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Marriage Book D - Black
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The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date Page Book
Jenkins, Johnie D. Sampson, Lula Mae 4/13/1941 566 Bk D Black
Wesley, Tom Samuel, Louisa 12/28/1922 219 Bk D Black
Fuller, John Samuels, Texana 4/19/1923 228 Bk D Black
Walker, Mack Sanders, Bessie 7/7/1917 19 Bk D Black
Smith, Curtis Sanders, Ella 5/7/1927 305 Bk D Black
Clark, Jene Sanders, Hattie 12/5/1922 216 Bk D Black
Johnson, Hubert Sanders, J. Lee 11/22/1925 275 Bk D Black
Everson, Carrie Sanders, Leola 12/18/1921 192 Bk D Black
McConts, Henry Sanders, Nettie 4/5/1923 227 Bk D Black
House, E. Sanders, R. 10/31/1920 157 Bk D Black
Williamson, Andrew Sanders, Rosa 10/7/1917 30 Bk D Black
Trice, Walter Sanders, Virginia 9/9/1919 116 Bk D Black
Ellington, Isiah Sanford, Minnie 10/15/1919 120 Bk D Black
Harris, Will Sanilton, Minnie 10/21/1920 63 Bk D Black
Reid, Eddie Sapp, Willie May 4/28/1918 60 Bk D Black
Daniels, Calvin Scott, Rosa Lee 9/23/1918 73 Bk D Black
Harris, Ed Scott, Rosetta 4/7/1918 55 Bk D Black
Isaac, Amos Scott, Susie 5/2/1936 473 Bk D Black
Roberson, Wyatt Scott, Susie 2/5/1928 322 Bk D Black
Greene, Elijah Screech, Nan 8/27/1934 439 Bk D Black
Jefferson, Ben Sellers, Mamie 5/18/1918 61 Bk D Black
Gibbs, Ross Sellers, W.M. 5/6/1922 204 Bk D Black
Johnson, Ed Sharrow, Sallie 2/1/1920 132 Bk D Black
Newman, John Shaw, Rosa Lee 12/5/1929 363 Bk D Black
Hankerson, McKinley Shead, Amanda 10/13/1935 462 Bk D Black
Baker, Lucious Sheard, Jimmie Lee 2/9/1925 262 Bk D Black
Lee, Tommie Shell, Willie Pearl 1/6/1918 45 Bk D Black
Daniels, Edward Shelton, Willie Mae 4/2/1933 410 Bk D Black
Harris, James Edward Shenett, Lucy Pearl 4/12/1936 491 Bk D Black
Talton, Lamar Shepherd, Mozelle 3/23/1935 451 Bk D Black
Brown, Delano Shinner, Ruth May 1/25/1934 428 Bk D Black
Bridges, Albert Shinnett, May Lou 10/10/1920 156 Bk D Black
Blackshear, Jim Shinnett, Minnie 11/17/1918 82 Bk D Black
Malcom, Henry Shoalts, Omelia 5/22/1938 516 Bk D Black
Harrell, W. Shorter, H.B. 10/13/1918 77 Bk D Black
Smith, G. G. Sikes, Viola 12/8/1928 340 Bk D Black
May, W. J. Simmons, Mary 4/9/1921 175 Bk D Black
Slappy, Willis Simpson, B. 10/23/1933 421 Bk D Black
Ellison, Robert Singletary, Ethel 1/13/1934 428 Bk D Black
Jones, John S. Singletary, Ethel L. 4/7/1929 348 Bk D Black
Jones, Merritt Singletary, Janice 8/26/1928 318 Bk D Black
Odom, John Sloan, Minnie Kate 3/28/1920 139 Bk D Black
Love, John Smith, Annie 5/5/1917 13 Bk D Black
Barnes, T. Smith, B. 4/27/1926 284 Bk D Black
Williams, John Smith, B. 6/29/1930 373 Bk D Black
Clarke, Charlie Smith, C. 7/16/1927 309 Bk D Black
Morgan, Anthony Smith, Carrie 7/15/1917 20 Bk D Black
Williams, J. D. Smith, Carrie Bell 2/24/1935 449 Bk D Black
Coffee, Van Buren Smith, Chester 7/3/1938 518 Bk D Black
Williams, John Smith, Clara 9/14/1918 72 Bk D Black
Cook, C. Smith, Daisie B. 1/25/1930 367 Bk D Black
Nash, John Smith, Della 2/22/1919 94 Bk D Black
Gaston, Clinton Smith, Edna May 3/8/1936 471 Bk D Black
Reyles, Hewbrew Smith, Ethel May 9/26/1926 291 Bk D Black
Woods, Willie B. Smith, Eula Mae 10/18/1932 403 Bk D Black
Outley, Orlander Smith, F. 9/18/1921 185 Bk D Black
Powell, Alfred Smith, Hazel 4/9/1927 303 Bk D Black
Coffee, McKinley Smith, Ida Lee 5/26/1918 62 Bk D Black
Strong, Will Smith, Idella 11/3/1918 79 Bk D Black
Wiggins, Ora Lee Smith, Idella 9/13/1928 334 Bk D Black
Benjamin, John Smith, Josie 12/30/1917 43 Bk D Black
Ryals, Jimmy Lee Smith, Laura May 3/24/1934 432 Bk D Black
Wesley, Bill Smith, Lena 7/7/1934 437 Bk D Black
Davenport, Luther Smith, Lena Mae 5/27/1939 534 Bk D Black
Reid, Luther Smith, Lillie Pearl 10/20/1934 442 Bk D Black
Smith, William Smith, Lizzie 12/23/1939 545 Bk D Black
Jackson, Luther Smith, Lucile 10/31/1936 481 Bk D Black
Powell, Eugene Smith, Lula May 1/24/1937 487 Bk D Black
Taylor, S. Smith, Luther 9-26-31- 389 Bk D Black
Player, Handy Smith, M. 9/4/1932 400 Bk D Black
Brabhorn, Charley Smith, Margaret 8/29/1925 271 Bk D Black
Brown, David Smith, Marion 12/27/1933 427 Bk D Black
Flagg, Griffin Smith, Mary 1/1/1918 44 Bk D Black
Carter, L. C. Smith, Mattie 11/12/1927 315 Bk D Black
Hordge, Lon Smith, Mattie Lee 5/22/1920 144 Bk D Black
Carter, Ernest Smith, Mildred 5/31/1936 474 Bk D Black
Wheeler, Felton Smith, Ola Lee 10/7/1939 540 Bk D Black
Jones, Azell Smith, P. Mae 5/2/1936 473 Bk D Black
Samuel, Thelma Smith, Pauline 9/23/1934 441 Bk D Black
Durham, Thomas Smith, R. 4/10/1927 303 Bk D Black
Ross, Elbert Smith, Rosa 1/6/1921 165 Bk D Black
McKinley, J. Smith, Rosa Lee 3/3/1926 281 Bk D Black
Coffee, Blondell Smith, Ruther 3/13/1938 511 Bk D Black
Walker, Seburn Smith, Sarah 10/12/1923 238 Bk D Black
Clark, John Smith, Susie 1/4/1923 221 Bk D Black
Banks, Augusta Smith, Susie Mae 11/8/1935 464 Bk D Black
Ruskin, Porter Smith, Thelma 2/9/1928 323 Bk D Black
Gregory, Dave Smith, Viola 10/9/1920 156 Bk D Black
Grigley, Dave Smith, Viola 9-31-17 24 Bk D Black
Grace, Tom Snell, Mammie 3/24/1918 54 Bk D Black
Bozeman, Lawrence Snipe, Dinne Lee 4/8/1919 98 Bk D Black
Coley, Johnie Snipes, Clemetee 10/15/1927 314 Bk D Black
Clark, John Snipes, Josephine 8/18/1918 69 Bk D Black
Knight, Arthur Lee Snipes, Leila 12/8/1929 363 Bk D Black
Knight, T.T. Snipes, Rosetta 7/10/1927 308 Bk D Black
Coffee, Will Solomon, Essie May 2/22/1937 488 Bk D Black
Dent, Willie Spanks, Lizzie 6/6/1917 16 Bk D Black
Johnson, Lucious Sparks, Martha 1/7/1923 221 Bk D Black
Green, Russell Sparrow, Doll 12/1/1928 339 Bk D Black
Troutman, Coy Sparrow, Doll 5/28/1939 535 Bk D Black
Wilkerson, Fred Sparrow, Doll 8/20/1933 416 Bk D Black
Larry, Waller Sparrow, Essie Lee 11/21/1926 293 Bk D Black
Woods, Willie Sparrow, M. 1/18/1930 367 Bk D Black
Cuffie, Mansfield Sparrow, Sallie 12/29/1928 342 Bk D Black
Bentford, Eddie Sparrow, Willie May 4/4/1920 141 Bk D Black
Glover, Lewis Sparrows, Ruthie May 12/17/1922 217 Bk D Black
Jenkins, Pompie Speer, Kathleen 3/16/1919 96 Bk D Black
Cambell, Spencer Spivey, Ester 8/20/1919 113 Bk D Black
Miller, Elonza Sprigs, Clara Bell 8/2/1941 570 Bk D Black
Jones, Sammie Lee Stakes, Ethel Kate 3/22/1941 565 Bk D Black
Reid, David Staley, Lessie B. 10/26/1930 378 Bk D Black
Anderson, Charley Staley, Lilly 11/7/1933 422 Bk D Black
Harris, John Stanford, Gennie Mae 7/14/1941 569 Bk D Black
Clark, Jasper Stanley, Carrie 1/2/1921 164 Bk D Black
Samuel, Andrew Stanley, Laura 3/25/1933 410 Bk D Black
Marshall, Willie Stanley, Mary Etta 11/12/1929 361 Bk D Black
Powell, Clarence Stanley, Nancy 9/19/1931 389 Bk D Black
Brown, Lucius Steed, Cora 2/9/1928 322 Bk D Black
Galiway, Tilman Stewart, Gracie 11/30/1931 393 Bk D Black
McCray, Richland Stewart, Idella 11/16/1929 361 Bk D Black
Trawick, Augustus Stewart, Lizzie 3/7/1938 512 Bk D Black
Woods, Johnson Stewart, Mary Lou 1/18/1930 367 Bk D Black
Everson, Tom Stokes, Alice 12/22/1921 192 Bk D Black
Staley, J. D. Stokes, Johnie Mae 4/30/1938 515 Bk D Black
Nelms, Son Stretchen, Caroline 1/6/1924 243 Bk D Black
Dupree, N. Strickland, Alice 6/8/1924 251 Bk D Black
King, Maceo Strickland, Alice 7/29/1928 331 Bk D Black
King, Willie Strickland, Elmira 9/23/1928 335 Bk D Black
Lawton, M.J. Strickland, Marie 11/26/1934 431 Bk D Black
Pope, Will Stubbs, Annie Lee 4/9/1923 226 Bk D Black
Odum, Paul Studstill, Minnie Lee 4/22/1939 532 Bk D Black
Fuller, Warren Sutton, C. Mae 8/23/1936 477 Bk D Black
Jones, Toni Sutton, Ellen 9/12/1921 184 Bk D Black
Anderson, L. Sutton, Irene 12/19/1925 277 Bk D Black
Chutes, Johnie Talton, Alberta 12/30/1923 241 Bk D Black
Jackson, Robert Talton, Annie Maud 4/17/1926 283 Bk D Black
Vickers, Amos Talton, Annie Maude 9/25/1922 210 Bk D Black
Wright, Charley Talton, Bedie 11/5/1938 524 Bk D Black
Walker, James Talton, Cora 7/14/1929 353 Bk D Black
Johnson, Ernest Talton, Lizzie 6/29/1919 107 Bk D Black
Shepard, Isiah Talton, Sammie May 3/25/1928 327 Bk D Black
Parker, Ben Taylor Elizabeth 3/27/1921 173 Bk D Black
Anderson, R. Taylor, Addie Belle 7/9/1932 399 Bk D Black
Johnson, Hubert Taylor, Annie Lee 1/6/1924 243 Bk D Black
Castle, Frank Taylor, Beatrice 9/5/1924 254 Bk D Black
Sparrow, Henry Taylor, Beatrice 12/22/1928 341 Bk D Black
Cochran, John Taylor, Clara 9/15/1930 377 Bk D Black
Rogers, Tommie Lee Taylor, Emma Lee 3/15/1942 580 Bk D Black
West, Charley Taylor, Eva May 8/7/1937 498 Bk D Black
Harley, Arthur Taylor, Leitha May 1/28/1936 469 Bk D Black
Cain, Sam Taylor, Lenora 7/6/1924 252 Bk D Black
Lathrop, Joe N. Taylor, Leola 1/22/1924 244 Bk D Black
Lawson, lsiah Taylor, Lillie May 7/16/1921 180 Bk D Black
Hector, Bozemon Taylor, Louisa 8/5/1917 22 Bk D Black
Corey, Willie Taylor, Mariah 8/1/1920 149 Bk D Black
Staley, Johnie Taylor, Mattie 4/12/1931 385 Bk D Black
Harden, Jimmie Taylor, Mattie May 9/4/1939 521 Bk D Black
Claton, Thomas Taylor, Maxie 9/16/1917 26 Bk D Black
Jones, Levie Taylor, Moena 4/13/1940 551 Bk D Black
Townsend, H. M. Taylor, Ora 6/27/1918 65 Bk D Black
McCormick, Dennis Taylor, Osie Bell 1/30/1917 3 Bk D Black
Jackson, Willie B. Taylor, Pearl 2/11/1934 430 Bk D Black
Davis, Orell Taylor, Rose 11/3/1940 560 Bk D Black
Jiles, Robert Tharp, S. 3/12/1922 200 Bk D Black
Leach, J.C. Tharpe, Liza 8/23/1936 478 Bk D Black
Lewis, Albert Thomas, Bertha 10/24/1940 559 Bk D Black
Philips, Robert Thomas, Daleseter 12/24/1940 561 Bk D Black
Jolly, Henry Thomas, Hattie 4/24/1921 176 Bk D Black
Reaves, Fred Thomas, Hattie 10/27/1917 33 Bk D Black
Parker, Levy Thomas, Lucy 1/29/1938 510 Bk D Black
Pickett, Frank Thomas, Mary 12/29/1920 163 Bk D Black
Wimberly, Will Thomas, Mary 8/20/1927 309 Bk D Black
Dubignon, Harry Thomas, Mattie 2/9/1919 92 Bk D Black
McLeod, L. Thomas, Rosa 2/3/1935 448 Bk D Black
Reves, Willie Thomas, Rosa Bell 12/22/1930 561 Bk D Black
Jones, Will Thomas, Rose 8/25/1917 25 Bk D Black
Putman, Jim Thomas, Sarah 12/23/1919 126 Bk D Black
Wyrt, John Thomas, Willie May 11/28/1920 160 Bk D Black
Johnson, Larkin Thompson, Annie 4/28/1918 59 Bk D Black
Stewart, Tom Thompson, Idell 11/25/1917 36 Bk D Black
Rogers, Willie J. Thompson, Lula B. 4/23/1936 432 Bk D Black
Iverson, Tommie Day Thompson, Rosa Mae 9/28/1941 572 Bk D Black
Taylor, Walter Thorn, Clara Mae 12/29/1941 578 Bk D Black
Wesley, J. C. Thornton, Ella Mae 4/26/1941 567 Bk D Black
White, Semon Thornton, Fannie 7/1/1939 536 Bk D Black
Young, Charley Thrower, Adella 9/22/1934 441 Bk D Black
Robinson, Dennis Thrower, Ida May 3/11/1933 408 Bk D Black
Laster, Will Tiggs, N. 11/24/1918 81 Bk D Black
Burns, Joe Tisdol, Mary 10/22/1936 481 Bk D Black
Gordon, Dave Todd, C. 3/16/1921 173 Bk D Black
Gilbert, William Tolbert, Eliza 10/5/1918 76 Bk D Black
Bennett, G. W. Tolbert, Katie 4/11/1924 247 Bk D Black
Newkirk, James Tomberlin, Arline 8/17/1919 112 Bk D Black
McKinnon, Lenard Towns, Gennie 4/21/1918 37 Bk D Black
Coffee, William Towns, Ophelia 10/8/1923 237 Bk D Black
Brown, Saint C. Townsend, Arnevil 8/21/1937 500 Bk D Black
Taylor, Sentral Troutman, Bertha Mae 7/4/1939 536 Bk D Black
Allen, Sam Troutman, C. 6/14/1922 204 Bk D Black
Butts, Alex Troutman, Carrie Belle 4/6/1929 347 Bk D Black
Mitchell, Harvey Troutman, Charlott 4/7/1917 12 Bk D Black
Mingo, Leffie Troutman, Clara Mae 5/4/1924 248 Bk D Black
Parker, N. Troutman, D. 4/9/1922 202 Bk D Black
Sutton, Nelson Troutman, Elizabeth 5/12/1928 329 Bk D Black
Way, Willie Troutman, Eula Mae 1/25/1920 132 Bk D Black
Brown, Johnny Troutman, Mae Liza 12/22/1929 364 Bk D Black
Phillips, Rubin Troutman, Maggie 6/29/1927 308 Bk D Black
Woods, Johnson Troutman, Mary Liza 11/11/1933 422 Bk D Black
Ryals, Willie Troutman, Nettie 12/5/1937 504 Bk D Black
Bryant, Jasper Troutman, Rosa 9/15/1920 152 Bk D Black
Regulus, Claude Tucker, Rosetta 8/16/1937 499 Bk D Black
Lowe, William Tukes, Bobbie B. 3/7/1937 487 Bk D Black
Brabon, B. C. Turner, Agnes 9/21/1929 356 Bk D Black
Freeman, Ben Turner, B. 10/14/1918 77 Bk D Black
Sperman, John Turner, Etta 6/13/1917 17 Bk D Black
Lewis, M. Turner, N. Bell 10/5/1921 186 Bk D Black
McCloughton, J.C. Turner, Rosa Bell 12/31/1916 1 Bk D Black



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