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Family Letters

Mayor of Pineview to P.E. Doster
Donated by Norman Doster



To P. E. Doster Jr

 You are commanded to Be and appear at the mayors court to be held in the town of Pineview Ga on  Monday the/29/day of April 1942 to show cause why you have not moved your hogs and cows out of the town of Pineview according to orders.

                                                                         L. J. Morgan


                                                                        JA Haire


Phoebe Ann "Teby" Holt to Bennet Pate
Donated by Janet Moore

Note: This letter was written during the Civil War by Phoebe Holt to her cousin Bennett who was serving in the Civil War. It has been transcribed to the best of my ability. The handwriting was very faded and hard to read.

GA Willcox                                                                              Jan. the 03


Mr. Bennet Pate

 Dilane Cousin I Now take the pleasor of Wrightin you a few lines to let you know that I am well Hopen these few lines may reach you and fine you the same I have Nothin chirming to Wright To you at this time Lathan recive your letar A few days A gou. I Wood like very much to A hearne old Jeff A make his spech bennet you out to A come down an A tick crissmus With us for you nevar saw as dull A crissmus as we had in your life the times was so dull till the Chickenes Would Not make noise fuss at all but some of the girls tick chrismus tha went A surnaden With old tinn hamrs and bells an if I could a binn with thiem then an hearne that pretty musicks I could injoid my self very well you know Miss angline Willson goat Leane arms the othan day She had binn to a Nabars house and Was A cumming home and Leane house goat cumd an throud Leane off broke Thiem bouth so I heard lass night but I am in hopes that Leane it is not as bad as hurt as he sed hit was I a dustint of any thin to Wright night any soon I remain your best cousin until death.


Miss T. A. Holt to

Mr. Bennett Pate


peninay respects to you She ses that she is very glad to hear that Mr. Waday Brown had gaot back saft she ses that she Wonts you to tak care of him an not let him just hurt N Othin more henniray Holt Elizabeth sons here best respects to you and you mu(torn word) to stay oftin you doo good (torn word) home this time


Note: This letter was folded and the outside reads:


In black ink:

To Mr Bennett Pate

Kingston Tennessee

January the 18th 1863

One day after date I promise to pay Bennett Pate or bearer the Sum of ten cents for value Receive of him this January the 18th 1863


In brown in the outside reads (the girl’s names are Bennett’s sisters)


Mary Jane Pate





Ann Temty


L. Elizabeth



Narcises Moore Pate

Pate Poly is wark

Benn Bennette Pate John Pate


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