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The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.


Grooms Name Brides Name Date Page Book
McCray, R. Vickers, Dina 4/17/1926 284 Bk D Black
Lamar, Leslie Wade, May 2/5/1921 170 Bk D Black
McCormack, J.C. Wade, Melvin 5/18/1936 474 Bk D Black
Mathews, A.J. Walden, G. Lou 11/25/1933 423 Bk D Black
Eady, S.T. Walker, Early 12/25/1927 319 Bk D Black
Robinson, John Walker, Ellena 10/5/1924 256 Bk D Black
Buha.rt, Lonnie Walker, Maggie 4/5/1941 565 Bk D Black
Leach, Ross Walker, Ola Mae 1/19/1930 366 Bk D Black
Jones, T. Walkins, Liza 8/20/1932 399 Bk D Black
Clark, Robert Lee Wallace, Carrie 1/13/1939 528 Bk D Black
Smith, Frank Waller, Ruby 9/23/1932 401 Bk D Black
Reeves, Julius Eddie Wallie, Alberta 3/24/1918 54 Bk D Black
West, Lewis Wallis, Lillie Mae 12/28/1941 577 Bk D Black
Marshall, Sol Wallis, Lizzie 11/6/1922 213 Bk D Black
Nobles, Eddie Wallis, Rosa 10/10/1920 155 Bk D Black
Fuller, Cooper Walters, Mittie 1/17/1929 344 Bk D Black
Strum, C. Walton, Mattie Grace 1/29/1928 321 Bk D Black
Turner, Ollie Ward, Mary E. 4/7/1918 56 Bk D Black
Bryant, J. D. Ward, Mattie 7/27/1919 110 Bk D Black
Fuller, Henry Ware, Bessie' 8/19/1941 570 Bk D Black
Wilkerson, M. Ware, Henrietta 3/28/1926 283 Bk D Black
Lockhart, Tom Washington, Bessie 2/9/1920 133 Bk D Black
McLeod, James Washington, Deothia 4/17/1937 492 Bk D Black
Washington, Crisp Washington, E. May 2/9/1935 449 Bk D Black
Williams, Joe Washington, Elizabeth 6/29/1927 307 Bk D Black
Lades, Ed Washington, Ella 12/31/1933 427 Bk D Black
Taylor, Gus Washington, Emma 10/29/1922 212 Bk D Black
Ball, Johnie Washington, Ethel 8/14/1921 182 Bk D Black
Darridg, Joe Washington, Ethel 11/14/1931 392 Bk D Black
Watkins, J. E. Washington, M. 10/27/1934 443 Bk D Black
French, Tommy Washington, Maurine 4/30/1923 228 Bk D Black
Sanford, Dolphus Jr. Washington, Rosa B. 10/10/1931 390 Bk D Black
Taylor, James Watson, Alemeter 2/23/1935 450 Bk D Black
Stanley, Eddie Watson, G. 5/22/1932 398 Bk D Black
Brown, L. Watson, Gene 10/25/1931 391 Bk D Black
Mobley, Henry Watson, Ida 2/23/1955 450 Bk D Black
Fuller, A.D. Watson, Lizzie 12/25/1937 506 Bk D Black
Porter, Alex Watson, Nettie 2/17/1926 281 Bk D Black
Taylor, John Henry Watson, Ruby 11/15/1939 543 Bk D Black
Coley, Ike Way, H. 3/3/1934 431 Bk D Black
Johnson, Andrew Way, Mary J. 9/26/1920 153 Bk D Black
Mathess, James Way, Mattie 4/21/1918 58 Bk D Black
Brown, Wimberly Welborn, Florence 5/10/1925 269 Bk D Black
Nolan, Tom Wells, Linda 5/14/1920 144 Bk D Black
Simmons, Willie B. Wells, Pauline 5/6/1939 533 Bk D Black
Rogers, Eugene Wesley, Eva Mae 7/2/1933 414 Bk D Black
Williams, J. B. Wesley, Irene 8/24/1933 416 Bk D Black
Beddingfield, Henry Wesley, Janis 12/21/1940 562 Bk D Black
Bivins, John Stevens West, Annie Lee 5/24/1941 567 Bk D Black
Youngblood, Willie Lee West, Gladys 11/5/1938 524 Bk D Black
Banks, Willie West, Mary 9/1/1919 115 Bk D Black
White, James West, Rosa 6/16/1929 351 Bk D Black
Furlow, Douglass Westbrooks, Mistress 5/15/1918 60 Bk D Black
Roberson, Charlie Whatley, Hattie 9/19/1926 291 Bk D Black
English, Mack Wheeler, Sophie 2/4/1923 223 Bk D Black
Lewis, Joe Whipple, Arista 11/20/1918 80 Bk D Black
Clark, Thomas Whipple, Mae L. 7/7/1935 457 Bk D Black
Brown, Tom Whipple, Nettie 1/4/1920 129 Bk D Black
Mays, Jim White, Berta 4/29/1920 143 Bk D Black
Marshal, James White, Essie 7/6/1935 457 Bk D Black
Coney, Richmond White, Ida Mae 11/13/1929 361 Bk D Black
Montgomery, Sam W. White, Lillian 9/11/1918 70 Bk D Black
Jeter, Jerry White, Maria 6/25/1927 307 Bk D Black
King, General White, Marie 4/16/1938 514 Bk D Black
Lewis, Paul White, Minnie Lee 7/24/1920 149 Bk D Black
McRae, Noah White, Panlee 6/6/1938 517 Bk D Black
Underwood, C. White, Willie May 10/13/1918 77 Bk D Black
Tookes, Dave Whitehead, Daisie Lee 111-20 129 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Edward Whitehead, Ella 1/2/1921 165 Bk D Black
Phillips, Mathew whitehead, Lula Mae 2/17/1934 430 Bk D Black
Reid, Claud Whitsett, Polly 3/10/1919 95 Bk D Black
Beckton, Clemon Whoie, Bulah 11/30/1929 362 Bk D Black
Allen, Freeman Wilcox, A. 9/15/1928 335 Bk D Black
Jordan, Ros Wilcox, Alice 8/25/1919 114 Bk D Black
Harris, Ernest Wilcox, Annie Bell 3/14/1936 471 Bk D Black
Johnson, Ben Wilcox, Annie Mae 10/1/1922 211 Bk D Black
Lawson, W.B. Wilcox, B. Mae 9/17/1938 522 Bk D Black
Powell, Roland Wilcox, Belle 11/17/1921 190 Bk D Black
Brown, Sonny Wilcox, Bertha May 8/21/1937 500 Bk D Black
Clark, Israel Wilcox, Carrie 10/28/1933 421 Bk D Black
Stanley, Lewis Wilcox, Carrie 10/29/1917 34 Bk D Black
Walker, Emery Wilcox, Christine 3/14/1922 200 Bk D Black
Bray, Robert Wilcox, Cora 8/17/1923 235 Bk D Black
Thomas, Henry Wilcox, D. 9/5/1937 501 Bk D Black
Lewis, A. Wilcox, Emma 6/23/1925 270 Bk D Black
Fammon, Ike Wilcox, Essie Mae 12/23/1928 340 Bk D Black
Lee, Kelly Wilcox, Essie Mae 2/1/1930 368 Bk D Black
Gary, Gus Wilcox, Essie May 1/26/1935 448 Bk D Black
Quinn, Herman Wilcox, Ethel 2/25/1917 6 Bk D Black
Wilson, Harry Wilcox, Eva 3/22/1923 225 Bk D Black
Daniel, Samuel Wilcox, G.M. 12/23/1933 425 Bk D Black
Rainey, Pete Wilcox, Hannah 4/16/1927 304 Bk D Black
Breedlove, W. H. Wilcox, Ida Way 12/25/1921 194 Bk D Black
Dorsey, Dock Wilcox, Ina May 6/30/1919 107 Bk D Black
Prier, G. Wilcox, Linder 10/2/1932 402 Bk D Black
McDuffie, Charlie Wilcox, Lizzie 11/11/1917 35 Bk D Black
Chambers, Ira D. Wilcox, Lois 9/1/1941 572 Bk D Black
Price, Eddie Wilcox, Ludella 1/29/1927 298 Bk D Black
Wimberly, Watt Wilcox, Martha 4/11/1921 175 Bk D Black
Stanley, George Wilcox, Mary 9/30/1939 539 Bk D Black
William Johnson Wilcox, Mary B. 12/16/1917 39 Bk D Black
McCormack, Dave Wilcox, Mattie Jane No Date 502 Bk D Black
Pryer, Jack Wilcox, Obelia 1/22/1927 297 Bk D Black
McBurrows, L. Wilcox, Queen 9/18/1927 312 Bk D Black
Alexander, R.C. Wilcox, R. 4/23/1933 411 Bk D Black
Underwood, Morris Wilcox, Sadie 9/13/1919 117 Bk D Black
Adams, Herman Wilcox, Thelma 1/18/1941 562 Bk D Black
Dorsey, T. Fletcher Wilder, H. 9/16/1933 418 Bk D Black
Moore, Leroy Wilder, Mary 11/24/1917 36 Bk D Black
Reid, Enoch, Jr. Wilder, Sadie 4/3/1939 530 Bk D Black
Powell, Joe Wilkins, A. 7/2/1932 399 Bk D Black
Odum, David Wilkins, Maggie 10/26/1940 559 Bk D Black
Hewey, Joe Wilkinson, Mattie 7/8/1933 414 Bk D Black
Barnes, Otis Willey, Dena M. 7/11/1936 476 Bk D Black
Rawls, Lembrick Williams, Annie Lee 12/13/1917 27 Bk D Black
Wallace, Oran Williams, Bettie May 12/27/1936 485 Bk D Black
Lawson, W.T. Williams, Cora Bell 12/26/1937 507 Bk D Black
Buck, Echols Williams, Ella 7/28/1917 22 Bk D Black
Tisdol, Brant Williams, Emma 10/5/1940 558 Bk D Black
Benjamin, Samuel Williams, Emma May 4/15/1936 471 Bk D Black
Pullin, Gus Williams, Estella 2/11/1918 67 Bk D Black
Lyons, Raymon Williams, Frankie May 9/18/1929 355 Bk D Black
Ross, Will Williams, Gertrude 11/3/1918 79 Bk D Black
Fields, Rufus Williams, Irene 9/15/1935 460 Bk D Black
Hall, Daniel Williams, Jone 9/22/1918 72 Bk D Black
Reynolds, Willie Williams, Leola 1/29/1927 297 Bk D Black
Rawlins, Sam Williams, Lollie Mae 2/4/1932 396 Bk D Black
Jordan, Collin Williams, M. 9/12/1936 479 Bk D Black
Reese, Luke Williams, Mamie 2/5/1921 170 Bk D Black
Tiscol, Homer Williams, Mamie D. 5/22/1938 517 Bk D Black
Willis, Hershall Williams, Manerva 4/9/1923 226 Bk D Black
Brandy, Bee Williams, Mary 3/5/1917 8 Bk D Black
Harris, Ben Williams, Mary 11/1/1924 258 Bk D Black
Wiley, Rufus Williams, Mary Minnie 3/28/1942 580 Bk D Black
Jordan, Collis Williams, Minnie 9/12/1936 480 Bk D Black
Taylor, W. J. Williams, Missie Lee 9/4/1927 311 Bk D Black
Grimes, Nathan Williams, R. 6/11/1933 413 Bk D Black
Pane, Powell Williams, Rosa 9/13/1918 72 Bk D Black
Thomas, Jim Williams, Silla 4/2/1917 11 Bk D Black
Ross, Ed Williams, Susie 2/17/1918 48 Bk D Black
Stanley, Willis Williams, Viola 1/28/1935 448 Bk D Black
Taylor, Willie James Williamson, Ceola 10/20/1928 336 Bk D Black
Whitfield, James Willis, Maggie 7/9/1932 399 Bk D Black
Merriweather, Robert Wilson, Annie 4/3/1927 302 Bk D Black
Jackson, Will Wilson, Maggie 1/26/1935 448 Bk D Black
Stafford, J. W. Wilson, Pearl 10/12/1919 119 Bk D Black
Edwards, Robert Wimberly, Amanda 2/5/1917 4 Bk D Black
Kellum, Shirley Wood, Mattie B. 9/16/1926 290 Bk D Black
Smith, Robert Wood, Mosella 12/25/1928 342 Bk D Black
Edwards, John Wood, Willie May 11/4/1920 158 Bk D Black
Fuller, Eddie Woodard, Mattie Bell 7/11/1936 477 Bk D Black
Roberson, Dennis Wooden, Annie May 3/6/1937 488 Bk D Black
Hendley, Green Woods, Arrena 7/14/1918 68 Bk D Black
Bene, Lonnie Woods, Elie 10/13/1918 76 Bk D Black
Carter, R. B. Woods, Sylvania 12/28/1933 371 Bk D Black
Statey, J. D. Woodward, Beatrice 12/28/1930 380 Bk D Black
Sutton, William Woolfork, Claudie 6/16/1928 330 Bk D Black
Gibbs, James Woolfork, Elizabeth 1/29/1922 196 Bk D Black
Auston, W. H. Woolfork, Georgia 6/26/1924 252 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Fred Woolfork, Rebecca 10/30/1921 187 Bk D Black
Lewis, Martin Woolfork, Susan 1/26/1919 90 Bk D Black
Hardley, Will Wright, Carry 10/21/1920 156 Bk D Black
Newberry, H. L. Wright, Clara 4/26/1934 433 Bk D Black
Smith, Homer Wright, Etta May 7/3/1922 207 Bk D Black
Smith, Jim Wright, Fannie May 11/26/1922 213 Bk D Black
Jay, Lewis Wright, G. 12/8/1921 191 Bk D Black
Wesley, Jim Wright, Janie 1/3/1935 446 Bk D Black
Gaston, Clinton Wright, Lucy 3/24/1929 347 Bk D Black
Wiley, Robery Wright, Maggie 11/12/1922 213 Bk D Black
Lorne, Willie Wright, Mamie 11/2/1919 120 Bk D Black
Daniels, Sam Wright, Martha 2/22/1919 94 Bk D Black
Burch, Joe Bell Wright, R. Lee 9/3/1938 520 Bk D Black
Love, Willie B. Yates, Bell 8/2/1940 555 Bk D Black
Benjamin, Herman Yearn, Mattie 12/25/1937 505 Bk D Black
Reid, Alonzo Young, Dixie 12/10/1923 241 Bk D Black
Hill, Preston Young, Garilee 12/1/1934 444 Bk D Black
Hughes, Love Young, Jimmie 4/15/1928 328 Bk D Black
Prince, Robert Youngblood, A. 7/13/1927 309 Bk D Black
Rease, Gussie Youngblood, Annie M. 7/27/1930 374 Bk D Black
Smith, Lenon Youngblood, Edna 5/14/1938 516 Bk D Black
Willis, Clyde Youngblood, Kate 2/25/1939 529 Bk D Black
Houser, Joe Youngblood, Ruby 7/22/1939 537 Bk D Black



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