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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Brides

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Renfroe, C. F. Cadwell, Daisy 4/16/1922 14 Bk D White
McRanie, Dennis Cadwell, Doyle 9/6/1925 69 Bk D White
Ross, Derrell Cadwell, Lula Janet 3/10/1947 478 Bk D White
Wheeler, Newton Caer, Mary 4/23/1938 302 Bk D White
Ligon, W. O. Calhoun, Esther 9/25/1921 1 Bk D White
Vinson, Aaron Calhoun, Etter 2/28/1926 77 Bk D White
Nobles, R.A. Calhoun, Lola Mae 12/21/1924 58 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Herbert Calhoun, Marvin 6/19/1944 426 Bk D White
Adams, Nathaniel Calhoun, Rachel 11/21/1948 516 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Cecil Calhoun, Sarah 12/28/1935 256 Bk D White
Swymer, Roy C. Campbell, Beatrice 5/26/1916 455 Bk D White
Moody, Charles W. Campbell, Lonease 6/5/1946 456 Bk D White
Horton, Pete Campbell, Mary Julia 4/23/1938 301 Bk D White
Selph, Eschel Cannington, Ettawan 9/6/1928 123 Bk D White
Love, Walter Bennett Jr. Cannon, Edna Elizabeth 12/28/1951 568 Bk D White
Goodman, Virgil V. Cannon, Mildred 5/15/1948 506 Bk D White
Pruitt, G. W. Cannon, Rosamond 6/20/1928 118 Bk D White
Smith, Paul Cannon, Willie Mae 7/1/1935 247 Bk D White
Lawson, Fl. L. Cantrel, Thelma 3/31/1939 321 Bk D White
Duncan, W.D. Carmack, Ruel 1/27/1924 45 Bk D White
White, W.T. Carnes, Julia W. 8/27/1922 18 Bk D White
Pitts, Billy Carpenter, Jeanette 12/9/1946 471 Bk D White
Carraway, Sidney McDonald Carroll, Clara Louise 8/29/1946 462 Bk D White
Cannon, Hal W. Carroll, Mary 8/9/1932 188 Bk D White
McCranie, Doyle Carroll, Mildred 6/20/1948 510 Bk D White
Cannon, Earl M. Jr. Carroll, Ruby Lee 10/12/1910 356 Bk D White
Taylor, John C. Carroll, Sara Mirrell 5/22/1917 484 Bk D White
McWhorter, L. M. Carter, Ethel May 11/25/1925 72 Bk D White
Hearn, Vernice Law Carter, Lucy Nell 9/5/1943 415 Bk D White
Braziel, Ernest Jr. Carter, Martha Anne 6/27/1943 412 Bk D White
Clements, A. G. Carter, Mary Elizabeth 6/25/1939 324 Bk D White
Poole, Charlie Herbert Cason, Bernice 2/26/1944 421 Bk D White
Bloodsworth, Henry Grady Cason, Betty Jean 5/28/1948 507 Bk D White
Brown, Carlis Eugene Cason, Carolyn 1/10/1937 276 Bk D White
Mays, J. L. Cason, Doris 12/22/1935 255 Bk D White
Yawn, Henry Thomas Jr. Cason, Emmie Mynell 1/5/1945 444 Bk D White
Ratterree, Holland Cason, Francis 11/5/1939 338 Bk D White
Walker, Julian Clellon Cason, Irona Malina 5/23/1944 425 Bk D White
McCall, C.S.J. Cason, Jeraldine F 5/6/1934 220 Bk D White
Patterson, W.C. Cason, Mae 1/15/1933 194 Bk D White
Davis, William Frank Cason, Naomi Lee 7/11/1950 546 Bk D White
Crumley, Robert Lee Cason, Ruby Evelyn 12/2/1939 338 Bk D White
McKinley, Olan Colbert Cason, Serena Inell 11/27/1942 403 Bk D White
Reynolds, James Harold Cauley, Mildred Beatrice 12/18/1942 403 Bk D White
Hurst, Robert L. Causey, Doris 8/19/1931 173 Bk D White
Miner, C. W. Chalker, Estelle 10/21/1928 126 Bk D White
Hardy, John Henry  Chanclor, Annie 9/6/1942 398 Bk D White
Conner, Ozie  Chanclor, Lola 7/18/1931 171 Bk D White
Conner, O. C.  Chanclor, Zula 3/6/1932 184 Bk D White
Stone, Curtis Chandler, Luciel 7/15/1928 121 Bk D White
Blackstock, Joseph Chaney, Mildred Virginia  5/13/1939 323 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Bobbie Lee  Chaney, Myrtice 5/25/1946 455 Bk D White
Jurgens, M.A. Chason, Cora 12/30/1922 26 Bk D White
Barton, John R. Chastine, Alice M. 12/2/1923 42 Bk D White
Smith, Thomas A. Chastine, Arvilla 11/19/1922 24 Bk D White
Finleyson, Charles A. Jr. Cheek, Martha Elizabeth  7/10/1949 490 Bk D White
Lewis, Chesley Christmas, Lillian 1/22/1948 501 Bk D White
Brown, Dave Clarence Clack, Sallie Lee Nora 12/19/1937 293 Bk D White
Parnell, R. L. Clark, Annie 6/19/1949 528 Bk D White
Stanley, James Willis Clark, Arzelia 3/16/1940 347 Bk D White
Stewart, Sanders Clark, Bertie, E. 7/19/1923 33 Bk D White
Bowen, Charles Clark, Eulala 10/13/1946 466 Bk D White
Jackson, Walter Dubose Clark, Geneva 7/18/1951 562 Bk D White
Harvey, Steven L. Clark, Geraldine 10/11/1947 493 Bk D White
Hollingsworth, Charles O. Clark, Jewell Jacqueline 2/5/1952 569 Bk D White
Kilgore, William Clark, Juanita 9/2/1948 513 Bk D White
Stephens, Barton Clark, lone 7/20/1940 351 Bk D White
Miller, Culley G. Clark, Lucile 12/25/1943 418 Bk D White
Ray, J. H. Clark, Nannie Jane 11/23/1939 338 Bk D White
Rockwell, Paul Clark, Ora Selita 12/7/1942 403 Bk D White
Gibbs, Edgar Clark, Ruby 3/31/1934 220 Bk D White
Harason, Mose  Clark, Ruby 6/26/1937 284 Bk D White
Coleman, Jack Clark, Ruby Nell 12/16/1950 555 Bk D White
Kelly, Ernest Louis Jr. Clark, Sarah Jeanita 11/26/1947 496 Bk D White
Oakes, Alton Clark, Willie Lou 10/15/1934 230 Bk D White
Dooley, Ralph Clayton, Inez 2/6/1928 114 Bk D White
Wright, George Clayton, Jewel L. 7/6/1929 139 Bk D White
Jones, Robert Cooper Clements, Carolyn 8/11/1941 373 Bk D White
Owens, Leonard Clements, Edna 11/25/1934 234 Bk D White
Whittle, J.E. Clements, Ethel Grace 12/25/1938 315 Bk D White
Calhoun, Alvie Lee Clements, Johnnie Ruth 11/4/1949 537 Bk D White
Majors, William M. Clements, Louise 1/26/1936 258 Bk D White
Dowdy, James Jackson Clements, Lucile 4/8/1944 422 Bk D White
Howell, Earl S. Clements, Lucile 12/15/1934 236 Bk D White
Adams, James R. Clements, Marilyn V. 12/8/1946 470 Bk D White
Young, W. O.  Clements, Mary L. 12/10/1923 42 Bk D White
Hodmutt, A.A. Clements, Minnie Lee 3/8/1925 60 Bk D White
Stewart, T. J. Clements, Mrs. John 5/29/1934 223 Bk D White
Faircloth, Elvin Clements, Rubye 9/20/1930 155 Bk D White
Collins, Ed Clements, Ruth 3/27/1926 77 Bk D White
Warren, Jack  Clements, Tibbie 4/12/1925 63 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Herbert Clements, Wilma Nell 3/31/1940 347 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, J. D. Cobb, Orba Vera 9/6/1942 397 Bk D White
Cannon, Miles Coby, Alma 10/16/1932 191 Bk D White
Russell, John Wesley Jr. Coe, Mary Hazel 2/10/1951 558 Bk D White
Miller, J. H. Coffee, Frausdelee 11/15/1922 23 Bk D White
Grantham, Henry Cohen, Addie 2/26/1934 219 Bk D White
Wilson, J. N. Cohen, Georgia 1/27/1935 239 Bk D White
Bruce, Wyche W. Coker, India Mae 7/7/1940 350 Bk D White
Coleman, General Cole, Lougenia 11/5/1922 22 Bk D White
Wisham, P.G. Cole, Ms. Alma 9/2/1939 331 Bk D White
Renfroe, Herman Coleman, Billie Ruth 2/20/1927 477 Bk D White
Griffin, William C. Coleman, Faye 6/26/1948 510 Bk D White
Barfield, Aaron Jefferson Coleman, Florence 5/13/1944 423 Bk D White
Lane, Jack Coleman, Leola 6/22/1947 486 Bk D White
Copeland, Guy Coleman, Lorene 8/22/1936 267 Bk D White
Stevens, James G. Coleman, Sarah Robbie 1/17/1948 500 Bk D White
Robinson, John O. Coleman, Wilma Evelyn 7/27/1941 371 Bk D White
Wilson, Floyd Coley, Christine 3/3/1937 280 Bk D White
Rogers, A. J, Coley, Mildred 3/26/1933 196 Bk D White
Harvey, Clark C. Colley, Bonnie L. 12/24/1922 25 Bk D White
Gordon, Jewell Collins, Ellie L.  2/25/1940 345 Bk D White
Crumley, Hoke Smith Collins, Lessie 1/18/1937 277 Bk D White
Bowman, John A. Collins, Myrtice lone 12/5/1934 235 Bk D White
Cason, J. L. Collins, Nettie 2/1/1930 148 Bk D White
Holliday, D. M. Collins, Nina 11/28/1931 179 Bk D White
Goodwin, W. B. Collins, Willard 11/16/1933 211 Bk D White
Evitt, Roy Cone, Maudine 9/23/1936 269 Bk D White
Horne, Julius Pope Conley, Johnie May 12/24/1937 294 Bk D White
Coleman, Lowell C. Conley, Reba 6/12/1937 283 Bk D White
Jackson, Willie Joe Conley, Ruth 10/23/1945 442 Bk D White
Alexander, W. G. Connell, Minnie L. 8/29/1931 173 Bk D White
Land, Lewis Conner, Bessie 4/17/1927 96 Bk D White
McKinney, Albert Conner, Charlott 12/26/1928 131 Bk D White
Nutt, Kenneth, Jr. Conner, Edwina 12/31/1949 540 Bk D White
McDuffie, Julian Conner, Elise Jenette 10/23/1937 291 Bk D White
Watson, C.M. Conner, Emma 3/29/1931 168 Bk D White
Hunter, Henry Conner, Eula May 10/31/1925 72 Bk D White
Miller, Roy Conner, F. 4/19/1926 79 Bk D White
Goodmann, Claud Conner, Gladys 12/6/1924 57 Bk D White
Garrett, Chester Conner, Hazel 5/27/1933 199 Bk D White
Tripp, James D. Conner, Hermie 12/26/1933 214 Bk D White
Land, S. A. Conner, Irene 10/12/1924 55 Bk D White
Chanclor, Willie Conner, Mary 10/4/1925 70 Bk D White
Mann, W. D. Conner, Mary Elizabeth 5/28/1939 324 Bk D White
Gulledge, Dewey, Jr. Conner, Mary Waunice 6/8/1950 545 Bk D White
Westbrook, John Jackson Conner, Mildred Missouri 6/23/1946 457 Bk D White
Davis, Willie Conner, Ophelia 9/11/1927 104 Bk D White
McDonald, Lavoyd T. Conner, Paulette 7/27/1946 459 Bk D White
Rhodes, Joe Conner, Pauline 3/7/1926 77 Bk D White
Barrett, J. J. Conner, Pinkie Ann 2/2/1929 134 Bk D White
Sercer, J.T. Conner, Ruby Evelyn 12/10/1950 554 Bk D White
Brown, W. G. Conner, Rubye 6/21/1931 171 Bk D White
Shedd, John R. Conner, Ruth 7/13/1930 153 Bk D White
Wright, Alonzo Conner, Stella 8/25/1929 141 Bk D White
Garrett, C.C. Conner, Thelma 6/22/1939 327 Bk D White
Harrell, Lawton Jr. Conners, Norman Mae 5/1/1928 117 Bk D White
Studstill, Rervis Jerome Cook, Audrey 2/28/1947 478 Bk D White
Faulk, Lester Cook, Corine 8/8/1933 202 Bk D White
Holliday, Thomas A. Cook, Dora Lois 12/17/1933 213 Bk D White
Cook, Kenneth Giles  Cook, Evelyn 7/15/1945 436 Bk D White
Lee, R. E. Jr. Cook, Gertrude E. 11/12/1933 211 Bk D White
Cornell, James Walter Cook, Mary Gladys 12/20/1951 567 Bk D White
Thornton, G.C. Cook, Mary Willie 12/22/1931 179 Bk D White
Durham, Edwin Cook, Mattie Clara 11/11/1942 401 Bk D White
King, W. A. Cook, Myrtle 12/25/1928 131 Bk D White
Miller, Lloyd L. Cook, Ruby 6/11/1929 138 Bk D White
Wood, Leo Verlin Cook, Ruth 12/3/1932 192 Bk D White
Davis, Delbert Grady Cook, Sarah Mozelle 9/26/1947 492 Bk D White
McDuffie, Harold Clifton Cook, Willene 3/17/1950 542 Bk D White
Evers, Walter Cooley, Faustine 11/23/1940 358 Bk D White
Nipper, J. S. Copeland, Bertha 8/20/1932 189 Bk D White
Twiggs, James  Copeland, Eunice 3/2/1940 345 Bk D White
Marlowe, Harold Edwin Copeland, Margaret Evelyn 3/8/1947 478 Bk D White
Stillwell, James M. Copeland, Omer Pearl 10/3/1931 176 Bk D White
Brewer, Grady Lewis Copeland, Rachelle Delois 7/13/1940 351 Bk D White
Barefoot, Elbert Copeland, Ruby 12/25/1929 147 Bk D White
Childs, John H. Cordin, Mary 3/26/1933 196 Bk D White
Hawkins, Harvey Eugene  Corley, Ellen Louise 6/6/1937 283 Bk D White
Posey, J. Wilber Cornelison, Ruth 2/3/1939 318 Bk D White
Mashburn, C.T. Cornelius, Luciel 1/3/1932 180 Bk D White
Smith, Homer Lee Cornell, Odessa 3/13/1952 571 Bk D White
Moncier, William Joseph  Cox, Clarice Lizzette 6/20/1951 561 Bk D White
Cross, Lloyd D. Cox, Hartie Ruth 10/4/1935 252 Bk D White
Jones, Clarence D. Craft, Alice Runette 8/21/1943 415 Bk D White
Martin, Charlie A. Craft, Betty 7/31/1948 513 Bk D White
Statham, W. P. Craft, Irene 10/5/1935 252 Bk D White
Braden, Wiley Craft, Lula Mae 12/8/1944 429 Bk D White
Wells, David Craig, Irene 1/21/1949 520 Bk D White
Clarke, William Cranford, Mary Sue 9/28/1951 564 Bk D White
Stone, J. P. Cranford, Nellie 10/3/1936 270 Bk D White
Chambeis, William Maxwell Cravey, Betty Mandy Lou 3/13/1931   Bk D White
Knight, Clarence D. Cravey, Carolyn 9/21/1950 552 Bk D White
Taylor, J. T. Cravey, Florence 1/25/1942 384 Bk D White
Maloy, Jim Cravey, Isabelle 4/2/1928 114 Bk D White
McCloud, Elvin Cravey, Mattie 5/12/1947 480 Bk D White
Peterson, Johnnie Fernando Cravey, Willie B. no date 432 Bk D White
Baldwin, Hershal Cravy, Gussie 2/15/1931 164 Bk D White
Roundtree, Harold Crenshaw, Bobbie Ruth 7/16/1949 532 Bk D White
Owens, John Wallace Crenshaw, Fannie Wilma 12/27/1949 539 Bk D White
Brown, Herbert Crenshaw, Francis Juanita 7/15/1944 427 Bk D White
Poss, D. Crenshaw, Grace 10/3/1926 88 Bk D White
Garvin, James William Crenshaw, Hortense E. 4/8/1947 481 Bk D White
Britt, Collis Crenshaw, Lois 2/25/1933 195 Bk D White
Watson, Ibra Lee Crenshaw, Martha 9/16/1950 551 Bk D White
McKay, L.A. Crenshaw, Mary J. 7/4/1926 83 Bk D White
Chastain, D. M. Crenshaw, Mattie C. 11/6/1927 108 Bk D White
Conner, Dewey Crenshaw, Ollie 7/31/1938 307 Bk D White
Stewart, C.A. Jr. Crenshaw, Pearline 8/7/1927 101 Bk D White
Conner, Walter Grady  Crenshaw, Vera Mae 7/28/1934 225 Bk D White
Jackson, Garnet Crinshaw, Addie 6/30/1934 224 Bk D White
Elder, Ralph Moye Crosby, Bonnie Lee 4/26/1939 322 Bk D White
Owens, Sam Reid Crosby, Lola Mae 12/25/1936 274 Bk D White
Hendley, Otis Crosby, Lucile 3/11/1932 184 Bk D White
Cason, J. W. Cross, Edith 5/9/1931 169 Bk D White
Coleman, Calvin Crower, Omajean 10/11/1947 493 Bk D White
Lamb, Ruby Crozier, Annie Mae 12/20/1930 162 Bk D White
Lamb. Lenton Crozier, Lessie Lee 9/6/1931 174 Bk D White
McKay, Willie G. Crozier, Mary E. 8/3/1951 562 Bk D White
Mance, J. B. Crozier, Tiny Estelle 6/26/1937 284 Bk D White
Doster, Norman Brown Crum, Lilly Lorraine 11/26/1942 386 Bk D White
Dalrumple, James Crumbley, Burtha 9/27/1931 175 Bk D White
Bowen, Ollie Crumbley, Fannie 6/14/1930 150 Bk D White
Jones, Major B. Crumley, Hilda M. 11/16/1935 255 Bk D White
Fulghum, Charles Crisp Culpepper, Gladine 6/6/1946 457 Bk D White
Smith, Robert L. Cummings, Alene 12/24/1935 2~6 Bk D White
Ryals, George L. Jr. Cumo, Anna 5/28/1941 367 Bk D White
Lewis, L. W. Curry, Lillian 11/15/1936 272 Bk D White
Woodard, Hoke Daire, Lucile 8/17/1933 205 Bk D White
Corrie, Christopher Dale, Annie Joe 8/18/1935 250 Bk D White
Watson, Thomas Dalryumple, Lillie 12/25/1932 193 Bk D White
Marr, Thomas Frank Daniel, Louise 6/23/1942 393 Bk D White
Cook, William Cleveland Daniels, Bernice 6/29/1941 369 Bk D White
Dorminey, Edward Daniels, Betty 4/1/1950 543 Bk D White
Helms, A. J. Daniels, Doris 9/30/1939 334 Bk D White
Teal, Woodrow Wilson Daniels, Gladys, Corene 10/22/1939 335 Bk D White
Ball, Vernon Daniels, Hortense 10/19/1945 442 Bk D White
Whiteman, William M. Daniels, Juanita 6/24/1933 203 Bk D White
Graham, Hensley Daniels, LaVerne  5/30/1948 507 Bk D White
Davis, James Ira Daniels, Loyce 3/8/1952 571 Bk D White
Tomlinson, F. N. Daugherty, Mary Marqueritte 1/3/1925 59 Bk D White
Rhodes, G.T. Davidson, Dorris 3/22/1925 62 Bk D White
McClain, H.C. Davidson, Estelle 2/3/1931 165 Bk D White
Conner, John Green Davidson, Velma 8/8/1933 202 Bk D White
McRae, Grover V. Davis, Betty 12/25/1943 419 Bk D White
Smith, Woodrow W. Davis, Daisijo no date 349 Bk D White
Cook, Perry Lock  Davis, Doris Ann 12/10/1950 555 Bk D White
Swain, Noah Davis, Ester 3/25/1942 386 Bk D White
Peterson, John Davis, Leila May 10/28/1928 126 Bk D White
Davis, O. G. Davis, Ollie Mae S. 3/17/1940 347 Bk D White
Hilliard, Herbert Davis, Rubie 10/4/1921 1 Bk D White
Owens, W. J. Davis, Vera Mae 5/19/1923 31 Bk D White
Reed, Felton Day, Clarice 4/24/1937 282 Bk D White
Black, Homer Day, Cora 9/17/1927 104 Bk D White
Patterson, Tom Watson Day, Emma 8/5/1950 549 Bk D White
Bowen, Walter, D. Day, Juanita 8/22/1946 462 Bk D White
Morehouse, Charley Deen, Lougene 10/17/1933 213 Bk D White
Whittle, William L. Dekle, Emily 9/11/1947 491 Bk D White
Lee, John C. DeLoach, Blanche 8/13/1932 188 Bk D White
Coleman, Daniel E. Jr. Deloach, Corinne 5/29/1949   Bk D White
Strickland, Olis F. DeLoach, lone 2/15/1925 33 Bk D White
Herndon, Royal Deloach, Mattie Mae 12/25/1928 129 Bk D White
Conner, Willie  DeLoach, Pearl 9/5/1926 86 Bk D White
Stafford, Gene DeLoach, Sallie Kate 9/10/1934 228 Bk D White
Faircloth, Leonard W. Dement, Joan 4/8/1949 524 Bk D White
Kirkland, Julius Mahon Dennard, Agnes Louise 3/5/1943 406 Bk D White
Bridges, J. A. Dennard, Charlotte 3/1/1941 363 Bk D White
Neal, James Eugene Dennard, Estelle 9/10/1925 69 Bk D White
Simmons, J.W. Dennard, Jimmie Evelyn 3/13/1941 364 Bk D White
Kilbourne, Richard Holcombe Dennard, Non Lucile 9/7/1947 491 Bk D White
Brantley, John Henry Dewell, Louise 2/21/1944 420 Bk D White
Goins, R. L. Dicks, Tempie R.E. 4/29/1928 116 Bk D White
Studstill, Paul H.  Dinkin, Lina Edith 6/9/1946 456 Bk D White
Walker, Grady Dix, Myrtle 12/25/1940 360 Bk D White
Yancey, A.C. Dixon, Doris 8/30/1941 377 Bk D White
McCall, George Dixon, Nellie 2/25/1932 183 Bk D White
Rhodes, Clarence E. Dockery, Thelma 8/6/1949 534 Bk D White
Turner, Willie Dodd, Blanch 10/25/1925 72 Bk D White
Thomaston, Lester Donalson, Christine 6/19/1949 528 Bk D White
Jett, Ralph Dorminey, Agnes 10/28/1945 443 Bk D White
McGinnis, Gordie Dorminey, Mildred 1/2/1949 519 Bk D White
Tippett, Rev. J. T. Dorsey, Elise 6/1/1943 410 Bk D White
Sims, J. Frank Doster, Martha A. 11/23/1921 5 Bk D White
Standard, W.T. Doster, Pauline 10/15/1924 54 Bk D White
Hilliard, Richard Dowdy, Bessie 8/13/1941 373 Bk D White
Walker, George S. Dowdy, Evelyn 3/12/1945 433 Bk D White
McDaniel, B. F. Dowdy, Lina 12/24/1930 162 Bk D White
Tomberlin, Willie F. Dowdy, Lucretia 12/24/1939 341 Bk D White
Reaves, Monroe Dowdy, Mary 3/10/1945 433 Bk D White
Coleman, Dave Dowdy, Queen 4/22/1923 30 Bk D White
Dix, J. T. Dowdy, Shirley 1/21/1950 541 Bk D White
Smith, John H. Jr. Dozier, Beulah 9/14/1924 54 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Henry Dozier, Flora 10/23/1921 3 Bk D White
Harris, Alton Dozier, Thelma 12/22/1942 404 Bk D White
Davenport, G.M. Drew, Martha 3/31/1929 136 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Willis Driver, Lougene 12/28/1948 518 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Coris Dryver, Lina 7/9/1948 511 Bk D White
Hogan, James B. DuBose, Rosa Bell 7/3/1948 511 Bk D White
Hutchinson, Wilmer Dunagan, Lillie Mae 12/27/1930 163 Bk D White
Clements, Dan Dunagan, Ruby Lee 11/25/1934 234 Bk D White
Stripling, Charles Hobley Duncan, Joan 6/30/1949 530 Bk D White
McDuffie, Emmett Duncan, Leno 10/25/1928 127 Bk D White
Keene, Clarence Duncan, Mary Etta 10/14/1934 230 Bk D White
Sutton, Charles D. Dunegan, Myrtice 1/3/1942 382 Bk D White
Sutton, William Elbert  Dunnagan, Gladys 7/18/1942 394 Bk D White
Durden, Morgan L. Durden, Hattie Conley 4/19/1952 573 Bk D White
Worley, Horace Durham, Beatrice 12/25/1938 315 Bk D White
Smith, Homer H. Duvant, Clara 11/26/1947 497 Bk D White
Fulghum, Jessie Dillard Dwight, Nancy Irene 9/4/1945 440 Bk D White
Weir, J. H. Dyes, Annie 4/10/1926 78 Bk D White
Gibson, W.F. Dyes, B. Mae 12/28/1924 59 Bk D White
Hutchinson, Alsioe Dyes, Louvinia 11/26/1930   Bk D White
Jones, Leonard Collidge Dykes, Nan Cherrie 10/14/1948 515 Bk D White




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