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The two earliest Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Groom Last Groom First Bride Last Bride First Date Page Book
Chandler Francis H. Raney Catherine 12-20-1860 24 A, A1
Roberts John Raney Mary J. 2-2-1879 203 A, A1
Taylor James H. Reawling Mary 1-20-1870 93 A, A1
Bishop Edward, (Col) Regan Clarisy (Col) 8-29-1874 139 A, A1
Mathews George N. Reid Abbie 12-14-1881 235 A, A1
Rodgers Volley Reid Nancy 1-20-1875 140 A, A1
Royal A.R. Reid Annie Bell 1-6-1886 287 A, A1
Wilcox E.K. Reid Mary W. 3-26-1875 153 A, A1
Wilcox Thos. D. Reid Rocksy Ann 3-6-1864 34 A, A1
Williams Joseph Reid Celia Ann 4-5-1859 8 A, A1
Wilson Ben (Col) Reid Rebecca (Col) 4-30-1874 134 A, A1
Bowen Robert V. Reid Mary L. 9-18-1859 9 A, A1
Burman Donalson (Col) Reid Charity (Col) 12-12-1867 70 A, A1
Dykes James H. Reid Sarah 3-11-1875 144 A, A1
Fitzgerald James Reid Nancy M.  9-7-1879 198 A, A1
Fuller A.W. Reid Celia E 12-16-1875 157 A, A1
Walker George Reid Betta 4-12-1874 129 A, A1
Wilson W.A. Renfroe Mary E. 10-4-1874 134 A, A1
Ball Wade Renfroe Martha Jane 1-23-1871 161 A, A1
McBride George (Col) Rewns Ellen (Col) 9-10-1870 104 A, A1
Henderson William Rhod Elizabeth 12-13-1875 142 A, A1
Taylor Thomas J. riley Julia E. 12-17-1874 137 A, A1
Wiley Abner (Col) Riley Cattie (Col) 5-5-1883 261 A, A1
Ramy Manasus Robbers Mary F. 1-29-1881 226 A, A1
Posey Wyley Robberson Mary Jane 1-12-1861 22 A, A1
Pinson Robert Roberts Martha 11-30-1868 82 A, A1
Brown  W.H. Roberts L.A. 5-2-1869 172 A, A1
Watson Thomas Roe Cellita 12-18-1872 116 A, A1
Smith Henry Rogers Frances 7-29-1873 125 A, A1
Anderson Charles Rogers Ann 8-31-1867 68 A, A1
Warren John Roils Johnann Josepphen 1-5-1882 242 A, A1
Grant Peter (Col) Rosuer Fannie (Col) 7-31-1881 232 A, A1
Wilson Sandy Roundtree Antimsha 10-3-1873 127 A, A1
Fuller Ross (Col) Rountree Hetto (Col) 10-28-1869 90 A, A1
Hunter George E. Ryals Mary J. 4-25-1880 211 A, A1
Warren James Ryals Ellen 2-2-1879 214 A, A1
Wilson W.T. Ryle Frances 5-8-1881 231 A, A1
Lovett Richard Rylee Sarah L. 12-6-1876 168 A, A1
Hudson Edwin (Col) Ryley Susan (Col) 12-11-1880 216 A, A1
Conner Wm. T. Sarlack Emma 9-20-1885 284 A, A1
Keen W.H. Scaff Emily 3-20-1870 94 A, A1
McDuffie Norman Scaff Laura J. 12-10-1875 142 A, A1
Simmons Moses Scaff Sallie 12-23-1881 246 A, A1
Wilcox Chas. (Col) Scott Saly (Col) 12-26-1870 103 A, A1
Chandler John W. Segrest Harriett P. 11-19-1864 34 A, A1
Bishop Ezkiel Seward Ida 11-26-1885 287 A, A1
Adams Green G. Shannan Susan 2-9-1871 96 A, A1
Andrews Absolam Shannan Penelope 3-18-1876 164 A, A1
Smith James W. Shipworth Tabitha J. 12-17-1882 249 A, A1
Bell Jackson Shipworth Manda 4-18-1875 148 A, A1
Fountain John T. Shiver Mary A. 3-26-1868 87 A, A1
Conner W.F. Singleton Nancy 3-5-1865 38 A, A1
Gibbs James M. Smith Phada Ann 7-29-1879 200 A, A1
Gibbs Joseph Smith Mahalie 12-18-1879 218 A, A1
Gorday John J. Smith Catherine 11-25-1880 222 A, A1
Nipper John C. Smith Minna 9-5-1861 27 A, A1
Oliver W.H.C. Smith Sophronia A.H. 12-21-1865 64 A, A1
Renfroe John M. Smith Mary J. 1-23-1877 171 A, A1
Self Wm R. Smith Mary Jane 2-13-1879 214 A, A1
Townsen S.T. Smith Mary 10-15-1882 249 A, A1
Turner G.B. Smith Masoru 4-7-1881 228 A, A1
Bishop  Benjamin K. Smith Lida Elizabeth 11-22-1874 149 A, A1
Cravy Mitchell Smith Nancy A. 3-12-1868 79 A, A1
Dennard John Smith Martha 5-4-1871 109 A, A1
Hobby George W. Smith Mary Ann 2-24-1884 266 A, A1
Hobby James Smith Martha 5-24-1885 283 A, A1
Hobby  J.L. Smith Malissieann T. 12-21-1884 269 A, A1
McDuffie William (Col) Snell Ever (Col) 1-9-1883 258 A, A1
Malery B.F. Spradley Caroline E. 10-18-1866 57 A, A1
McCall Roger Spradley Martha A. 11-11-1858 2 A, A1
Harvey Andrew J. Spradley Mary 12-7-1858 3 A, A1
Forehand Dock Sprivey Viney 4-22-1884 252 A, A1
Anderson Hazekiah Statham Sarah J. 7/25-1867 68 A, A1
Land James Stone Sarah 12-18-1861 30 A, A1
McNece John Stone Bettie 7-10-1881 233 A, A1
Stone John A.C. Stone Nancy 9-10-1877 182NN A, A1
Wright James G. Stone Elizabeth 3-24-1861 27 A, A1
Battan  Rufus A. Stone Martha R. 2-23-1879 189 A, A1
Batton John B. Stone Sibba 1-22-1882 239 A, A1
Gibbs George (Col) Stone Elizar 11-12-1882 248 A, A1
McAnnally Benjamin D. Stubbs Cora L. 2-18-1880 206 A, A1
McCartney John Stubbs E.E. 1-10-1869 88 A, A1
Rankin George (Col) Stubbs Fanny (Col) 3-7-1879 191 A, A1
Pope Wilcox Swain Catherine 5-17-1874 129 A, A1
Wilson C.S. Swain Mary 4-7-1867 65 A, A1
Dowdy H.H. Swain Mary 7-1-1861 29 A, A1
Nipper William A. Tayler Zarah 12-19-1861 29 A, A1
Fuller Joseph (Col) Taylor Mary (Col) 11-21-1875 156 A, A1
Gibbs Francis Morgan Taylor Susan 2-17-1877 173 A, A1
Gibbs James Taylor Rebecca 8-5-1875 152 A, A1
Tomberlin Willis Taylor Raney 9-23-1877 178 A, A1
Gibbs James D. Taylor Susan 1-24-1861 20 A, A1
Johnson Amos Thigpen Josephine 2-1-1877 169 A, A1
Whitefield Martin (Col) Todd Mollie (Col) 2-16-1883 247 A, A1
Fuller Quinn Tomberlin Rebecca 7-4-1860 95 A, A1
McCall William Tomberlin Celia 1-30-1878 132 A, A1
Paulk Daniel T. Tomberlin Sarah D. 11-16-1871 109 A, A1
Player George Tomberlin Louisa 10-15-1871 110 A, A1
Player George (Col) Tomberlin Louisa (Col) 10-15-1871 108 A, A1
Player George W. Tomberlin Nancy L. 2-1-1865 36 A, A1
Polk John Tomberlin Mary 12-15-1868 83 A, A1
Tomberlin John W. Tomberlin Sibbie W. 4-15-1866 51 A, A1
Tomberlin Willis Tomberlin Lucy 4-2-1882 240 A, A1
Wilcox Clarke Jr. Tomberlin Amanda J. 12-17-1879 197 A, A1
Willcox Miles (Col) Tomberlin Julia (Col) 3-5-1871 98 A, A1
Yourk W.A. Tomberlin Abbie 10-1-1885 282 A, A1
Young Allen (Col) Tomberline Rocksyann (Col) 8-22-1880 213 A, A1
McMilhan Joseph (Col) Tomberling Rachael (Col) 1-5-1870 101 A, A1
Fitzgerald Lewis Trawick Elizer 5-6-1867 66 A, A1
Davis Sampson Truett Ellizabeth 5-14-1865 43 A, A1
Fitzgerald Robert J. Turner  Mary 8-9-1865 41 A, A1
Griffin James M. Turner Penelope 6-27/1878 184 A, A1
Hunter Hezekiah Turner Maranza 10-23-1859 8 A, A1
Johnson James J. Turner Isabella 12-16-1867 77 A, A1
Miller Andrew J. Turner Rutha J. 2-23-1868 80 A, A1
Miller Samuel D. Turner Matilda E 10-22-1868 82 A, A1
Odom Thomas Turner Sarah 12-19-1880 219 A, A1
Statham William Turner Martha 7-22-1865 40 A, A1
Carroll W.H. Vaughn F. E. 1-14-1877 170 A, A1
Ashley John L. Vinson Harriett Malisa 1-23-1876 164 A, A1
Young George W. Vinson Henreter 3-25-1883 255 A, A1
Doster A.J. Vinson Bettie 10-18-1880 219 A, A1
Doster Andrew J. Vinson Martha 4-20-1885 278 A, A1
Cobb Nathan F. M. Walden S.A.E. 12-27-1860 20 A, A1
Lacy Godson Walker Nancy 4-19-1883 263 A, A1
Watson James E. Walker Rebecca 7-4-1875 149 A, A1
Whittle William Walker Juda 2-10-1884 266 A, A1
Carson Thomas Warren Nancy 3-18-1876 167 A, A1
Holiday George W. Warren Nancy 12-13-1885 286 A, A1
Mixon James Watson Ann 12-22-1867 70 A, A1
Rhods John M. Welch Caroline 9-16-1860 16 A, A1
Musselwhite James P. Whittle Sarah M. 1-21-1885 278 A, A1
Musselwhite Uriah A. Whittle Sarah Jane Emili 1-31-1884 265 A, A1
Fountain  Jonathan M. Whittle Sarah C. 2-4-1883 258 A, A1
Batton Alexander (Col) Wilcox Millie (Col) 8-28-1879 223 A, A1
Dixon Adam Wilcox  Anna 1-2-1875 153 A, A1
Fuller Wesley (Col) Wilcox Margaret (Col) 10-18-1883 260 A, A1
Fuller William L. Wilcox Mary Ann 1-4-1884 270 A, A1
Fuller Willis (Col) Wilcox Harrah (Col) 4-8-1867 73 A, A1
Fuller Frank (Col) Wilcox Viney (Col) 12-1-1866 56 A, A1
Long Jim (Col) Wilcox Ashley (Col) 9-26-1872 113 A, A1
Panel Harrison Wilcox Vina 6-2-1878 181 A, A1
Postell Anthony (Col) Wilcox Vina (Col) 6-19-1879 193 A, A1
Reid John (Col) Wilcox Martha (Col) 10-5-1873 124 A, A1
Rountree Leamon (Col) Wilcox Abbey (Col) 9-2-1868 81 A, A1
Whitehead William (Col) Wilcox Caroline (Col) 8-25-1882 244 A, A1
Willcox Thomas (Col) Wilcox Marcah (Col) 2-12-1868 76 A, A1
Bozeman Henry M. Wilcox Julia 11-4-1869 91 A, A1
Brown James K. Wilcox Helen J. 11-25-1866 57 A, A1
Brown Stephen Wilcox Merian 5-11-1882 240 A, A1
Brown William L. Wilcox Susan 12-5-1876 170 A, A1
Coney Please Wilcox Eliza 7-5-1885 281 A, A1
Wilcox George (Col) Wilcox Tenda (Col) 2-6-1870 106 A, A1
Fitzgerald Perry Willcox Mary 9-22-1870 102 A, A1
Tomberlin John A. Willcox Elizabeth 11-9-1865 42 A, A1
Turner Elias Willcox Sophronia A. 9-23-1866 52 A, A1
Turner James S. Willcox Elizabeth 3-31-1861 24 A, A1
Willcox Tomy (Col) Willcox Catherine (Col) 4-22-1868 77 A, A1
Bozeman H.M. Willcox Abbey 3-1-1868 76 A, A1
Brown Samuel Willcox Sarah J. 12-5-1867 69 A, A1
Collins John (Col) Willcox Frances (Col) 8-3-1882 250 A, A1
Hollingsworth James Williamson Amanda 4-4-1878 180 A, A1
Tomberlin William (Col) Wilson Hannah (Col) 10-22-1879 207 A, A1
Walker James Wilson Susan 7-2-1879 215 A, A1
Nobles J.R. Wood Sallie 10-23-1866 62 A, A1
Taylor David Yorke Margaret S. 11-4-1866 58 A, A1
Batton James (Col) Young Amanda J. 12-4-1881 235 A, A1
Cook Dempsey Young Sibbie 3-2-1884 270 A, A1

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