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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book C - Black
1886-1893 Sorted by Brides

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald, and assisted by Geraldine Harvey. Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Groom Last Groom First Bride Last Bride First Date Page Book
Troop Linzy Hager Bess 5/30/1898 95 Black C
Tomberlin Henry Halcom L. 9/6/05 257 Black C
Williams Mack Hale Mariah 9/21/08 521 Black C
Coffee Isaac Hall Viola 11/30/06 288 Black C
Dawson Lawrence Hall Callie 2/2/01 162 Black C
Jones Charlie Hall Angeline 5/7/08 316 Black C
Jones Zeter Hall Arlena 9/13/1899 119 Black C
Miller Henry Hall Sarah J. 3/30/01 155 Black C
McCall William Hall Mary 10/27/1898 103 Black C
Reid Ginn G. Jr. Hall Julia A. 4/3/10 354 Black C
Wilcox Mark Hall T. 4/14/1895 23 Black C
Glover M.C. Halliburton Alice 10/29/11 395 Black C
Branch  Edward Hamilton  Ada 10/14/1895 34 Black C
Buford  Marshall Hamilton  Mary 4/18/00 131 Black C
Burch  Janus Hamilton  Dolli 5/4/01 1158 Black C
Nash Charlie Hammonds Mattie 6/17/04 227 Black C
Commings Enoch Hamon Marah R. 2/23/1896 42 Black C
Young Eddie Hanes Henrietta 8/9/16 568 Black C
Mazyck T.M. Hannah Dicie 1/14/03 189 Black C
Kelam Gen. Wash. Hardeman Nora 12/17/10 369 Black C
Kellum Joe Wash. Harden Estora 8/19/12 421 Black C
Roberts Andrew Hardin Annie 6/20/01 161 Black C
Westbrooks Arthur Harg Lilles 3/26/16 557 Black C
Williams Freeman Harmon Celia 6/15/01 161 Black C
Moore Leroy Harp Blanch 7/14/11 387 Black C
Denkins Scott Harper Lela 4/24/04 223 Black C
Adams Oliver Harrell Pearl 9/25/64 300 Black C
Dixon Sam Harrell Arlena 11/24/12 430 Black C
Lewis Minor Harrell Orlena 3/4/11 379 Black C
McClendon R.L. Harrell Annie 11/5/05 263 Black C
Rogers Hugh Harrell Calpurnia 12/1898 106 Black C
Ross Henry Harrell Alice 1/22/01 150 Black C
Spers Boney  Jr. Harrell Ida 1/28/07 293 Black C
Walker Ed Harrell Marriah 12/28/04 237 Black C
Wilcox J.W. Harrell Lizzie 12/21/16 584 Black C
Clark Isiah Harris Emma 1/21/12 406 Black C
Hollingsworth Robert Harris James 11/4/1896 63 Black C
Long Amos Harris Lillian 11/20/09 346 Black C
Quarterman Ed Harris Arma 1/31/16 553 Black C
Rucker Ben Harris D. 7/28/07 303 Black C
Simmons Millege Harris Mamie 9/12/01 166 Black C
Strong M.D. Harris Ellen L. 10/29/1894 17 Black C
Williams John Harris Lottie 11/4/05 263 Black C
Wooten Jessie Harris Estella 1/8/10 350 Black C
Wright William Harris Cora 7/14/01 162 Black C
Shirmet Sam Harrish Ia 1/20/07 292 Black C
Jenkins Henry Harriton Anna 7/5/03 202 Black C
Williams Dan Harrold Tina 7/26/08 319 Black C
Holton Charlie Wesley Harry Zeter 10/14/05 261 Black C
Scott Cleve Hart Louise 5/24/12 416 Black C
Dones John Hartfield Anna R. 1/30/1896 41 Black C
Hart Noah Harvey A. 12/17/14 509 Black C
Baker  Warren Harvey  Mary 11/22/14 507 Black C
Daniels Albert Haves Lula 6/14/15 527 Black C
Williams George Hawkins Willie 12/14/15 544 Black C
Whitehead Ben Hayes Josephene 9/19/11 392 Black C
Brantley  Will Hayes  Hattie 12/1/12 431 Black C
Exune Eugenia Hayes  Clyde 9/17/1899 118 Black C
Joiner Lewis Hays Eliza 3/10/01 154 Black C
Hampton B. Haze Annie 4/11/09 333 Black C
Green John Head Inez 10/5/08 322 Black C
Ellis John Henderson Fannie 2/3/13 443 Black C
Jones Kineth N. Henderson Mattie 9/26/1896 57 Black C
Tolbert Hollie Henderson Johnnie 1/16/16 552 Black C
Kirby Leroy Hendley Maggie Belle 7/24/04 228 Black C
Bennett  William Hendley  Elizabeth 4/9/05 247 Black C
Coleman Newton Henelly Mariah 12/14/06 290 Black C
Ryles Hardy Henley Annie 12/23/10 369 Black C
Williams Judson Herman Sarah 3/28/1896 45 Black C
Fordham Thomas Herrell Hattie 12/27/08 327 Black C
Best  James Herring  Estella 1/26/1896 40 Black C
Brockington  J.B. Herring  Cora 8/7/01 165 Black C
Essex William Herring  Johnnie 12/25/02 188 Black C
McCormick James Hicks Minnie 1/7/14 478 Black C
White Reise Hicks Laura 6/1/13 454 Black C
Williams James Hicks Laura 4/18/15 523 Black C
Clark Remus Higgins Cora 3/15/06 276 Black C
Nance Bosie Higgins Pearlie 10/15/11 394 Black C
Stuard Walter Highsmith Roser 9/5/1898 99 Black C
Goff Eugene Hightower Maggie 9/21/13 463 Black C
Howell Ephren Hill Eurma 11/24/12 430 Black C
Miller Tim Hill Willie Mae 2/17/14 482 Black C
Porter Wheatley Hill C.B. 12/22/15 546 Black C
Barton  Tom Hill  Lizzie 3/23/05 244 Black C
Bundrick  James Hill  Ella 5/30/1899 115 Black C
Finch Tom Hillman Polly 10/5/12 425 Black C
King Numie Hillman Annie 4/13/09 334 Black C
White Isiah Hillman Nancy 1/20/06 270 Black C
Foster John L. Hines Lillia 1/3/05 246 Black C
Jennings Charles H. Hinson Marande 8/7/07 303 Black C
Wood J.L. Hogan  Liddy 9/27/1896 66 Black C
Neal Andy Hogibrook   10/5/13 464 Black C
Notom Dave Holley Rachell 1/16/16 551 Black C
Jefferson Jack Holliman Alice 9/1/10 361 Black C
Coney Joe Hollingsworth Jane 11/9/12 429 Black C
Jones Joe Hollinson Annie L. 12/1/05 266 Black C
Barnes  James D. Hollinson  Alice 7/31/15 530 Black C
Turner Lewis Holliway Pinkie 1/15/02 172 Black C
Harper Welborn Holloway Cora 7/18/06 261 Black C
Jones Robert Holmes Ruth 7/15/1894 10 Black C
Williams John Holmes Eliza 11/23/1896 64 Black C
Lawrence Dan Holoman Erma 9/27/03 208 Black C
Blackshear  Benjamin Holsey  Fannie 12/19/13 473 Black C
Devaughn Lewis Holt Ternty 2/2/07 292 Black C
Tucker Willie Holt Rosa Lee 6/14/14 493 Black C
Rendy Andrew Honeycutt Blanchie 3/8/14 484 Black C
Coley John Henry Honie Febie 6/1/12 416 Black C
Jones W.B. Hooks George Ann 12/16/1894 19 Black C
Ford Clemon Hopkins Pearl 6/21/15 527 Black C
Goodin Lee Hopkins Ada 2/5/06 271 Black C
Ealy Jim Horn Hattie 5/26/14 489 Black C
Luderway James Horn Mary E. 1/4/1898 89 Black C
Reid Joe Horne Victory 12/17/16 583 Black C
Melvin Isaac Horrie Bessie 10/3/09 344 Black C
Player Skidmore Horton Angerline 1/26/1899 110 Black C
James Will Hougham Octavia 7/16/1899 116 Black C
Carter Marker Houser Mamie 3/15/12 410 Black C
McClarren John Houston Sarah 2/23/1894 3 Black C
Ruskin John Houston Rosa 12/18/04 235 Black C
Miller Lane Howard Missie T. 1/25/14 481 Black C
Allen  Robert Howard  Birta 4/20/07 299 Black C
York James S. Howell Trudy 6/18/05 253 Black C
Goold John Hubbard S. 1/29/06 271 Black C
Spirman Charles Hubbard Laura 11/4/06 286 Black C
Taylor Joseph Hudson Anner 6/30/1897 79 Black C
Crooms Jame F Hufbam Prissillen 7/28/1895 28 Black C
Taylor Columbus Huffann Laura 8/1/1894 11 Black C
Randolph Samuel Hughes Rebecca 5/27/16 563 Black C
Burnham  Charlie Hughes  Cula 5/28/16 563 Black C
Daniels Sam Hughes Elizabeth 5/24/14 492 Black C
Johnson Henry Hunt Ada 10/10/02 184 Black C
McNey Alvy Huntsman Ally Marie 12/23/08 327 Black C
McNeal Will Hussey Georgia 11/5/1898 104 Black C
Taylor Elijah Isaac Lille 7/23/16 566 Black C
Smith Calvin Isom Kate 2/23/1896 44 Black C
Tomberlin Ossie Iverson Dora 11/12/16 579 Black C
Walker John Thomas Iverson Ella 10/24/15 539 Black C


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