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Camilla McGlamry
Contributed by Lisa Holliday Sunderman

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Thursday, Jan. 13, 1977

Pitts, Seville and West Wilcox
By Mrs. A. A. Dowdy


Mrs. Camilla (Granny) McGlamry was 94 years old December 30. On January 1 seven of eight living children, many of her 18 grandchildren , 38 great grandchildren and two great great grandchildren gathered at her home to celebrate her birthday in het house she has lived in since 1899, when she married the late Robert M. McGlamry, who died in 1938, located in Pleasant View community, where she is a member of Pleasant View Baptist Church and still very regular in attendance. She was present on January 2 to put her money in the Sunday School birthday box. In the church you will always find her in the second pew on the right side. We have yet to hear Granny complain about anything. When asked how she feels, her reply is "I feel good, I'm not going to complain until I have to." When she goes for her check-up with her doctor, she asks how she feels and all she will say is, "I feel good, and it makes me feel good to see you." She loves people, enjoys being with people and it will bless your soul to talk to her. Granny was blessed with a home, a large family that is so closely knitted, yet we know there has been a lot of heart aches and troubles down her path but she stays close to God and always come through with a smile, good word and deed.
   Relatives and friends helping Granny celebrate were seven of her living children. The ninth, Mrs. Ethel Holliday, passed away a few years ago. The oldest child, Mrs. Zula Barefoot, was a patient in Crisp County Hospital at the time, but is at home now and we pray is doing fine. The children present were Bivie Davidson, Eva Rhodes, Lora Howell, Bill McGlamry, Hubert McGlamry of Pitts, Louise Corley, Forrest Kelli McGlamry of Warner Robins; Katie, Brenda and Donald Barker of Macon, Edgar and Bea McGlamry of Columbus; Thorpe, Sister, Jimmy, Tony and Timmy Rhodes of Pineview; Wendell, Margaret, Susan and Gwen, Stephanie and Gary Howell of Rochelle; Dewey and Louise Corley of Forest Park; Shannon Corley of Carrolton; Freddie and Cynthia Jones of Morrow; Janny Jo and Eva Jo Gladney of Cordele. We wish Granny Manny more happy birthdays. Mrs. McGlamry was featured in "Our Heritage Book," of Wilcox County.

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