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We have received special permission from Mary Lou McDonald and Samuel J. Lawson III to include the marriage records from their books, The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia Volumes I, II and III. We will be transcribing these records for you and will make them available as quickly as possible. These books are copyrighted and we would like to express our gratitude to Mrs. McDonald and Mr. Lawson for allowing us to use this wealth of information.

Book C - Black
1886-1893 Sorted by Brides

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia was extracted from the records in the Wilcox County Courthouse by the compiler, Mary Lou McDonald, and assisted by Geraldine Harvey. Grooms were listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage , and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. For this website, we have also sorted by brides to make research easier. In this book there are a number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing. Appreciation to Lonnie Sutton for assistance in alphabetizing. NOTE: These records were transcribed as they were written in the original marriage books. Please check for all spelling variations of your surname.


Groom Last Groom First Bride Last Bride First Date Page Book
Paton J.H. Eady Laurie 12/20/04 236 Black C
Freeman Judge Edwards Eurma 3/12/06 274 Black C
Lawton Joe Edwards Essa Mae 12/26/15 547 Black C
Moor B.F. Edwards Clarisy 3/12/1896 43 Black C
Osborn Charlie Edwards Lonie 5/3/13 474 Black C
Shiver Henry Edwards Zula 12/25/16 585 Black C
Sullivan William Edwards Minnie 2/12/03 193 Black C
Washington William Edwards Rosa 9/8/1894 14 Black C
Wiggins Joseph Edwards Martha 9/6/1896 55 Black C
Williams Frank Edwards Sallie Ann 6/18/1898 96 Black C
Jones Maxrey Elleby Sharlott 12/27/1894 19 Black C
Robinson Sam Ellis Sallie 4/17/00 131 Black C
Sutton Absolum Ellis Eliza 6/6/1895 26 Black C
Houston Shack English Yenkee 12/20/08 326 Black C
Cooper Guss Erskins Bertha 3/8/03 194 Black C
Edwards John Ervin Annie 10/28/05 262 Black C
Fuller Alex Evans Rachel 10/22/11 395 Black C
Fuller John Evans Maggie 2/17/16 554 Black C
Laupkin Robert Evans Carrie 1/23/16 553 Black C
Loyd William Henry Evans Bee 1/26/13 442 Black C
Mays Emmett Evans Elizabeth 8/4/13 458 Black C
Rodgers Jessie Everson Florence 12/5/09 347 Black C
Dubinson John Everson Birt 12/15/11 399 Black C
Batton  Robert Ewing  Fannie 9/10/1899 118 Black C
Smith Eddie Fanch Haltie 9/16/07 305 Black C
Mann Willie Farmer Emma   25 Black C
Burnham  Richard Farmer  Nannie 3/30/01 155 Black C
Weaver Harry Fason Lula 11/26/11 397 Black C
Gaskins Edward Felds Annie 10/6/10 364 Black C
Brown  Andrew Felton   9/26/1895 33 Black C
Dosey R.E. Fields Ida 3/22/13 449 Black C
Kennedy Green Fields Bessie 9/13/14 501 Black C
McCormick Sammie Fields Mary 1/15/11 375 Black C
Roberts Jerry Fisher Mary 1/19/1896 39 Black C
Davis Johnie Fitzgerald Deanna 12/26/13 474 Black C
Key Cicero Fitzgerald Mary 2/11/06 273 Black C
Mack Charlie Fitzgerald Dora  12/1/1898 105 Black C
White J.W. Fitzgerald Rosa 12/7/1897 87 Black C
Royal Will Fleming Atlanta 9/29/11 393 Black C
Bryant  Doc Flemmings  Laura 11/1/03   Black C
Glover Julius Fletcher Ida 10/7/16 575 Black C
Callaway Jim Floyd Julia Fannie 12/14/16 583 Black C
Harris William Floyd Ellen 6/29/1896 52 Black C
Washington Sellie Foldes Emma 12/30/14 511 Black C
Hose Alexander Forbes Sarah 1/15/06 270 Black C
Jones Tom Forrest Rosalee 12/16/05 267 Black C
Kendrick William Forrest Sallie Ann 11/21/04 234 Black C
Sutton Allen Fountain Janie 9/18/1898 102 Black C
King Ship Frammel Fannie 10/22/1896 59 Black C
Jackson Luther Franklin Sallie 2/9/06 272 Black C
Mannd Ed Franklin Janie 3/26/03 194 Black C
Kellam Orvin Frazier Lizzie 1/18/14 480 Black C
Washington John Frazier Beckey 11/12/05 264 Black C
Neckens Dennis Frederick Mary Llice 8/4/1898 99 Black C
Brown  Joe Fredrick  Mary B. 7/6/07 302 Black C
Sikes J.T. Freeman Lela C.B. 10/25/1899 122 Black C
Wood William Freeman Amey 3/26/16 557 Black C
Brown  James Freeman  Sarah 6/22/00 136 Black C
Freeman Oschu Fudge Gusie 6/8/11 374 Black C
Bishop  Irwin Fuller  Fannie 5/31/03 199 Black C
Collins John Fuller  Pennie 1/3/05 246 Black C
Daugherty Will Fuller  Mariah 3/16/13 448 Black C
Edwards George Fuller  Sarah 2/6/1898 91 Black C
Everitt Fred Fuller  Ida 8/26/12 420 Black C
Fuller Edmond Fuller  Eliza 3/4/1894 3 Black C
Fuller Robert Fuller  M. 4/4/1897 74 Black C
Fuller William Fuller  Mattie 10/2/04 196 Black C
Gallimore Monroe Fuller  Caroline 1/10/11 373 Black C
Horne Riley Fuller  Lessie 4/10/04 222 Black C
Johnson Charlie Fuller  Mary 3/7/15 518 Black C
Joiner Fred Fuller  Lizzie 1/3/15 512 Black C
McKeaves E. Fuller  Alice 11/14/06 287 Black C
McMillian W.S. Fuller  Elizabeth 1/10/1895 19 Black C
McNorton E.H. Fuller  Ida 12/24/01 170 Black C
Randolph L. Fuller  Eva 10/6/02 184 Black C
Reid Charles Fuller  Minnie 10/19/01 167 Black C
Reid Enock Fuller  Nancy 12/24/04 237 Black C
Reid Moses Fuller  Martha J. 2/6/16 545 Black C
Relerford Sam Fuller  Rutha B. 1/26/13 443 Black C
Rolley John Thomas Fuller  M. 6/15/13 455 Black C
Ryles S.F. Fuller  Fannie 3/2/13 447 Black C
Telley Will Fuller  Mattie 5/18/08 316 Black C
Walton Joe Fuller  Emma 4/10/04 221 Black C
Wilcox Bartha Louis Fuller  Margaret 8/12/1895 30 Black C
Wilcox Jim J. Fuller  Lizzie 4/9/03 196 Black C
Wilcox Sam Fuller  Ida 5/29/04 225 Black C
Wilcox Soney  Fuller  Queen V. 12/8/08 326 Black C
Williams Lawrence Fuller  Rosa Lee 11/22/13 470 Black C
Williams Lewis Fullmon   11/3/1896 63 Black C
Burges  L.V. Fulton  Sarah   125 Black C
Lawson Robb Futch Lola 4/29/14 486 Black C
Burn  Willie Futch  Alice 12/14/13 472 Black C
Scott William Galaway Melvina 3/30/03 206 Black C
Colson Thomas Galiway Marie 12/30/1897 89 Black C
Mitchell J.M. Gambles Ida 8/6/03 203 Black C
Anderson  John Gambles  Jennie 2/18/09 331 Black C
Merritt Sam Garrison Ella 12/29/1896 66 Black C
Daniel Will Garry Charley 4/11/15 522 Black C
Johnson Jewes Garvin Sarah 5/24/14 492 Black C
Coppock Luther Gary Caroline 9/15/07 305 Black C
Green John Gaskins Maggie 11/16/02 186 Black C
Cole John Gaston Ida 6/8/13 454 Black C
Burnam  John Gaurs  Viola 12/18/10 370 Black C
Moore Aaron Gavins Collie 2/17/1891 18 Black C
Dawson William Gay Lottie 8/4/1897 81 Black C
Marsh W.M. Gay Adel 10/1/05 259 Black C
Miller Willie Gay Annibell 2/17/07 295 Black C
White Isiah Gay Annie 11/14/09 346 Black C
Martin L.M. George Mattie 5/11/09 335 Black C
Brookins  Lou George  Claudie 4/25/14 489 Black C
Brown  Arbie Gibbs  Nancy 12/27/1898 106 Black C
Drane Oscar Gilbert Mary 12/30/16 586 Black C
Henley Adell Gilbert Alice 11/15/08 325 Black C
McCoy Steve Gilbert Dorminy Lou 6/1/04 226 Black C
Phillips Tom Gilbert Emma 7/20/13 456 Black C
Almon  Oscar Gilbert  Nancy 4/5/14 487 Black C
Almon  Lonzie Gilbert  Ginnie 7/25/15 529 Black C
Jackson Wesley Gillis Annie 12/25/10 371 Black C
McCormick Charlie Gipson Ellen 9/25/07 305 Black C
Walker Oliver Gipson Ellen 11/2/12 428 Black C
Quinn Odley Givings Maryland 2/19/05 243 Black C
Chancey Coleman Givins Sarah 8/2/06 281 Black C
Semchins Kindrick Givins Rosa 12/26/1899 124 Black C
Taylor Henry E. Gloover Scharloote M. 5/26/04 225 Black C
Slaughter Simon Glover Alice 9/24/16 573 Black C
Wells Melvin Glover Mariah 3/25/1898 92 Black C
Mayo Robert Gooden Pearl 1/14/05 240 Black C
Willis Manual Gooden Ola 1/14/05 239 Black C
Jewell Charlie Goodman Tilda 4/29/1897 76 Black C
Lane Ed Gordon Carrie 7/8/00 138 Black C
Bishop Greely Gordon  Ella 12/12/05 267 Black C
Brown  Glenmore Gordon  Martha 3/22/15 525 Black C
Claton Morris Grace Emma 10/16/15 537 Black C
McLeod Isaac Grace Amanda 9/6/1894 14 Black C
Roberson Calson Grady Mary Lee 8/26/00 141 Black C
Melvin Ike Graham Mary Etta 9/22/12 423 Black C
Smith Will Graham Ida C. 6/8/11 374 Black C
Williams Henry Graham Lon 3/10/15 518 Black C
Allen  H.J Graham  Victory 12/23/03 213 Black C
Hanesley Walter Grant Eva 7/10/06 280 Black C
Jeffries John Grant Mary 3/25/06 277 Black C
Lawson Riley Grant Mamie 6/19/09 337 Black C
Willingham E.A. Grant Lula 12/10/05 266 Black C
Patterson Charles Grass Anna  3/30/05 244 Black C
Larkin Elbert Grauvil Viola 7/10/16 565 Black C
Cambel Marvin Gray Nettie 6/21/16 564 Black C
Coney Freeman Gray Daisie 3/15/06 276 Black C
Moor Charlie Gray Mary Eliza 9/1/1896 54 Black C
Jackson Will Green Clara 10/23/1898 103 Black C
Jeffers Marshall Green Ellen 3/11/06 275 Black C
Johnson V. Green S. 11/16/13 469 Black C
Langston Jim Green Fannie 5/26/1896 48 Black C
Wilson Ed Green Hattie 6/12/04 227 Black C
Buckhalter  W.B. Green  Elizabeth 11/10/02 185 Black C
Coddings Alx Green  Mary 10/27/1894 16 Black C
Fuller Henry Greer Rebecca 11/7/05 262 Black C
Fennell Gaston E. Greess Alice 5/28/06 279 Black C
Langston Will Griffin Alice 10/5/03 209 Black C
Robinson Ben Griffin Lizzie 5/20/15   Black C
Brown  Robert Griffin  Marmie Lou   294 Black C
Butler  Dave Griffin  Carrie 7/16/11 387 Black C
Doster Will Griffin  Agnes 12/25/12 434 Black C
Easley Tom Griggs Fannie 1025/14 504 Black C
Kemp Charlie Griggs Willie 7/13/14 496 Black C
Lathrop Henry Grim Fannie 12/26/01 171 Black C
Lane Joe Griswold Alberta 9/20/03 207 Black C


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