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Marriage Book D - Black
M-O Brides

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.


Grooms Name Brides Name Date Page Book
Whonie, Herman Mack, Berta 11/28/1922 215 Bk D Black
Jones, Willie Mack, Betty 3/28/1942 580 Bk D Black
Johnson, Andrew Mack, Calpurnia 5/15/1932 398 Bk D Black
Buckins, Marshall Mack, Francis 2/15/1941 564 Bk D Black
Allen, Moses Mackey, Ethel 10/19/1929 357 Bk D Black
Clark, R. Majors, Maggie 9/6/1936 479 Bk D Black
Smith, J. T. Malcom, Christine 9/10/1939 538 Bk D Black
Stewart, Charlie Malcom, Hattie May 8/11/1918 69 Bk D Black
Hand, John Maloy, D. 12/12/1925 276 Bk D Black
Pitts, Walter James Maloy, Jimmie Lee 4/23/1939 532 Bk D Black
McKallar, E. Maning, Essie 12/2/1935 466 Bk D Black
Williams, David Mann, Maggie 12/26/1933 426 Bk D Black
Horne, Spencer Manning, Essie Lee 3/20/1927 301 Bk D Black
Moore, Dolph Manning, Pearlie 8/9/1923 234 Bk D Black
Green, Earl Marsh, Clifford 8/24/1939 538 Bk D Black
Furgerson, R.T. Marsh, Ola May 9/28/1936 481 Bk D Black
Jones, Sam Marshall, Emma Jane 5/25/1935 455 Bk D Black
Dean, Jessie B. Marshall, Ethel 12/28/1921 163 Bk D Black
Johnson, Dan Marshall, Johnie Belle 2/19/1924 245 Bk D Black
King, Ben Marshall, Lizzie 4/1/1925 266 Bk D Black
Mansfield, Charlie Martin V. Mae 12/25/1930 379 Bk D Black
Facen, Henry Martin, Agnes 9/22/1934 441 Bk D Black
Howard, W.B. Martin, Alberta 12/19/1927 318 Bk D Black
Martin, Sherman Martin, Bessie Mae 4/12/1931 384 Bk D Black
Brown, Lee Martin, Cora 2/8/1930 368 Bk D Black
Kellum, Isaac Martin, Lizzie 12/29/1931 394 Bk D Black
Wallice, Major Martin, Lula Mae 12/10/1929 362 Bk D Black
Speerman, Charlie Martin, Sibbie C. 10/25/1925 273 Bk D Black
Elliot, Major Martin, Sibbie Christine 6/6/1934 436 Bk D Black
Lundy, Charlie Martin, Sophie 3/8/1940 549 Bk D Black
Ruff, Joseph Mason, Rubie 6/5/1918 64 Bk D Black
Mobley, Nathaniel Mathis, Annie 7/10/1920 148 Bk D Black
Johnson, Will Mathis, Gertrude 2/3/1918 47 Bk D Black
Moore, Christine Mathis, Hattie 5/1/1927 305 Bk D Black
Wright, Virgie L. Mathis, Mary 12/27/1921 193 Bk D Black
Hall, R.H. Mathis, Mattie 11/11/1929 360 Bk D Black
Smith, D. Mathis, Rosa 12/24/1918 85 Bk D Black
March, Clayton May, Susie 8/14/1919 112 Bk D Black
Chancey, J. H. Mayes, O. 5/22/1921 177 Bk D Black
Harris, Floyd Mayo, Hester 8/29/1935 459 Bk D Black
Benfor, John Mayrs, Jennie 5/26/1918 62 Bk D Black
Penn, Elijah McAdoo, M. 10/23/1927 314 Bk D Black
Wallace, Clinton McBryant, Ruth 12/24/1936 485 Bk D Black
Davis, Charlie C. McBurrows, Leila 9/2/1933 418 Bk D Black
Hunt, William, Jr. McBurrows, Lola B. 9/23/1939 539 Bk D Black
Williams, Meller J. McBurrows, Mary E. 11/16/1925 273 Bk D Black
Dantley, Willie A. McBurrows, Odessa 9/21/1939 539 Bk D Black
Dantley, Wesley McBurrows, Omeda 2/8/1941 563 Bk D Black
Benjamin, Emery McBurrows, Rosa 2/26/1941 542 Bk D Black
Daniels, Will McCants, Viola 6/21/1919 106 Bk D Black
Reeves, Quilla McCarther, Jurell 12/26/1937 507 Bk D Black
Sampson, Aaron Lasseter McCarthur, Geraldine 4-1440 549 Bk D Black
Coney, Cleveland McCormack, Ivey 12/26/1935 467 Bk D Black
Wood, Lee McCormack, Minnie Lee 3-13-37   489 Bk D Black
Miller, Ellis McCormick, Alberta 8/29/1926 289 Bk D Black
Parker, Charlie McCormick, Dora 5/13/1923 229 Bk D Black
Shaw, Henry McCormick, Ida 9/14/1929 355 Bk D Black
Watkins, P. W. McCormick, Ida 9/16/1917 26 Bk D Black
Reynolds, Alex McCormick, Lela 4/5/1919 98 Bk D Black
Brantley, W. T. McCormick, Maggie 2/4/1940 548 Bk D Black
Dykes, Otha D. McCormick, Marie 1/23/1938 509 Bk D Black
Lowery, Arthur J. McCormick, Mary A. 11/26/1917 32 Bk D Black
Cole, Calvin McCormick, Mary Liza 10/8/1939 541 Bk D Black
Davis, Van McCormick, Mattie 1/20/1929 345 Bk D Black
Teasley, Alvin McCormick, Mattie V. 10/16/1932 402 Bk D Black
Frazier, William McCormick, Missie Lee 3/31/1918 55 Bk D Black
Teasley, Henry McCormick, Pearline 12/24/1931 394 Bk D Black
Buckin, Ossie McCormick, Rilla 12/16/1922 217 Bk D Black
Chandler, J. T. McCormick, Rosa Lee 4/12/1931 384 Bk D Black
Hoon, Timothy McCormick, Rosa Lee 3/1/1920 136 Bk D Black
Quinn, George McCoy, Ida Belle 3/30/1920 140 Bk D Black
Rogers, John McCoy, Louise 11/11/1939 543 Bk D Black
Pate, A. L. McCrary, Mattie 3/6/1932 397 Bk D Black
Hughes, Calvin McDoves, Bessie 2/4/1917 4 Bk D Black
Thomas, Holley McDuff, Clara Bell 4/24/1937 492 Bk D Black
Sipp, Boss McDuffie, Lois 9/22/1940 557 Bk D Black
Mayes, C. McGee, Luvenia 8/29/1921 183 Bk D Black
Rogers, Edward McGrear, Bessie 6/26/1927 307 Bk D Black
Wansley, B. J. McKay, Roberta 10/7/1917 29 Bk D Black
Mike, Leonard McKee, Emma 7/15/1917 20 Bk D Black
McDuffie, John McKennon, Hattie 1/23/1921 168 Bk D Black
Williams, Wiley McKinnon, Bertha 3/10/1918 52 Bk D Black
Wilcox, Trick McKinzie, Alice 12/15/1920 161 Bk D Black
Barnes, Brank McLendon, Rosa L. 12/29/1936 486 Bk D Black
Player, George McLeod, Annie B. 11/29/1931 393 Bk D Black
Boon, Proctor McLeod, Georgia 1/19/1929 344 Bk D Black
Thrower, J. C. McLeod, Julia 11/6/1932 404 Bk D Black
Brinson, James L. McLeod, Katie Bell 11/23/1930 379 Bk D Black
Miller, T. Ellis McLeod, Martha 8/27/1933 417 Bk D Black
Staley, John B. McLeod, Rosa Lee 10/19/1924 257 Bk D Black
Powell, Paul McLeonard, Gladys 11/19/1933 423 Bk D Black
Dwight, Rufus McNary, Amanda 1/17/1942 578 Bk D Black
Brown, Loveless McRae Adlee 6/24/1928 331 Bk D Black
Daniels, H. McRae, Bessie 7/4/1926 288 Bk D Black
Washington, Johnie McRae, Dessie 12/1/1934 445 Bk D Black
Pitts, R. McRae, Hattie 3/18/1926 282 Bk D Black
Newkirk, Earl McRae, Lillian 4/7/1928 327 Bk D Black
Monroe, Arthur McRae, Lillie Mae 10/21/1922 212 Bk D Black
Roberson, R. McRae, Lula 9/4/1927 310 Bk D Black
Brinson, Will Meadows, Mary 11/30/1934 444 Bk D Black
West, Willis Melvin, Daisy 7/10/1937 496 Bk D Black
Coleman, R. C. Melvin, Florence 4/25/1926 260 Bk D Black
Johnson, Larkin Merideth, Henrietta 4/7/1931 384 Bk D Black
Wright, C. S. Miles, W. J. 1/1/1922 194 Bk D Black
Sanders, Bill Miller, Bessie 8/29/1926 289 Bk D Black
Brinkley, Grant Miller, D. 5/26/1930 372 Bk D Black
Coleman, E. L. Miller, Elvira 12/21/1927 319 Bk D Black
Jones, Richard Miller, Essie 2/5/1918 47 Bk D Black
Adams, Robert Miller, Essie May 9/12/1934 440 Bk D Black
Mathews, Johnie Miller, Georgia Ann 5/17/1934 435 Bk D Black
Troutman, Grover Miller, Hattie Mae 9/17/1938 522 Bk D Black
Dixon, Gene Miller, Laura M. 5/23/1936 474 Bk D Black
Brown, Dan Miller, Lillie Mae 1/9/1938 509 Bk D Black
Martin, Robert Miller, Lillie Mae 1/25/1938 509 Bk D Black
Miller, Alfred Miller, Lillie Mae 8/19/1912 585 Bk D Black
Griffin, Remus Miller, Mamie 10/30/1928 337 Bk D Black
Fullwood, S. T. Miller, Mary 7/10/1927 308 Bk D Black
McCormick, Louis Miller, Mary 9/5/1923 235 Bk D Black
Pickins, Matt Miller, Mary 7/4/1940 553 Bk D Black
Nichols, Walter C. Miller, Mary L. 12/29/1934 446 Bk D Black
Gorden, Willie Miller, Mattie 4/23/1933 412 Bk D Black
Snipes, J. S. Miller, Susie May 5/5/1928 328 Bk D Black
Grace, Johnie Miller, Viola 5/2/1926 284 Bk D Black
Brazile, James Mills, I. Lee 6/10/1933 413 Bk D Black
Jones, Bill Mills, Icie L. 10/31/1936 482 Bk D Black
Roberts, Jerry Mills, V. 12/30/1930 380 Bk D Black
Wilcox, W. Lee Mims, Emma 2/8/1930 368 Bk D Black
Walkins, Peter Misetsey, Eliza 1/31/1927 298 Bk D Black
Williams, Henry Mitchell, Ada 6/3/1917 16 Bk D Black
Martin, Robert Mitchell, Beckey 10/30/1922 212 Bk D Black
Berry, Willie Mitchell, Celester 4/14/1918 57 Bk D Black
McBurrows, James Mitchell, Ella 8/25/1921 183 Bk D Black
Thomas, Homer Mitchell, Lillie Mae 2/9/1918 48 Bk D Black
McCall, James Mitchell, Lula 4/4/1918 55 Bk D Black
Gould, Andrew Mitchell, Rachel 9/3/1940 557 Bk D Black
Smith, Wiley Mitchell, Rosa 9/26/1920 154 Bk D Black
Crumpler, Elbert Mizell, L. 9/26/1931 389 Bk D Black
Gay, Leonard Mizell, L. Mae 6/7/1924 248 Bk D Black
Hodge, Calvin Mizell, Lula Belle 12/26/1921 193 Bk D Black
Williams, Soney Mizell, Zella Mae 5/28/1933 412 Bk D Black
Blackshear, A. B. Mizelle, L. 10/31/1925 273 Bk D Black
Copeland, Enoch Mobley, Elizabeth 1/28/1921 169 Bk D Black
Gordon, John Mobley, Emma 3/13/1927 301 Bk D Black
Robinson, Ralph Mobley, Florence 1/30/1921 164 Bk D Black
Leach, James Mobley, Henrietta 7/18/1931 387 Bk D Black
Curr, Benny Mobley, Otice 3/2/1918 43 Bk D Black
Philips, William Monford, Lois 10/15/1938 523 Bk D Black
Pittman, Charley Monks, Leola 2/9/1936 470 Bk D Black
Briggs, Robert Moore, A. 3/17/1918 53 Bk D Black
Wade, Walter Moore, Annie Lee 11/29/1920 160 Bk D Black
Phillips, H. Moore, Cassie 2/20/1918 49 Bk D Black
Taylor, Bob Moore, Delphia 2/4/1917 4 Bk D Black
Hobbs, Henry Moore, Gertrude 4/4/1920 141 Bk D Black
Wesley, Joe Moore, Julia 11/4/1939 542 Bk D Black
Wilcox, W. D. Moore, Lessie 6/1/1935 456 Bk D Black
Leach, Donalson Moore, Martha 12/1/1929 363 Bk D Black
Wesley, C. L. Moore, Mildren 9/17/1940 557 Bk D Black
Hill, Leroy Moore, Rebecca 9/12/1920 152 Bk D Black
Smith, Obie L. Morgan, Jesse May 10/27/1917 33 Bk D Black
Fuller, Emmett Morris, Annie May 9/21/1924 255 Bk D Black
Mitchell, James David Morris, Claudie 4/19/1939 532 Bk D Black
Troutman, Sylvester Morris, Lena 4/20/1920 142 Bk D Black
Brown, E. Morris, Sallie 8/30/1924 253 Bk D Black
Washington, Sellie Morris, Sallie 1/18/1928 321 Bk D Black
Brown, Nelson Morris, Sibbie C. 2/11/1928 323 Bk D Black
Coleman, Albert Mosher, D. Bell 8/26/1933 417 Bk D Black
McDuffie, Wright Moss, F. 10/2/1921 185 Bk D Black
Ryals, Mark Moye, Martha 3/10/1937 489 Bk D Black
Roberson, Ernest Mumford, Lucy Belle 3/30/1919 97 Bk D Black
Hall, Edgar Mumford, Rosa Lee 5/25/1919 103 Bk D Black
Bennett, Rubin Munford, L. 5/23/1921 177 Bk D Black
Quenn, William Munphries, Mamie 10/2/1937 502 Bk D Black
Lane, Alford Murdock, Eva Mae 5/6/1939 532 Bk D Black
Lowe, Will Murphy, Lula 9/24/1918 74 Bk D Black
Jackson, B. Nail, A. Lee 12/24/1932 425 Bk D Black
Smith, Henry Nance, Victora 11/15/1925 274 Bk D Black
Carter, James L. Nash, Cora Bell 4/19/1942 582 Bk D Black
Wilkinson, Robert F. Neasby, Laura 12/17/1922 218 Bk D Black
Clark, Charley Nedd, Maybel 7/10/1937 496 Bk D Black
Hollingsworth, Thomas Nelens, Ora Lee 7/7/1918 67 Bk D Black
Richardson, Frank Nellons, Cora Lee 5/12/1934 435 Bk D Black
Holt, Gordon Nelson, Alberta 9/30/1940 558 Bk D Black
Troutman, Coy Nelson, Alberta 10/6/1934 442 Bk D Black
McComick, Jim Nelson, Laura 2/10/1938 510 Bk D Black
Harden, Sam C. Nelson, Lila Belle 1/4/1922 195 Bk D Black
Burke, B. S. Newberry 1/24/1932 396 Bk D Black
Banks, C. J. Newberry, America 4/3/1927 302 Bk D Black
Coney, Willie C. Newberry, Betsie 3/6/1933 408 Bk D Black
Hill, Hogan Newberry, Bettie 4/10/1927 303 Bk D Black
Sloan, Will Newberry, C. 2/19/1922 198 Bk D Black
Smith, Howard Newberry, Carrie D. 2/4/1933 409 Bk D Black
Holmes, O.H. Newberry, Emma 10/24/1917 31 Bk D Black
Colbert, Major Newberry, Laura 12/24/1928 341 Bk D Black
Smith, Marshall Newberry, Otis 10/19/1930 378 Bk D Black
Wilkinson, Olin Newkirk, Pearl 6/16/1934 437 Bk D Black
Thomas, Walter Newmans, Lucinda 10/26/1929 358 Bk D Black
Smith, Luther Newness, Louisa 7/1/1927 308 Bk D Black
Jackson, Henry Nicholls, Beatrice 4/9/1927 303 Bk D Black
Jackson, Willie Lee Nichols, Edna Louise 12/23/1933 426 Bk D Black
Bradshaw, Henry Nickle, Alma 12/29/1927 319 Bk D Black
Garner, Alonzo Norwood, A. 1/24/1931 381 Bk D Black
Duhart, Henry Norwood, Lula 8/20/1918 69 Bk D Black
Powell, Emmett Nuberry, Catherine 11/29/1934 444 Bk D Black
Reeves, R.S. Nuness, Joe Eddie 3/23/1935 451 Bk D Black
Clarke, George Obery, Laura 2/27/1921 172 Bk D Black
Bradshaw, Henry Obley, Blanch 10/29/1922 212 Bk D Black
McCormick, Ollie Obley, Mary 8/10/1919 111 Bk D Black
Edwards, Tommie L. Odom, Ella 6/22/1935 456 Bk D Black
Gary, Gussie L. Odum, Manda 10/13/1927 313 Bk D Black
McRae, H.M. Oliver, Ada 8/19/1917 24 Bk D Black
Anderson, Homer Oliver, Lillia Mae 3/2/1919 94 Bk D Black
Wright, Dan Olsby, Adelle 11/17/1918 81 Bk D Black
Lester, Walter O'Neal, A. 8/25/1929 353 Bk D Black
Fuller, Oakley O'Neal, Alma 4/15/1920 142 Bk D Black
McCormick, Dave O'Neal, Beatrice 3/27/1920 135 Bk D Black
Blanks, Dave Osborn, Burtha 5/27/1918 63 Bk D Black
King, Dobie Owens, Ellen 2/5/1919 91 Bk D Black



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