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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book D - White
1921-1952 Sorted by Brides

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald.  Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.



Willner, Monroe John Salter, Alice Priscilla 4/26/1952 574 Bk D White
Owens, H. Salter, Mary 11/2/1927 107 Bk D White
Sellers, Lewis Salter, Nora 2/8/1925 60 Bk D White
McDuffie, Alex Samples, Gussie 12/30/1937 294 Bk D White
Hitson, Travis Sanders, Barbara 1/14/1940 343 Bk D White
Hitson, Milton Sanders, Josephine 8/17/1940 352 Bk D White
Stanley, C. H. Sanders, Louise 4/30/1939 324 Bk D White
O'Neal, J. M. Sanders, Ruby 2/25/1934 218 Bk D White
Highsmith, James A. Sangster, Christine 12/27/1948 519 Bk D White
Smith, Young J. Saterfield, Mildie 9/17/1949 535 Bk D White
McLemore, Joseph Schell, Mrs. Frances B. 12/7/1946 470 Bk D White
Clark, Vernon Schofield, Geannell 6/17/1949 527 Bk D White
Treadwell, William F. Seagraves, ON 9/20/1939 333 Bk D White
Walker, William Albritten Sellers, Ethelene Euletha 9/6/1947

per Becky Spencer

Lamb, Noah Edward Sellers, Nettie Mae 4/24/1948 505 Bk D White
Murray, Bufford Ivey Selph, Geneva 9/29/1950 552 Bk D White
Willis, John S. Selph, Lois 8/8/1937 287 Bk D White
White, J. B. Selph, Myrtle 6/23/1933 200 Bk D White
Conley, James M. Selph, Ouida 12/22/1946 474 Bk D White
Luther, Ellie Selph, Ruby 11/23/1929 144 Bk D White
Morris, Richard Theodore Selph, Wynette 9/13/1950 550 Bk D White
Hilliard, S. J. Selph. Lizzie Oreita 9/4/1948 514 Bk D White
Gordon, Lamar Settles, Betty  11/26/1946 469 Bk D White
Reed, Esco Sewell, Alma Lee 11/23/1932 192 Bk D White
Bussell, Earnest Sewell, Faith 4/10/1926 78 Bk D White
Walters, Guy Melton  Shaw, Viola Corene 10/6/1934 228 Bk D White
Brophy, Walter Lee Shaw, Wyleene Oneta 7/21/1938 305 Bk D White
Luther, Lucius H.J. Shealy, Esther 9/8/1950 551 Bk D White
Lashley, Charlie Shearmon 9/17/1923 37 Bk D White
Coley, C. Shedd, Ethel 3/5/1932 183 Bk D White
Hattaway, W. M. Shedd, Imogene 5/19/1934 222 Bk D White
Beal, Preston Shedd, Inez 2/13/1932 183 Bk D White
Clark, Alfred Joseph Shedd, Robbie Lois 12/1/1951 567 Bk D White
Taylor, John Henry Shedd, Ruby Iona 8/16/1917 489 Bk D White
Conley, J. D. Sheffield, Allean 12/14/1934 235 Bk D White
Jurrell, Robert Sheffield, Altama 10/25/1941 377 Bk D White
Brown, Tom Jr. Sheffield, Beatrice 7/15/1950 547 Bk D White
Harden, Elton  Sheffield, Effie 1/4/1947 480 Bk D White
Luther, Jimmie Thomas Sheffield, Josephine Marie 3/19/1949 523 Bk D White
Wilkerson, Wallace Sheffield, Marguerit 1/5/1942 383 Bk D White
Dix, James Sheffield, Martha Lee 11/30/1949 538 Bk D White
White, Hezakiah Sheffield, Mary Lou 10/9/1923 38 Bk D White
Crumpler, Edward A. Sheffield, Minnie 2/16/1939 318 Bk D White
Gillis, John D. Sheffield, Pauline 1/7/1939 316 Bk D White
Googe, Alton Sheffield, Vera 2/13/1932 183 Bk D White
Craft, James Sherling, Pauline 2/14/1931 166 Bk D White
Moss, Starlin Benjamin Shirley, Margaret 9/13/1947 492 Bk D White
Davis, Owen G. Sikes, Ollie May 12/24/1933 216 Bk D White
Rutledge, Earl Sikes, Rita Lonelle 11/17/1951 567 Bk D White
Lowie, William Simmons, Effie 10/6/1936 270 Bk D White
Crinshaw, Thurman Simmons, Ethell 12/17/1933 213 Bk D White
Ginn, J. R. Simmons, Mattie 10/3/1932 190 Bk D White
Fultz, B.E. Simmons, Mildred 6/9/1932 187 Bk D White
Vaughn, Levi G. Simmons, Shirley 1/6/1943 405 Bk D White
Boney, Bill Jack Simmons, Vera Kate 2/9/1939 332 Bk D White
Ethridge, Willie B. Skipper, Florene Renfroe 2/22/1946 449 Bk D White
Robertson, R.P. Slaton, Mary J. 4/23/1922 13 Bk D White
Blalock, E.B. Smith, Adel 12/24/1937 294 Bk D White
Weldon, Lewis Smith, Annie Mae 3/5/1938 299 Bk D White
Cantrell, T. M. Smith, Annie Pearl 3/16/1924 46 Bk D White
Sheffield, Benjamin V. Smith, Annie Ruth 11/30/1916 469 Bk D White
Fountain, J. D. Smith, Bulah 10/4/1930 157 Bk D White
Gibbs, Lucius Smith, Bulah 4/1/1929 137 Bk D White
Lacey, L. D. Smith, Byrdine 8/20/1932 188 Bk D White
Sutton, Felton Smith, Carribell 10/7/1933 208 Bk D White
Funderburk, W.A. Smith, Carrie V. 11/23/1926 90 Bk D White
Cason, James Smith, Cleo 2/3/1934 218 Bk D White
Wallace, J. D. Smith, Corrie Mae 12/22/1923 44 Bk D White
Parks, Ellis Smith, Elsa May 4/20/1924 47 Bk D White
Bryant, N. B. Smith, Essie Mae 1/15/1922 10 Bk D White
Adams, J. J. Smith, Eudora 4/2/1922 12 Bk D White
Killibrew, Homer Smith, Eunice 11/2/1930 159 Bk D White
Kiser, Ralph Smith, Evelyn 10/11/1930 157 Bk D White
Cranford, Ozzie Smith, Fannie Pearl 3/11/1935 241 Bk D White
Smith, James W. Smith, Francis G. 7/16/1939 328 Bk D White
Matthews, Troy Smith, Gladys  5/24/1936 263 Bk D White
Garrison, Clifton Harris Smith, Helen Naomi 5/19/1950 544 Bk D White
Clark, L. D. Smith, Ida 12/22/1923 44 Bk D White
Mixon, W. C. Smith, Ida 10/29/1921 3 Bk D White
King, W. J. Smith, Ina Curtis 9/29/1940 355 Bk D White
Robinson, Carlton Smith, Irene 1/26/1936 259 Bk D White
Smith, David Smith, Jamie 7/7/1933 202 Bk D White
Wood, L. B. Smith, Letha 12/25/1948 519 Bk D White
Hickman, Curtis Russell Smith, Little Irene 6/12/1945 438 Bk D White
Humphries, Roscoe E. Smith, Lois 3/27/1943 409 Bk D White
Pope, W. E. Smith, Lois 9/11/1932 189 Bk D White
Wishard, Raymond Smith, Lois 5/5/1939 323 Bk D White
Wells, Eugene Smith, Louise 7/4/1948 511 Bk D White
Smith, H.W. Smith, Maggie 1/22/1933 195 Bk D White
Howell, J. L. Smith, Mary 4/23/1927 97 Bk D White
McCall, Milzey Ely Smith, Mary Kate 4/12/1945 434 Bk D White
Knight, Dan Smith, Mary Lou 3/7/1937 279 Bk D White
Jones, Steven Daniel Smith, Mary Odell 9/6/1931 174 Bk D White
Duvall, R.A. Smith, Mattie Lucile 8/21/1937 288 Bk D White
Smith, Thomas Jefferson Smith, Mrs. Bessie Howell 10/20/1942 400 Bk D White
Butler, Elzie Smith, Myrtice 1/23/1937 277 Bk D White
Farrow, Ottis Smith, Myrtle 1/21/1942 381 Bk D White
Watson, A.B. Smith, Myrtle 3/19/1922 12 Bk D White
Adams, J. B. Smith, Ola 6/6/1931 170 Bk D White
Cranford, Henry Smith, Ola 1/12/1932 181 Bk D White
Cook, J. D. Jr.  Smith, Olive Elise 12/20/1933 214 Bk D White
Rowe, W. F. Smith, Overa 7/29/1923 34 Bk D White
Jones, Calvin Palmer Smith, Ruby 2/4/1950 542 Bk D White
McDuffie, Earl P. Smith, Ruby 7/12/1946 458 Bk D White
Williams, Luther W. Smith, Thelma 6/22/1950 545 Bk D White
Williams, Oscar Malcolm Smith, Virgie 6/18/1949 538 Bk D White
Renfroe, Paul Snooks, Blanche Elizabeth 8/28/1938 310 Bk D White
Mixon, Abner M. Souther, Hilda 3/19/1946 451 Bk D White
Hardmon, Ardford  Spinks, Christine 2/6/1945 432 Bk D White
McDuffie, Everette Spire, Leila 8/7/1937 287 Bk D White
Knowles, Marvin Spires, Laura May 2/26/1941 362 Bk D White
Mays, Carl Spires, Laura May 12/31/1927 111 Bk D White
Addison, T. J. Spires, Mary J. 7/5/1927 101 Bk D White
Gbbs, Marion Spires, Ms. Lula 9/30/1945 441 Bk D White
Hilliard, S. J. Spires, Rachel 1/15/1944 419 Bk D White
Taylor, Grady Bernard Spires, Rachel Christine 4/19/1952 573 Bk D White
Abram, Lewis E. Spitz, Ruth 8/3/1935 248 Bk D White
Dewey, A. Spradley, Cleo 4/25/1927 98 Bk D White
Mixon, Coley Stagham, Eva 3/20/1927 95 Bk D White
Bruce, Freeman Standridge, Laura 12/18/1928 130 Bk D White
Helms, Oliver D. Standridge, Pearlee 3/26/1927 95 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, H.D. Standridge, Ruby 8/28/1937 289 Bk D White
Roberts, Willie T. Stanford, Susie 10/4/1951 470 Bk D White
Cannington, H. D. Stanley, Evelyn 3/11/1939 320 Bk D White
McCall, J. G. Stanley, Julia Odom 1/21/1943 406 Bk D White
Brown, Fred Statham, Berta 5/21/1927 99 Bk D White
McGlamary, Charley Statham, Juanita 1/10/1934 212 Bk D White
Helms, C. D. Statham, Odessa 12/24/1938 316 Bk D White
Newell, Frank Statham, Rebecca 5/2/1931 169 Bk D White
Cohen, Mitchell Statham, Vandella 12/24/1933 215 Bk D White
Coleman, Calvin C. Stevens, Frances 7/30/1949 533 Bk D White
Faircloth, John T. Stevens, Paulene 11/24/1927 108 Bk D White
Turner, Hiram Steward, Linie 9/30/1945 440 Bk D White
Gibbs, Homer Stewart Grace 4/5/1941 366 Bk D White
Clark, Ellis Stewart, Catherine 9/2/1923 36 Bk D White
Moore, John Henry Stewart, Clarice 12/8/1934 234 Bk D White
Browning, James Edward  Stewart, Daisy Ruth 7/24/1948 512 Bk D White
Gordon, James O. Stewart, Ida Mae 8/1/1950 549 Bk D White
Crenshaw, Edgar Stewart, Lucy 11/10/1934 233 Bk D White
Yancey, Jack Stewart, Mammie M. 2/12/1940 344 Bk D White
Faircloth, Wyatt Stewart, Robbie Louise 5/27/1946 454 Bk D White
Swymer, C.F. Jr. Stilwell, Luciel 2/7/1931 166 Bk D White
McCuller, A. J. Stone, Betty 2/25/1939 319 Bk D White
Hardin, Lewis Stone, Grovenia 2/25/1936 259 Bk D White
Gibbs, J.T. Jr. Stone, Inez 2/16/1940 344 Bk D White
Slanghter, J. C. Stone, Julia Belle 6/18/1923 32 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Charles C. Stone, Lorene 3/16/1946 451 Bk D White
Fitzgerald, Raymond Stone, Lucile 12/17/1944 430 Bk D White
Moore, William Jr. Stone, Marjorie 10-344 428 Bk D White
Peacock, L. W. Stone, Martha 11/16/1936 272 Bk D White
Lewis, J. D. Stone, Martha Lue 8/27/1938 310 Bk D White
Smith, Wilson Stone, Mary 10/28/1935 253 Bk D White
Wilcox, Mark Stone, Mattie 11/12/1921 5 Bk D White
Keen, J. P. Sr. Stone, Ms. Leta 12/29/1936 274 Bk D White
Fuller, W. E. Stone, Rhea Virginia 9/14/1940 354 Bk D White
Stonecypher, Harry L. Stone, Ruby Inez 9/30/1939 335 Bk D White
Shedd, Grady Stone, Ruth 6/22/1934 223 Bk D White
Gibbs, Lamb Stonecypha, Wynell 9/21/1935 251 Bk D White
McWhorter, J.B. Stonecypher, Mardelle 10/28/1939 337 Bk D White
Johnson, J. I. Stonecypher, Velma 1/27/1938 296 Bk D White
Worley, R. W. Story, Fostella 9/4/1940 353 Bk D White
Signers, Aaron Knox Stowe, Mattie Lee 3/17/1928 116 Bk D White
Spurling, Dorsey Strozier, Rosa Lee 6/6/1942 392 Bk D White
Myers, Jim Stubbs, Elloween 11/26/1949 538 Bk D White
Moss, Rubert Lee Stubbs, Estoria Juanita 9/5/1947 491 Bk D White
Ashurst, Marvin W. Stubbs, Lillian Eunice 2/26/1941 362 Bk D White
Barron, Thomas Stuckey, Bessie 3/5/1944 421 Bk D White
Bowen, Lee Duke Stuckey, Sara Louise 12/18/1948 518 Bk D White
Manning, Albert Stuckey, Velma 5/16/1931 170 Bk D White
Jackson, W. C. Studstill, Dollis 6/9/1928 119 Bk D White
Crawford, Cliff Studstill, Lucile 10/23/1921 1 Bk D White
Clelments, H. M. Studstill, Marie 7/30/1925 67 Bk D White
Bailey, James H. Studstill, Minnie 5/16/1926 80 Bk D White
King, Geo. M. Studstill, Neppie 2/14/1926 76 Bk D White
Peterson, Levins Studstill, Susie 3/2/1924 34 Bk D White
Harvey, Herman Studstill, Zula B. 7/19/1925 64 Bk D White
Holt, Welburn Suggs, Beatrice 9/26/1926 87 Bk D White
Sheffield, Marvin Suggs, Ruth 7/1/1942 394 Bk D White
White, Guy Jr. Sullivan, Eunice 4/29/1940 348 Bk D White
Faircloth, W. H. Sullivan, Vera O. 10/12/1933 209 Bk D White
Hancock, J. G. Summerford, Lixie 9/21/1929 142 Bk D White
Fussell, James Chambless  Sumner, Francis 11/26/1942 402 Bk D White
Maddox, Emory Sumner, Rena 1/24/1931 164 Bk D White
Harvey, Lester Sutton, Christine 7/2/1930 360 Bk D White
Smith, Alver Sutton, Edna 1/24/1937 277 Bk D White
Clack, J. C. Sutton, Elizabeth Annette 2/24/1951 558 Bk D White
Newman, William A. Sutton, Joyce 12/18/1949 544 Bk D White
Veatch, Lawrence Sutton, Keanette 7/13/1940 351 Bk D White
McCall, G.D.J. Sutton, Lillian 9/9/1930 154 Bk D White
Rogers, J. J.  Sutton, Mattie 9/25/1933 207 Bk D White
Dunagan, Henry Grady Sutton, Sarah Evelyn 9/3/1951 564 Bk D White
Hilliard, Carey W. Swain, Marion 3/3/1946 450 Bk D White
Hardin, Alton  Swymer, Hazel 2/16/1936 260 Bk D White
Vickers, Louis Smith Syms, Miriam 6/21/1940 350 Bk D White
Dorsey, James B. Tabor, Nina Claire 10/10/1937 291 Bk D White
Holt, John C. Jr. Talley, Elevyan 8/8/1926 85 Bk D White
Anderson, Loran Taylor, Edna 12/25/1936 275 Bk D White
Wilcox, John M. Taylor, Emma 1/16/1926 75 Bk D White
Mullis, Charles Taylor, Geraldine 1/24/1948 500 Bk D White
McLeod, Philip Taylor, Henrietta 8/21/1938 309 Bk D White
Crumpton, Millard Taylor, Inez 1/14/1933 195 Bk D White
Gordon, David Monroe Taylor, Lois Mae  12/27/1947 499 Bk D White
Herring, Johnnie Taylor, Lucile 10/7/1934 230 Bk D White
Graham, Thomas Taylor, Mary Louise 6/11/1948 509 Bk D White
Keene, J. A. 0. Taylor, Mary Ruth 12/18/1933 215 Bk D White
Cornell, Judson Taylor, Mattie 12/27/1928 130 Bk D White
Williamson, Allen N. Taylor, Nina May 4/17/1926 78 Bk D White
Harvey, David E. Taylor, Pauline 3/9/1947 479 Bk D White
Dimsdale, W.E. Taylor, Pearl 3/12/1927 95 Bk D White
Rhodes, S. J. Taylor, Rachel 11/9/1921 4 Bk D White
Stone, Tracy Taylor, Viola 7/29/1939 329 Bk D White
Turk, Elbert Teagle, Emmie Lee 7/2/1930 152 Bk D White
Goodwin, Clayton Teagle, Lora 1/12/1935 238 Bk D White
Sewell, Lawrence Teagle, Louise 8/20/1932 188 Bk D White
Gordon, Walter Clyde Teagle, Rebecca  8/29/1937 289 Bk D White
Whittle, Franklin Jackson Teagle, Tommie Obeda 2/11/1948 501 Bk D White
Stewart, Edgar Teagle; Bertie May 9/29/1928 124 Bk D White
Lancaster, King George Teal, Martha Ella 8/18/1935 250 Bk D White
McClain, W. F. Tedders Verna 1/22/1943 406 Bk D White
Burnett, Ferrell E. Tedders, Luetrell 7/13/1946 458 Bk D White
Jones, A.C. Tedders, Ova 9/13/2025 70 Bk D White
McKie, Marvin Tedders, Ovida 2/8/1942 384 Bk D White
Dickens, P.C. Jr. Terrell, Wynell V. 1/25/1951 557 Bk D White
Wallace, Jerone Duff Terry, Elise 12/11/1949 539 Bk D White
Payne, Barney Lee Thacker, Cora Bell 10/24/1946 466 Bk D White
Bloodworth, Otha Thombley, Audrey Lee 6/22/1943 411 Bk D White
McClain, J. H. Thompson, Cleo 12/22/1923 43 Bk D White
Pearce, E. H. Thompson, Edna 12/10/1922 25 Bk D White
Watson, Otis Thompson, Emma Mae 1/20/1945 431 Bk D White
Waddell, B. F. Thompson, Girtrude 6/23/1926 83 Bk D White
Harris, Doyle Thompson, Gwendolyn 2/15/1946 449 Bk D White
Harvey, J. T. Thompson, Inez 10/9/1927 105 Bk D White
Harris, Dorris Clifford Thompson, Lou V. 10/28/1944 428 Bk D White
Jennings, J. L. Thompson, Lunner 8/16/1925 68 Bk D White
Etheridge, Ellis Thompson, Mary 10/7/1938 312 Bk D White
Slade, R. L. Jr. Thornton, Clarice 5/24/1941 366 Bk D White
Brooks, A.R. Thornton, Sudie 8/6/1926 85 Bk D White
-Adams, Earl Tinley, Claudia 12/6/1929 145 Bk D White
Minor, Roy Clifton Tippins, Frances Matilda 10/18/1937 493 Bk D White
Jackson, J. E. Titshaw, Melba 6/26/1927 101 Bk D White
Harrell, J. W. Tomberlin, Dale 6/13/1927 100 Bk D White
Hunter, Clyde Tomberlin, Gertrude 7/27/1923 35 Bk D White
Handley, Arthur Burnes  Tomberlin, Lura Bell 6/8/1946 456 Bk D White
Allen, Henry Tomberlin, Martha 9/30/1923 38 Bk D White
McWhorter, Lewis Tomberlin, Mary Evelyn  11/9/1945 443 Bk D White
Dowdy, T. R. Tomberlin, Sallie Mae 2/12/1933 196 Bk D White
Rhodes, John A. Tomberlin, Vera 2/26/1922 11 Bk D White
Wilcox, Leroy Tomberlin, Verlin 7/1935 246 Bk D White
Blizzard, Robert Gene Tomlinson, Eloise Faye 4/11/1952 572 Bk D White
Owens, Calvin Touchton, Lena 10/9/1948 515 Bk D White
Pitts, Preston Lee Townsend, Elnita 7/12/1947 487 Bk D White
Rhodes, M. C. Townsend, Lois 12/6/1936 273 Bk D White
Vaughn, Felton W. Tripp, Dorothy Mae 9/8/1945 441 Bk D White
Bloodsworth, Charles Ed. Tripp, Ethel Pauline 3/15/1946 450 Bk D White
Keen, C. H. Tripp, Mary Francis 3/12/1937 280 Bk D White
Grooms, James Tripp, Wylene 11/15/1947 495 Bk D White
Bohannon, Willie F. Trippe, Leona 6/15/1930 151 Bk D White
Curtis, S.S. Troupe, Thelma 5/26/1941 367 Bk D White
Simmons, Ferrell Tucker, Elsie 7/21/1948 512 Bk D White
Walker, Edgar Earl Tucker, Gertrude Gwinnette 6/28/1947 487 Bk D White
Allen, B. J. J. Tucker, Mavis Alice 2/25/1947 477 Bk D White
Gordon, Thelbert Turk, Annie Grace  1/24/1952 569 Bk D White
Baldwin, Belton Turk, Lucile 10/3/1942 399 Bk D White
Gazaway, Otis Turk, Lucy Mae 6/7/1931 170 Bk D White
Dunagan, Edgar Turk, Vera 12/30/1928 132 Bk D White
Gaughf, Jessie Delson Turner, Annie Laura 11/10/1951 566 Bk D White
Wiggins, T.L. Turner, Evelyn 12/30/1922 27 Bk D White
Wilcox, M.B. Turner, Mattie L. 9/30/1928 125 Bk D White
Baker, Harlen Turner, Maud 6/23/1923 33 Bk D White



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