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Marriage Book D - Black
V-Z Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.


Grooms Name Brides Name Date Page Book
Vickers, Amos Talton, Annie Maude 9/25/1922 210 Bk D Black
Vickers, Arthur Lee Lamar, Jonnie Lee 12/27/1938 527 Bk D Black
Vickers, Elijah Brazier, Dianah 12/30/1919 128 Bk D Black
Vickers, Oscar Pitts, Arlene 12/1/1934 444 Bk D Black
Virgie, Charlie Rozier, Mamie 4/27/1917 10 Bk D Black
Wade, Walter Moore, Annie Lee 11/29/1920 160 Bk D Black
Walker, Ellis Rogers, Ella L. 12/6/1937 504 Bk D Black
Walker, Emery Wilcox, Christine 3/14/1922 200 Bk D Black
Walker, James Talton, Cora 7/14/1929 353 Bk D Black
Walker, James Ryals, Ruby Lee 11/5/1938 524 Bk D Black
Walker, Mack Sanders, Bessie 7/7/1917 19 Bk D Black
Walker, Mose Hooks, Elcie 11/27/1911 575 Bk D Black
Walker, Samson Powell, Annie Mae 1/11/1929 344 Bk D Black
Walker, Seburn Smith, Sarah 10/12/1923 238 Bk D Black
Walkins, Peter Misetsey, Eliza 1/31/1927 298 Bk D Black
Wallace, Clinton McBryant, Ruth 12/24/1936 485 Bk D Black
Wallace, Oran Williams, Bettie May 12/27/1936 485 Bk D Black
Wallice, Arthur Collins, Susie 7/19/1919 110 Bk D Black
Wallice, Major Martin, Lula Mae 12/10/1929 362 Bk D Black
Walks, Bill Price, Mary 7/2/1928 331 Bk D Black
Walton, George Dawson, Malene 6/28/1936 476 Bk D Black
Walton, L. J. Fuller, Eva Jane no date 379 Bk D Black
Walton, Ossie Powell, Bessie M. 12/31/1931 393 Bk D Black
Walton, Rayfield Furgerson, Carrie Lee 4/7/1935 452 Bk D Black
Wansley, B. J. McKay, Roberta 10/7/1917 29 Bk D Black
Washington, Cleve Adams, Flonzetta 5/20/1940 552 Bk D Black
Washington, Crisp Washington, E. May 2/9/1935 449 Bk D Black
Washington, General Ross, Minnie 8/14/1919 113 Bk D Black
Washington, Johnie McRae, Dessie 12/1/1934 445 Bk D Black
Washington, Sellie Morris, Sallie 1/18/1928 321 Bk D Black
Washington, Willie Johnson, Ophelia 12/29/1927 320 Bk D Black
Watkins, J. E. Washington, M. 10/27/1934 443 Bk D Black
Watkins, M. Reid, O. 11/1/1920 157 Bk D Black
Watkins, P. W. McCormick, Ida 9/16/1917 26 Bk D Black
Watson, Alex Greer, Bessie 6/10/1917 64 Bk D Black
Watson, Daniel George, Macie 10/25/1917 32 Bk D Black
Watosn, Early Roberson, Rosella 11/21/1936 483 Bk D Black
Watson, George Grayer, Estelle 7/2/1917 19 Bk D Black
Watson, John Park, Minnie Lee 8/8/1934 439 Bk D Black
Watson, Roxie Lamar, Viola 9/24/1922 210 Bk D Black
Way, Andrew Jones, Mariah 3/1/1919 95 Bk D Black
Way, Calvin Pollock, Laura 12/10/1922 217 Bk D Black
Way, Calvin Cherry, Susanna 9/1/1928 333 Bk D Black
Way, S. W. Dawson, Ida 3/19/1925 265 Bk D Black
Way, T. M. Franklin, Laura 11/21/1920 159 Bk D Black
Way, Willie Troutman, Eula Mae 1/25/1920 132 Bk D Black
Way, Willie Lester, R. Lee 10/13/1929 357 Bk D Black
Way, W. W. Anderson, Maggie 10/6/1917 29 Bk D Black
Weaver, Archie Gary, Lillie May 1/15/1922 195 Bk D Black
Weaver, Archie Collins, Annie Lee 6/3/1923 231 Bk D Black
Weaver, Henry Bozerman, Laura 10/26/1929 358 Bk D Black
Webb, Robert George, Sarah J. 8/29/1919 114 Bk D Black
Welburn, Alex Hendley, Anna 12/8/1918 84 Bk D Black
Wesley, Bill Smith, Lena 7/7/1934 437 Bk D Black
Wesley, C. L. Moore, Mildren 9/17/1940 557 Bk D Black
Wesley, J. C. Thornton, Ella Mae 4/26/1941 567 Bk D Black
Wesley, Jim Wright, Janie 1/3/1935 446 Bk D Black
Wesley, J. L. Bembry, Pearlie 10/18/1920 155 Bk D Black
Wesley, Joe Moore, Julia 11/4/1939 542 Bk D Black
Wesley, Tom Samuel, Louisa 12/28/1922 219 Bk D Black
West, Adam Rawls, Rosa Lee 10/20/1921 187 Bk D Black
West, Charley Taylor, Eva May 8/7/1937 498 Bk D Black
West, Herbert Jones, Rosie 5/7/1927 305 Bk D Black
West, John Powell, Eula Mae 1/5/1918 87 Bk D Black
West, Lewis Wallis, Lillie Mae 12/28/1941 577 Bk D Black
West, Willis Melvin, Daisy 7/10/1937 496 Bk D Black
Wheeler, Felton Smith, Ola Lee 10/7/1939 540 Bk D Black
Wheeler, G. Fields, Sopha 5/3/1919 101 Bk D Black
Wheeler, G. Parks, Ethelene 8/25/1932 400 Bk D Black
Wheeler, Norman Bryant, Annie Lou 4/17/1937 494 Bk D Black
White, Albert Lasseter, Nettie 6/9/1918 64 Bk D Black
White, Cary Johnson, Eva May 8/17/1917 23 Bk D Black
White, Charlie Brown, Pearly 3/26/1938 513 Bk D Black
White, Claud Hall, Hattie 4/4/1924 247 Bk D Black
White, Hezekiah Heard, Alice 5/8/1941 568 Bk D Black
White, James West, Rosa 6/16/1929 351 Bk D Black
White, Robert Burges, Ruth 9/10/1928 334 Bk D Black
White, Semon Thornton, Fannie 7/1/1939 536 Bk D Black
White, Tom Hubbard, Rosa 1/2/1921 164 Bk D Black
White, Tom Coody, Eva Mae 6/29/1929 352 Bk D Black
White, Tommie Daniels, Rosa 12/25/1919 127 Bk D Black
White, Tommie King, Dora 9/16/1928 334 Bk D Black
Whitehead, Bennett Rawls, Mary E. 3/22/1920 138 Bk D Black
Whitehead, Robert Dent, Dealia 3/28/1931 383 Bk D Black
Whitemore, W. H. Dykes, Margret 6/27/1936 475 Bk D Black
Whitfield, James Willis, Maggie 7/9/1932 399 Bk D Black
Whitsett, Judson Redding, Annie B. 10/5/1919 119 Bk D Black
Whonie, Herman Mack, Berta 11/28/1922 215 Bk D Black
Wicker, Willie Carswell, Clara Bell 5/15/1938 516 Bk D Black
Wickerson, Mancey Brown, Ethel Lee 12/30/1931 395 Bk D Black
Wiggins, Ora Lee Smith, Idella 9/13/1928 334 Bk D Black
Wilcox, B. W. Gelbert, Mary 4/13/1919 98 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Edward Whitehead, Ella 1/2/1921 165 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Fred Woolfork, Rebecca 10/30/1921 187 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Henry Batton, Elsie 8/12/1933 416 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Jack Gain, Dora Mabell 3/3/1918 50 Bk D Black
Wilcox, J. C. Bazell, Mary E. 4/24/1921 173 Bk D Black
Wilcox, John Henry Coffee, Nora Jane 4/4/1917 7 Bk D Black
Wilcox, John Henry Lucas, Susie 4/27/1940 551 Bk D Black
Wilcox, L. J. Fuller, Elizabeth 4/19/1925 268 Bk D Black
Wilcox, M. P. Lee, Mattie 12/2/1941 575 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Robert Collins, Mattie Lee 6/11/1938 518 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Tony Felder, Seletia 1/9/1921 166 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Trick McKinzie, Alice 12/15/1920 161 Bk D Black
Wilcox, W. D. Moore, Lessie 6/1/1935 456 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Willie Harris, Julia Lee 2/24/1917 50 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Willie Davis, Reva 1/26/1919 90 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Willie Jones, Annie Mae 11/25/1922 215 Bk D Black
Wilcox, W. Lee Mims, Emma 2/8/1930 368 Bk D Black
Wilder, Robert Phillips, Ollie 6/20/1925 269 Bk D Black
Wiley, Clifford Johnson, Mattie Lee 4/9/1922 201 Bk D Black
Wiley, Henry Power, Mary 8/12/1917 14 Bk D Black
Wiley, Henry Dykes, Henrietta 9/29/1918 74 Bk D Black
Wiley, Robery Wright, Maggie 11/12/1922 213 Bk D Black
Wiley, Rufus Williams, Mary Minnie 3/28/1942 580 Bk D Black
Wilkerson, Fred Sparrow, Doll 8/20/1933 416 Bk D Black
Wilkerson, M. Ware, Henrietta 3/28/1926 283 Bk D Black
Wilkinson, Olen Kemp, Mary 12/22/1923 241 Bk D Black
Wilkinson, Olin Newkirk, Pearl 6/16/1934 437 Bk D Black
Wilkinson, Robert F. Neasby, Laura 12/17/1922 218 Bk D Black
William Johnson Wilcox, Mary B. 12/16/1917 39 Bk D Black
Williams, A. Harrison, Mady 8/24/1930 375 Bk D Black
Williams, Austin Fuller, Atlanta 8/1/1920 149 Bk D Black
Williams, B. Campbell, E. 12/4/1918 83 Bk D Black
Williams, Charlie Daniels, R. 12/21/1925 277 Bk D Black
Williams, David Mann, Maggie 12/26/1933 426 Bk D Black
Williams, E. Green, Eddiefern 7/7/1935 457 Bk D Black
Williams, Edmond Lewis, Mattie E. 6/6/1939 536 Bk D Black
Williams, Essie Fleming, Ida 4/4/1931 383 Bk D Black
Williams, Eugene Reeves, Mitt 4/30/1938 515 Bk D Black
Williams, Frank Iverson, Gladis 7/3/1930 375 Bk D Black
Williams, George Carter, Eva May 2/17/1924 245 Bk D Black
Williams, Henry Mitchell, Ada 6/3/1917 16 Bk D Black
Williams, Herman Boone, M. Ethel 11/21/1937 503 Bk D Black
Williams, Hershal Blackshear, Julia 7/20/1919 110 Bk D Black
Williams, Hershal Cummings, Emma 11/24/1922 215 Bk D Black
Williams, Hirrie Caruthers, Annie D. 12/24/1938 527 Bk D Black
Williams, Ike Jones, Rosa 1/15/1928 321 Bk D Black
Williams, James Riley, Hattie 3/3/1935 450 Bk D Black
Williams, James Hayes, Ola Mae 5/9/1942 583 Bk D Black
Williams, James H. Lee, Bedie 1/17/1919 86 Bk D Black
Williams, J. B. Wesley, Irene 8/24/1933 416 Bk D Black
Williams, J. D. Smith, Carrie Bell 2/24/1935 449 Bk D Black
Williams, Jesse Dean, Bettie 7/6/1923 233 Bk D Black
Williams, Joe Washington, Elizabeth 6/29/1927 307 Bk D Black
Williams, Joe S. Ford, Claudia 12/30/1916 1 Bk D Black
Williams, John Johnson, Emma 4/23/1917 9 Bk D Black
Williams, John Smith, Clara 9/14/1918 72 Bk D Black
Williams, John Hobbs, Maggie 2/4/1921 170 Bk D Black
Williams, John Cook, Pearl 12/28/1929 364 Bk D Black
Williams, John Smith, B. 6/29/1930 373 Bk D Black
Williams, John H. Coney, Sarah 9/30/1917 28 Bk D Black
Williams, John H. Brice, Susie P. 2/8/1927 298 Bk D Black
Williams, Joseph W. Harrell, Essie May no dates 249 Bk D Black
Williams, L, C. Jones, Annie 2/10/1941 563 Bk D Black
Williams, Lee Roy Bishop, Hattie 2/25/1917 6 Bk D Black
Williams, Lewis Brinkley, Bessie May 7/31/1920 150 Bk D Black
Williams, Lewis Ammons, Eunice 9/27/1924 256 Bk D Black
Williams, Luther Harrell, Sadie 9/8/1920 151 Bk D Black
Williams, L. W. Linton, Eliza 8/13/1922 208 Bk D Black
Williams, Meller J. McBurrows, Mary E. 11/16/1925 273 Bk D Black
Williams, Porter Andrews, Marendia 4/15/1923 227 Bk D Black
Williams, Robinson Harmon, Mary 9/4/1935 460 Bk D Black
Williams, Rozier Bennett, Alice 5/27/1923 230 Bk D Black
Williams, Sam Dent, Annie May 4/7/1930 369 Bk D Black
Williams, Samie Lee Brinson, Gussie 8/6/1934 438 Bk D Black
Williams, Soney Mizell, Zella Mae 5/28/1933 412 Bk D Black
Williams, Turner Carson, Bulah 12/8/1922 216 Bk D Black
Williams, Ulysses C. Benton, Lessie Bell 5/7/1938 515 Bk D Black
Williams, Vodie Knight, Rosa 12/8/1923 240 Bk D Black
Williams, Wiley McKinnon, Bertha 3/10/1918 52 Bk D Black
Williams, Willie Houser, Fannie Mae 5/13/1923 228 Bk D Black
Williamson, A. G. Jones, Ida Pearl 5/16/1931 386 Bk D Black
Williamson, Andrew Sanders, Rosa 10/7/1917 30 Bk D Black
Willis, Buster Peavy, Mattie 3/7/1936 471 Bk D Black
Willis, Clyde Youngblood, Kate 2/25/1939 529 Bk D Black
Willis, Hershall Williams, Manerva 4/9/1923 226 Bk D Black
Willis, Luchious Cobb, Maggie 12/6/1930 379 Bk D Black
Wilson, Bivins Byrd, Ethel 6/6/1917 16 Bk D Black
Wilson, Harry Wilcox, Eva 3/22/1923 225 Bk D Black
Wilson, Henry Coleman, Mary Etta 5/16/1921 176 Bk D Black
Wilson, Leo Dykes, Rutha 11/11/1917 33 Bk D Black
Wilson, Leo Gray, Mamie 11/8/1920 158 Bk D Black
Wimberly, Robert Foster, Jessie Lee 2/9/1919 93 Bk D Black
Wimberly, Watt Wilcox, Martha 4/11/1921 175 Bk D Black
Wimberly, Will Goolsby, Pearl 11/20/1922 214 Bk D Black
Wimberly, Will Thomas, Mary 8/20/1927 309 Bk D Black
Wishington, Curtis Armstrong, Lillian 11/20/1923 240 Bk D Black
Wood, John Brown, Cora Bell 3/20/1937 490 Bk D Black
Wood, Lee McCormack, Minnie Lee 3-13-37 489 Bk D Black
Wood, Lee Dantney, Julia Ann 10/25/1938 523 Bk D Black
Wood, Thomas Bryant, Dorthy 3/5/1934 431 Bk D Black
Wood, Tom Hicks, Janie Belle 6/1/1919 102 Bk D Black
Wood, Tom Dykes, Beatrice Lee 2/1/1939 528 Bk D Black
Wood, Willie Brown, Irene 4/7/1942 581 Bk D Black
Woodard, J. C. Harper, Mattie Lee 4/7/1918 57 Bk D Black
Woods, Joe Bivins, Lizzie 4/12/1925 267 Bk D Black
Woods, Johnson Stewart, Mary Lou 1/18/1930 367 Bk D Black
Woods, Johnson Troutman, Mary Liza 11/11/1933 422 Bk D Black
Woods, Shepard Brown, Bertha 11/12/1932 404 Bk D Black
Woods, Willie Sparrow, M. 1/18/1930 367 Bk D Black
Woods, Willie B. Smith, Eula Mae 10/18/1932 403 Bk D Black
Woolfork, Dave Hinson, Belle 12/24/1918 83 Bk D Black
Woolfork, Gave Benjamin, Hattie   63 Bk D Black
Woolfork, Joe Brown, Susie 6/24/1918 65 Bk D Black
Wright, Charley Adams, T. 4/16/1927 304 Bk D Black
Wright, Charley Talton, Bedie 11/5/1938 524 Bk D Black
Wright, C. S. Miles, W. J. 1/1/1922 194 Bk D Black
Wright, Dan Olsby, Adelle 11/17/1918 81 Bk D Black
Wright, George Hendley, Rena 5/16/1926 285 Bk D Black
Wright, John L. Buchannan, Willie 11/29/1941 574 Bk D Black
Wright, Virgie L. Mathis, Mary 12/27/1921 193 Bk D Black
Wright, Willie Jones, Leona 6/29/1919 107 Bk D Black
Wyrt, John Thomas, Willie May 11/28/1920 160 Bk D Black
Young, Charley Thrower, Adella 9/22/1934 441 Bk D Black
Young, Henry Crook, Sarah 2/6/1927 298 Bk D Black
Young, W. E. Pinkney, Vera 8/15/1940 555 Bk D Black
Youngblood, Lee Peavey, Mattie 6/20/1942 586 Bk D Black
Youngblood, Oliver Favors, Lula Mae 11/15/1911 574 Bk D Black
Youngblood, Robert Boon, Savannah 11/30/1924 260 Bk D Black
Youngblood, Willie Lee West, Gladys 11/5/1938 524 Bk D Black



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