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Widow's Applcation
Martha O. Hardeman
Widow of Joseph D. Hardeman
Generously contributed by Bob Nobles
OK for 1923
Hardeman Martha O
Bibb Co. 1866

To Be Put On Roll in Her Own Right When
Husband Was on the Pension Roll
of Georgia

County    Bibb
Name Martha Hardeman
Widow of Hardeman
Company F    J. D. Hardeman
Regiment   9th Louisiana
Date of Husband's Death 10th Aug 1923
Date of Marriage   1866
Approved Jan 14, 1924

No proof of marriage as prior to 1881

CE McGregor

Commisioner of Pensions.

I, the undersigned do after being duly sworn
deposes and says that J. D. Hardeman and his wife Mrs. Martha M. W. Hardeman lived together as man and wife a great many years before his death, and of my own knowledge lived together as many and wife in 1881 and for a great many years prior to 1881 and up to the time of his death.

G. T. Asbon

Sworn to and subscribed before me,
this 28th day of Jan 1924.
G. J. Murfsley J.P.
Notary Public Lamar County

Have some one who knows the above parts - go before a Notary Public or higher and mail it to me next of if possible.
Clem Wiley

To Mrs. J.D. Hardeman
Rochelle, GA

When Deceased Husband Was on the Pension Roll of Georgia. (Not to be Used by the Widow of a Disabled Soldier Pensioner.)


Personally before me came Martha O. Hardeman of said County, who, after having been duly sworn, says that she is the widow of J.D. Hardeman to whom, in the County ofPike State of GA she was married on the ____ day of January 1866, and that she remained his wife, and resided with him to the date of his death in Bibb Co. 10th August 1923 and that she has not since his death remarried, at the time of his death he was a resident of Bibb County, in said State of Georgia, and he was on the Indigent Pension Roll of the State an paid a pension of 100 by Bibb County for 1923 (per annum), on account of being a soldier in Company F. 9th Regiment Louisiana (Volunteers or State Militia).
That she is now a bona fide resident of said State of Georgia and she has continuously resided there since ___ day of 1849.
Martha O. Hardeman (her mark)

Sworn to and subscribed before me, this the
25 day of October 1923
Clemwily, Ordinary
of Bibb County 

Affidavit of Witness to Prove Marriage and Date of Death of Husband
Bibb County
Personally before me comes Clemwily known to be a respectable and truthful person, residing in said County, who after having been duly sworn say: that of their own personal knowledge, Mrs. Martha O. Hardeman who made the foregoing affidavit, is the lawful widow of J.H. Hardeman who died in Bibb County in said State of Ga on the 10 day of August 1923 and that she has not since remarried. That she became the wife of ____ on the ___ day of ____ 1891 and that was teh same man who was on hte pension roll of sadi State, Bibb County when he died.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, this the
23 day of October 1923
Warren Jones
Superior Court
Bibb Co. GA

Please note, some of the handwritten items were illegible.

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