death
Georgia State Board of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
State File Number 39-757
Place of Death: Dekalb Militia District. No. 531 Registered No. 33
City or Town: Emory University Ho. Wesley Hosp.
Full Name: Ray Milkins
Residence: Reynolds, GA
Sex: Male Color: White Marital Status: Married
Date of Death: Jan. 5, 1930
Name of Husband or Wife: Mabel Settle
Date of Birth:
Age: 42
Occupation: Gas & Oil
Birth Place: Mich.
Parents Information: DK
Informant: L. Settle
Cause of Death: Thrombo phlebitis
Acute Nephritis
Contributory: Chronis Myocarditis
Signed: Henry E. Teasley M.D.
Place of burial: Cordele, GA 1-6-1930
Undertaker: H.M. Patterson & Son

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