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City Radio Service
1950 Account Book
Generously contributed by Brenda Peacock
The following is a list of names that came into my fathers store to buy electrical items or have them repaired. This journal only covers the months of  April, May, June, July of  1950.
Items sold are Radio, Washing Machines, Refrigerator, Etc. Some of the customers that bought appliances  have addresses under their names some do not. Anyone that would like to know what these people purchased or the address at the time of the sale, please contact me. 
Thomas Brown
Clarance Keene
J P Keene
Hamp Penn
Fosten Mays
Negro Police
Reed: From Firestone
Dixie Smith
James Craft
Fred Brown c/o Gillespie Mill
Earl Anderson c/o Drug Store
Lou Anderson stood good for Negro
Horace Smith
Rev. Moore
Dr. Estees
Hordee Braden
Mrs Buck Weldon
Bill Gibbs
Marion Gibbs
Marvine Colney
J M McGlamory
Mozell Harper
B N Frankling
Mrs Smith
Curly Philip
Mrs Marsh Wilcox
Lewis Weldon
Louiscile Riley
Mrs Watson
Clarance Allen
W. Reid
Joe Keene
Buster Land
Mr J P Beal
James Craft
W A Davis
Mozell Haper
Mr C M Allen
J M Cook
S L Harding
Filix Mitchell
Dock Brown
Mr Wilkerson
John Thompson
Eddie Jinkins
Norman J Walker Jr.
William McKenzie
Lemar Logetz
James Alford-guaranteed by Miles Burckett
Horace Braden
Mitch Dorter Jr
Corene Reid
Turner & Wolf
Jack Hamilton
Roy Milller
Capt. Smith
Thomas Gregory
Witman c/o Mill
Googe Collins
Chs. Everette
Mr Longshore
Gene Teal
Junior Smith
Edwin Dorsy



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