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Marriage Book D - Black
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The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.


Raines, Sam Abrim, Love Emma 11/18/1933 423 Bk D Black
McGill, Lonnie Adams, Emma 1/4/1918 44 Bk D Black
Ford, J.B. Adams, Fannie 6/24/1917 17 Bk D Black
Washington, Cleve Adams, Flonzetta 5/20/1940 552 Bk D Black
Horne, John H. Adams, Georgia no date 39 Bk D Black
Clark, Walter Adams, Laura 1/15/1938 508 Bk D Black
Crouch, Tom Adams, Lizzie 2/27/1928 325 Bk D Black
Evans, S.D. Adams, Louisa 7/3/1918 66 Bk D Black
Anthony, George Paul Adams, Stella 4/21/1940 551 Bk D Black
Wright, Charley Adams, T. 4/16/1927 304 Bk D Black
Coleman, Willie Adkins, Elnora 11/28/1920 158 Bk D Black
Felton, Albert Alexander, Hattie 3/2/1931 382 Bk D Black
Holt, George Allen, Alice 4/20/1917 9 Bk D Black
Lee, Harrison Allen, Alice 11/30/1919 123 Bk D Black
Johnson, Felder Allen, Annie 12/14/1935 466 Bk D Black
Loyd, Ralph Allen, Cora 10/24/1932 403 Bk D Black
Smith, Henry Allen, Cozett 6/8/1939 536 Bk D Black
Roberson, John H. Allen, Dora 4/20/1918 59 Bk D Black
Coney, R. C. Allen, Ethel 10/23/1927 314 Bk D Black
Roberts, David Allen, Ethel Mae 2/21/1934 432 Bk D Black
Crawford, Son Allen, Lizzie May 5/15/1920 145 Bk D Black
Rhodes, Johnie Allen, Lucile 10/17/1920 156 Bk D Black
Foreman, M. Allen, Mary 4/1/1933 409 Bk D Black
Redmon, Arthur Lee Allen, Mary 1/20/1942 578 Bk D Black
Brown, Milton Allen, Rosa Lee 9/12/1938 521 Bk D Black
Holloway, Charlie Allen, Rosa Mae 12/16/1939 543 Bk D Black
Benton, Rolan Allen, Wilhemeina 11/16/1935 465 Bk D Black
Lawrence, Jamie Allen, Willie Mae 6/28/1942 585 Bk D Black
George, Charlie Alton, Mary 1/27/1919 91 Bk D Black
Williams, Lewis Ammons, Eunice 9/27/1924 256 Bk D Black
Jordan, Lee Ammons, Flora B. 6/20/1925 270 Bk D Black
Everette, Thomas Anderson, Elizabeth 3/17/1939 530 Bk D Black
Fields, James O. Anderson, Lillie Mae 12/25/1934 445 Bk D Black
Way, W. W. Anderson, Maggie 10/6/1917 29 Bk D Black
James, Paul Anderson, V.M. 12/25/1935 467 Bk D Black
Corbin, George Andrews, Bertha 3/2/1919 94 Bk D Black
Williams, Porter Andrews, Marendia 4/15/1923 227 Bk D Black
Mizell, George B. Anthony, Laura B. 5/1/1937 494 Bk D Black
Wishington, Curtis Armstrong, Lillian 11/20/1923 240 Bk D Black
Coney, T. Asby, Clementine 11/13/1927 315 Bk D Black
Philips, Will Austin, Alberta 2/26/1938 511 Bk D Black
Givins, Henry Austin, Daisy 7/19/1922 207 Bk D Black
Lawson, Dan Austin, Mattie Lee 8/22/1919 113 Bk D Black
Clark, Elbert Austin, Susie R. 11/17/1934 443 Bk D Black
Lowery, Henry Autman, Christine 6/10/1919 105 Bk D Black
Coffee, G. H. Babb, Mary Ann 4/28/1919 100 Bk D Black
Kendrick, William Bailey, Julia 2/24/1917 6 Bk D Black
Jackson, John A. Bailum, Johnny L. 11/25/1929 362 Bk D Black
Lucas, Bill Baker, Lena 4/7/1922 202 Bk D Black
Ponder, Robert Baker, Pearl 5/6/1918 60 Bk D Black
Hardge, Rayfield Baker, Vinie 12/25/1941 577 Bk D Black
Combs, J. H. Balding, N. 6/1/1929 350 Bk D Black
Harden, Samson Baldwin, Alice 11/14/1925 273 Bk D Black
Majors, Malachi Ball, Clara M. 9/20/1936 480 Bk D Black
Haywood, H.L. Ball, Vernelle 1/22/1938 509 Bk D Black
Hughes, V. Balum, E. Gene 6/17/1926 285 Bk D Black
Lindsey, Niles Banes, Lottie Mae 3/21/1936 472 Bk D Black
Davis, Leroy BAnks, Annie May 11/23/1924 259 Bk D Black
Stanley, Charley Banks, Lillie Mae 10/28/1929 359 Bk D Black
Iverson, Hildred Banks, Lizzie May 9/3/1936 478 Bk D Black
Stewart, Will Banks, Lucy 9/7/1924 254 Bk D Black
Pollard, John Banks, Mary 9/19/1937 501 Bk D Black
McLeod, Joe Bany, Ethel Mae 7/22/1933 414 Bk D Black
Bradley, Clarence Barnes, Earnestine 1/13/1934 433 Bk D Black
Tennon, H. C. Barnes, Mary R. 6/1/1919 103 Bk D Black
Ponder, James Barnes, Millie 10/21/1928 335 Bk D Black
Harris, T. Lee Barnes, Rosa Lee 1/3/1938 507 Bk D Black
Taylor, C. Barnes, Willie Mae 12/26/1918 85 Bk D Black
Copeland, Charlie Barrow, Mattie 10/7/1918 76 Bk D Black
McCormack, Freddie Baskin, Mariah 5/30/1922 205 Bk D Black
Nellum, Mack Baskins, Mamie 10/6/1923 237 Bk D Black
Days, Bent Baskins, Mariah 1/2/1927 296 Bk D Black
McCormick, Dewit Baskins, Mattie Lou 12/12/1921 161 Bk D Black
Manning, J. Baskins, Minnie 1/3/1929 343 Bk D Black
Anderson, Eddie Baslie, Cassie 2/8/1920 132 Bk D Black
Sabb, Melvin Bass, Willie Lee 10/26/1917 32 Bk D Black
McKinzie, Eddie Lee Batton, Alma 7/28/1940 554 Bk D Black
Coffee, Richard Batton, Clara 2/26/1922 199 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Henry Batton, Elsie 8/12/1933 416 Bk D Black
Coley, G. Batton, H. May 8/29/1927 310 Bk D Black
Denmark, Edgar Batton, Neoma 10/9/1924 257 Bk D Black
Bennett, William Batton, Rutha Lee 3/19/1925 265 Bk D Black
Felder, Bob Batton, Sallie 7/8/1919 108 Bk D Black
Leegarer, M. Baylam, Bessie Mae 4/10/1921 166 Bk D Black
Wilcox, J. C. Bazell, Mary E. 4/24/1921 173 Bk D Black
Lee, Kelly Bazen, Alberta 5/5/1934 434 Bk D Black
Duhart, Oscar Bean, Edith 8/21/1937 499 Bk D Black
Taylor, James Bean, Emma Lena 12/29/1940 562 Bk D Black
Manning, Moses Beaty, Doshie 3/17/1934 432 Bk D Black
Hill, Albert Beaty, Ella Bell 3/1/1936 470 Bk D Black
Brown, W. Beck, B. M. 7/23/1933 415 Bk D Black
Brown, William Beck, B. Mae 7/23/1933 415 Bk D Black
Rawls, Mathis Becton, Roberta 12/18/1937 505 Bk D Black
Barker, Will Bell, Cora 3/24/1940 550 Bk D Black
Jones, Will Bellman, Ida May 1/18/1936 469 Bk D Black
Wesley, J. L. Bembry, Pearlie 10/18/1920 155 Bk D Black
Woolfork, Gave Benjamin, Hattie   63 Bk D Black
Kendrick, Willie Benjamin, Thelma 12/26/1935 466 Bk D Black
Williams, Rozier Bennett, Alice 5/27/1923 230 Bk D Black
Kemp, John Bennett, H. May 12/30/1933 429 Bk D Black
Ryley, Allen Bennett, Lucille 6/3/1934 436 Bk D Black
Chandler, J. T. Bennett, Viola 8/10/1935 458 Bk D Black
Marshal, James Lewis Benton, Edna Lee 4/16/1935 453 Bk D Black
Taylor, Alex Benton, Eula 4/16/1938 515 Bk D Black
Brown, L. B. Benton, Eula Pearl 5/27/1939 534 Bk D Black
Williams, Ulysses C. Benton, Lessie Bell 5/7/1938 515 Bk D Black
Fuller, Willie Benton, Lucile 12/5/1936 484 Bk D Black
Perry, Robert Berry, Bessie 4/4/1917 11 Bk D Black
Harvey, Olis Berry, Dollie 12/1/1928 339 Bk D Black
Brinkley, Boss Berry, Mollie 2/14/1921 171 Bk D Black
Johnson, Marshall Berry, Rosa 4/30/1921 174 Bk D Black
Roberson, John Bess, J. 11/21/1918 81 Bk D Black
Reid, A. J. Best, Leola 11/17/1917 35 Bk D Black
Baker, Archie Binder, Aline 8/10/1941 570 Bk D Black
Brown, Edgar Binyon, Eliza 5/5/1935 454 Bk D Black
Jackson, G.A. Bird, Willie M. 10/25/1928 337 Bk D Black
Sammons, Jim Bishop, Ella B. 24-19 89 Bk D Black
Williams, Lee Roy Bishop, Hattie 2/25/1917 6 Bk D Black
Pettiford, M.S. Bivins, Dortha 4/28/1930 371 Bk D Black
Aye, Sam Bivins, Gertrude 4/14/1918 57 Bk D Black
Fordham, Thomas Bivins, Lillian 8/10/1941 571 Bk D Black
Woods, Joe Bivins, Lizzie 4/12/1925 267 Bk D Black
Candis, Warren Bivins, Lucy 1/16/1921 167 Bk D Black
Murth, Neal Blacks, Patricia R. 12/28/1926 295 Bk D Black
Daniels, Levi Blackshear, Addie J. 12/18/1921 192 Bk D Black
Taylor, Willie James Blackshear, Annie Mae 12/26/1941 577 Bk D Black
Fowler, Johnie Blackshear, Daisy Bell 4/9/1938 514 Bk D Black
Coleman, Chester Blackshear, Fannie Lee 12/15/1929 364 Bk D Black
Williams, Hershal Blackshear, Julia 7/20/1919 110 Bk D Black
Carter, Will Blackshear, Katie Lee 4/25/1927 304 Bk D Black
Johnson, J.C. Blackshear, Lucinda 4/19/1930 370 Bk D Black
Taylor, Voyager Blackshear, Ora Lee 2/14/1942 579 Bk D Black
Brown, Ernest Blanks, Ceola 7/17/1937 497 Bk D Black
James, Joseph Blanks, Essie Mae 10/2/1927 313 Bk D Black
Parker, James Blanks, G. May 4/12/1925 267 Bk D Black
Butts, W. C. Blanks, W. Mae 1/14/1934 427 Bk D Black
Tomberlin, John Bleach, Mary 10/14/1923 238 Bk D Black
Clark, Evans Bohannon, Sibbie 9/30/1926 292 Bk D Black
Chaney, Dee Bohannon, Silley 1/14/1918 45 Bk D Black
Fields, Fonzie Bolding, Lillie B. 12/26/1934 446 Bk D Black
Coats, L. Bolkins, Dora 11/27/1926 294 Bk D Black
Best, Jim Bolton, Maybe 8/13/1917 23 Bk D Black
Martin, Joe Boney, Alice 9/3/1938 520 Bk D Black
Lemon, Chester Boney, Rosella 7/7/1940 554 Bk D Black
Fuller, L.W. Boon, Elvina 10/13/1917 30 Bk D Black
Pascal, Lamar Boon, Ruby 9/25/1937 502 Bk D Black
Youngblood, Robert Boon, Savannah 11/30/1924 260 Bk D Black
Williams, Herman Boone, M. Ethel 11/21/1937 503 Bk D Black
Thrower, Eddie L. Bornes, Magelene 2/10/1929 346 Bk D Black
Coley, Monroe Borwn, Lillie 2/7/1934 429 Bk D Black
Horne, Curley Boyd, Maggie 1/27/1923 222 Bk D Black
Bailey, Isiah Bozelle, Mary 3/10/1918 52 Bk D Black
Abram, A. Bozeman, Emma 5/3/1930 371 Bk D Black
McCormick, J.P. Bozeman, Nancy Jane 1/28/1923 222 Bk D Black
Gosby, Willie J. Bozen, Pearl 2/9/1919 92 Bk D Black
Weaver, Henry Bozerman, Laura 10/26/1929 358 Bk D Black
Staley, Tommie Lee Bradshaw, Agnes 12/24/1932 405 Bk D Black
Hughes, Thad Bradshaw, Alice 9/13/1930 376 Bk D Black
Cornell, N. Bradshaw, Beatrice 10/4/1931 389 Bk D Black
Hughes, Clyde Bradshaw, Cora 6/1/1930 372 Bk D Black
Mitchell, Albert Bradshaw, Ida 5/12/1934 435 Bk D Black
Floyd, Walter Bradshaw, Martha Jane 12/10/1932 425 Bk D Black
Gipson, Lenard Bradshaw, Mary 12/6/1941 576 Bk D Black
Lawson, S. James Bradshaw, Mattie 8/21/1937 500 Bk D Black
Smith, Jim Brantley, Mary Lou 2/13/1931 381 Bk D Black
Vickers, Elijah Brazier, Dianah 12/30/1919 128 Bk D Black
Bryant, Clint Brice, Charlie May 6/12/1927 306 Bk D Black
Rawls, L. C. Brice, Jessie Lou 1/1/1933 405 Bk D Black
Williams, John H. Brice, Susie P. 2/8/1927 298 Bk D Black
McCormick, Dewitt Bridges, Eddie Belle 8/25/1918 70 Bk D Black
Coney, Zeke Bridges, Roberta 11/4/1917 34 Bk D Black
Chapman, James Brimer, Lula 8/19/1939 537 Bk D Black
Williams, Lewis Brinkley, Bessie May 7/31/1920 150 Bk D Black
Williams, Samie Lee Brinson, Gussie 8/6/1934 438 Bk D Black
Blackshear, Charlie Bronham, Annie Lee 12/20/1922 217 Bk D Black
Gray, Willie Broodus, Elsie 4/15/1942 581 Bk D Black
Bryant, Sterling Brooking, Danzy Lee 1/20/1923 220 Bk D Black
Hammonds, Mathew Brookins, Anna 1/6/1929 343 Bk D Black
Braddy, E. Brooks, Carrie 9/9/1927 311 Bk D Black
Daniels, Charlie Brown, A. Lee 6/27/1926 287 Bk D Black
Ates, Joe Brown, Annie 5/5/1919 101 Bk D Black
Brookin, Marshall Brown, Annie 2/15/1924 245 Bk D Black
Holt, Gordon Brown, Annie Lou 11/27/1932 404 Bk D Black
Lindsey, Clarence Brown, Bertha 5/18/1935 455 Bk D Black
Woods, Shepard Brown, Bertha 11/12/1932 404 Bk D Black
Reads, Nathaniel Brown, Bertha Lee 5/23/1941 568 Bk D Black
Foster, Aaron Brown, Bertha Mae 4/4/1936 472 Bk D Black
Mills, Jessie Lee Brown, Bertha Mae 5/23/1942 583 Bk D Black
Doster, Isiah Brown, Callie 9/22/1938 520 Bk D Black
Lawson, Robert Brown, Callie 4/4/1920 139 Bk D Black
Bullard, Bob Brown, Carrie 6/13/1921 179 Bk D Black
Rhine, Sam Brown, Carrie 1/18/1917 3 Bk D Black
Smith, Willie Brown, Cleo 12/26/1931 394 Bk D Black
Jones, Robert Brown, Cora 12/28/1922 219 Bk D Black
Wood, John Brown, Cora Bell 3/20/1937 490 Bk D Black
Stephens, Jim Brown, Doretha 11/22/1925 275 Bk D Black
Brown, Willie Brown, Elizabeth 9/23/1934 441 Bk D Black
Dean, Richard Brown, Elizabeth 6/6/1926 286 Bk D Black
Gordon, Sam Brown, Emma 9/17/1918 72 Bk D Black
Nuness, 0. C. Brown, Emma Louise 3/23/1940 549 Bk D Black
Everson, Rufus Brown, Estella 10/23/1929 358 Bk D Black
Griffin, E. Brown, Ethel 9/6/1927 311 Bk D Black
Wickerson, Mancey Brown, Ethel Lee 12/30/1931 395 Bk D Black
Brown, Esau Brown, F. 3/4/1917 7 Bk D Black
Coney, D. C. Brown, Florence 12/5/1918 83 Bk D Black
Reid, Henry Brown, Girtrude 1/9/1921 166 Bk D Black
Kemp, Allen Morros Brown, Gladys 5/26/1940 552 Bk D Black
Bozerman, Homer Brown, Henrietta 4/23/1925 268 Bk D Black
Sparrow, Vienna Brown, Irene 8/26/1934 439 Bk D Black
Wood, Willie Brown, Irene 4/7/1942 581 Bk D Black
Deshae, Jim Brown, Isabell 8/21/1926 289 Bk D Black
Anderson, Isaiah Brown, Julia May 12/28/1934 446 Bk D Black
Benton, James W. Brown, Leola 12/30/1928 343 Bk D Black
Jones, Simon Brown, Lessie Belle 2/1/1919 91 Bk D Black
Mobley, Elbert Brown, Lou 5/11/1919 102 Bk D Black
Bellamy, Enoch Brown, Louisa 11/7/1921 189 Bk D Black
Kaigle, Willie Brown, Maggie Lee 1/26/1941 564 Bk D Black
Jeneritte, Mayso Brown, Mamie R. 11/7/1985 482 Bk D Black
Oliver, John Brown, Martha 3/5/1938 512 Bk D Black
Davis, Andrew Brown, Mary 3/6/1937 488 Bk D Black
Briggs, Isaac Brown, Mary Lou 8/28/1938 519 Bk D Black
Fuller, Henry Brown, May H. 1/9/1938 508 Bk D Black
Nance, Robert Brown, Odis 10/22/1917 31 Bk D Black
Coley, Willie Brown, Ola May 10/8/1925 272 Bk D Black
Newkirk, Ozie Brown, Pearlene 10/3/1926 292 Bk D Black
White, Charlie Brown, Pearly 3/26/1938 513 Bk D Black
Amos, George Brown, Pinkey 10/26/1929 358 Bk D Black
Hayes, G. Brown, R. Lee 5/29/1921 178 Bk D Black
Dishazor, Doctor Brown, Rosa 3/3/1928 325 Bk D Black
Benjamin, G. W. Brown, Ruby Lee 10/14/1933 420 Bk D Black
Gordon, George Brown, Silvia 9/6/1936 479 Bk D Black
Woolfork, Joe Brown, Susie 6/24/1918 65 Bk D Black
Staley, George Brown, Vicie 7/25/1917 21 Bk D Black
Hill, James Brown, Victoria 9/13/1936 480 Bk D Black
Dean, Mose Brown, Vina 3/10/1928 324 Bk D Black
Bailey, H. Brown, Willie May 3/3/1928 326 Bk D Black
Peavy, Haywood Browning, Ethel 6/17/1922 206 Bk D Black
Hill, Steve Brozeland, Frankie Lee 1/7/1923 220 Bk D Black
Singletary, Jeff Brunswick, Harley 11/22/1936 482 Bk D Black
Johnson, Mack Bryant, Alberta 7/29/1917 22 Bk D Black
Wheeler, Norman Bryant, Annie Lou 4/17/1937 494 Bk D Black
McMullen, M.C. Bryant, Clara Bell 4/21/1935 454 Bk D Black
Smith, Sam C. Bryant, Daisie 9/2/1929 354 Bk D Black
Wood, Thomas Bryant, Dorthy 3/5/1934 431 Bk D Black
Johnson, Willis Bryant, Harriett 4/29/1918 59 Bk D Black
Gray, Johnnie Bryant, Lizzie 3/5/1933 408 Bk D Black
Moore, Major Bryant, Mattie Lee 7/13/1919 109 Bk D Black
Benjamin, Hugh Bryant, Sweet 3/2/1929 346 Bk D Black
Wright, John L. Buchannan, Willie 11/29/1941 574 Bk D Black
McLane, Tom Buff, Carrie 3/24/1935 450 Bk D Black
Durr, Adison Bundridge, Marie 5/26/1939 534 Bk D Black
Parker, Mose Burch, Carrie 11/28/1926 294 Bk D Black
Patterson, Jack Burch, Lelia 5/19/1923 229 Bk D Black
White, Robert Burges, Ruth 9/10/1928 334 Bk D Black
Mims, Dave Burke, Estelle 9/13/1931 388 Bk D Black
Clark, Isiah Burnam, Belle 12/28/1919 128 Bk D Black
Coleman, Tom Burnett, Leila 3/21/1919 97 Bk D Black
Hannon, J.B. Burnham, Rosa B. 11/2/1931 392 Bk D Black
Goodman, Oscar Burnham, Viola 12/13/1917 38 Bk D Black
Banes, Murphy Buron, Ella May 3/21/1936 472 Bk D Black
Glaspie, Henry Burton, Alice 2/7/1926 280 Bk D Black
Davis, Willie Ratus Burton, Ida B. 4/15/1935 452 Bk D Black
Hall, William E. Butler, Lilla 6/8/1919 104 Bk D Black
Smith, Charlie Butts, Maybell 1/23/1921 161 Bk D Black
Hill, Rufus Bynum, Aline 7/25/1936 477 Bk D Black
Wilson, Bivins Byrd, Ethel 6/6/1917 16 Bk D Black


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