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Marriage Book D - Black
H-I Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.


Grooms Name Brides Name Date Page Book
Hagan, John Reeves, Mary 6/18/1921 179 Bk D Black
Hall, Aut Lester, Ruthie Lee 7/22/1940 554 Bk D Black
Hall, Autrey Clark, Cora 8/19/1923 235 Bk D Black
Hall, Daniel Williams, Jone 9/22/1918 72 Bk D Black
Hall, Edgar Mumford, Rosa Lee 5/25/1919 103 Bk D Black
Hall, Johnie R. Roberson, Rosa May 4/3/1921 172 Bk D Black
Hall, R.H. Mathis, Mattie 11/11/1929 360 Bk D Black
Hall, William E. Butler, Lilla 6/8/1919 104 Bk D Black
Halliburton, Howard Keys, M. 3/28/1921 174 Bk D Black
Hamilton, Malachi Roberson, L.B. 2/11/1928 324 Bk D Black
Hamilton, Sylvester Johnson, Louise 10/22/1938 523 Bk D Black
Hammonds, Mathew Brookins, Anna 1/6/1929 343 Bk D Black
Hampton, Mansfield Leggett, C. 12/6/1925 275 Bk D Black
Hand, John Maloy, D. 12/12/1925 276 Bk D Black
Hankerson, McKinley Shead, Amanda 10/13/1935 462 Bk D Black
Hannon, J.B. Burnham, Rosa B. 11/2/1931 392 Bk D Black
Harden, Jimmie Taylor, Mattie May 9/4/1939 521 Bk D Black
Harden, John B. Kellom, Theo 9/24/1940 556 Bk D Black
Harden, Sam C. Nelson, Lila Belle 1/4/1922 195 Bk D Black
Harden, Samson Baldwin, Alice 11/14/1925 273 Bk D Black
Hardge, Rayfield Baker, Vinie 12/25/1941 577 Bk D Black
Hardin, Sam Poole, Marietta 6/24/1923 233 Bk D Black
Hardley, Will Wright, Carry 10/21/1920 156 Bk D Black
Harley, Arthur Taylor, Leitha May 1/28/1936 469 Bk D Black
Harrell, Alex Jones, Nettie 2/13/1927 299 Bk D Black
Harrell, J.B. Piltman, Susie 3/5/1928 326 Bk D Black
Harrell, Otis Lee Elder, Cleopatra 7/14/1941 570 Bk D Black
Harrell, W. Shorter, H.B. 10/13/1918 77 Bk D Black
Harris, B. Phillips, M. Lee 6/13/1922 206 Bk D Black
Harris, Ben Williams, Mary 11/1/1924 258 Bk D Black
Harris, B.J. Reid, Lucile 8/25/1936 478 Bk D Black
Harris, Clarence Player, Arlena 4/28/1922 204 Bk D Black
Harris, Ed Scott, Rosetta 4/7/1918 55 Bk D Black
Harris, Ernest Wilcox, Annie Bell 3/14/1936 471 Bk D Black
Harris, Floyd Mayo, Hester 8/29/1935 459 Bk D Black
Harris, George Reeves, Mattie Lee 3/27/1931 383 Bk D Black
Harris, James Edward Shenett, Lucy Pearl 4/12/1936 491 Bk D Black
Harris, John Stanford, Gennie Mae 7/14/1941 569 Bk D Black
Harris, John William Kellum, Lizzie 12/10/1938 525 Bk D Black
Harris, T. Lee Barnes, Rosa Lee 1/3/1938 507 Bk D Black
Harris, Will Sanilton, Minnie 10/21/1920 63 Bk D Black
Harris, Will Dean, Susanna 12/28/1919 124 Bk D Black
Hart, Joe Johnson, Florida 7/29/1918 67 Bk D Black
Hart, Tom Lucule, Mary Lizzie 6/25/1919 106 Bk D Black
Harvey, Jack Platt, Stella 2/12/1928 322 Bk D Black
Harvey, Johnie Jones, Maudie M. 8/1/1937 498 Bk D Black
Harvey, Olis Berry, Dollie 12/1/1928 339 Bk D Black
Harvey, Pleas Carter, Louise 9/8/1923 236 Bk D Black
Hayes, G. Brown, R. Lee 5/29/1921 178 Bk D Black
Hayes, Hardy Cobb, Pinky 9/1/1917 25 Bk D Black
Hays, Will Redmon, Nealy 11/12/1935 464 Bk D Black
Haywood, H.L. Ball, Vernelle 1/22/1938 509 Bk D Black
Haywood, John H. Grant, Catherine 4/23/1922 203 Bk D Black
Hector, Bozemon Taylor, Louisa 8/5/1917 22 Bk D Black
Henderson, James Clark, Missie 3/28/1920 139 Bk D Black
Henderson, James Dotson, Lucinda 5/3/1931 385 Bk D Black
Hendley, Ben Clark, Willie May 6/10/1924 250 Bk D Black
Hendley, Daniel Kindall, Lena 6/2/1918 63 Bk D Black
Hendley, Green Woods, Arrena 7/14/1918 68 Bk D Black
Hendley, Green Rawls, Amanda 6/3/1939 535 Bk D Black
Hendley, Rubin Griffin, Christine 11/17/1929 361 Bk D Black
Hendley, Willie Felton, Johnie B. 10/26/1929 359 Bk D Black
Hewey, Joe Wilkinson, Mattie 7/8/1933 414 Bk D Black
Higgins, W.B. Gipson, V. Mae 5/8/1932 398 Bk D Black
Hill, Albert Beaty, Ella Bell 3/1/1936 470 Bk D Black
Hill, G. Fason, Maggie 9/8/1929 354 Bk D Black
Hill, Hogan Newberry, Bettie 4/10/1927 303 Bk D Black
Hill, James Brown, Victoria 9/13/1936 480 Bk D Black
Hill, J.L. Jenkins, Elizabeth 2/27/1938 512 Bk D Black
Hill, John Lasseter, Belle 4/17/1922 202 Bk D Black
Hill, John L. Horne, Margret 1/14/1928 320 Bk D Black
Hill, Lemon Johnson, Dasie Lee 1/10/1932 395 Bk D Black
Hill, Lemon Jones, Irine 12/19/1936 485 Bk D Black
Hill, Leroy Moore, Rebecca 9/12/1920 152 Bk D Black
Hill, Preston Young, Garilee 12/1/1934 444 Bk D Black
Hill, Rufus Bynum, Aline 7/25/1936 477 Bk D Black
Hill, Steve Brozeland, Frankie Lee 1/7/1923 220 Bk D Black
Hobbs, Henry Lathrop, A. 3/4/1918 51 Bk D Black
Hobbs, Henry Moore, Gertrude 4/4/1920 141 Bk D Black
Hobbs, Joseph Hargrove, Mary 7/30/1933 415 Bk D Black
Hodge, Calvin Mizell, Lula Belle 12/26/1921 193 Bk D Black
Hodge, Warren Calips, Martha 12/24/1936 486 Bk D Black
Hoggs, Ruffus Lee Coley, Mary Willa 11/29/1941 575 Bk D Black
Holland, Jess Copeland, Lizzie 8/14/1938 519 Bk D Black
Holley, Ernest Johnson, Rosa 2/9/1919 91 Bk D Black
Hollingsworth, James Lane, M.B. 8/25/1935 459 Bk D Black
Hollingsworth, Thomas Nelens, Ora Lee 7/7/1918 67 Bk D Black
Holloway, Andrew Phillips, Bertha M. 11/30/1924 259 Bk D Black
Holloway, Charlie Allen, Rosa Mae 12/16/1939 543 Bk D Black
Holmes, Joe Colsom, Susie 4/24/1917 13 Bk D Black
Holmes, O.H. Newberry, Emma 10/24/1917 31 Bk D Black
Holt, Booker T. Laugston, Lizzie 10/27/1925 278 Bk D Black
Holt, George Allen, Alice 4/20/1917 9 Bk D Black
Holt, Gordon Johnson, Etta Mae 12/4/1927 318 Bk D Black
Holt, Gordon Brown, Annie Lou 11/27/1932 404 Bk D Black
Holt, Gordon Nelson, Alberta 9/30/1940 558 Bk D Black
Holt, Herbert Dykes, Ida May 3/4/1918 53 Bk D Black
Hoon, Timothy McCormick, Rosa Lee 3/1/1920 136 Bk D Black
Hordge, Lon Smith, Mattie Lee 5/22/1920 144 Bk D Black
Horn, Robert Jones, Adel 3/26/1938 513 Bk D Black
Horne, Curley Boyd, Maggie 1/27/1923 222 Bk D Black
Horne, John H. Adams, Georgia no date 39 Bk D Black
Horne, Spencer Manning, Essie Lee 3/20/1927 301 Bk D Black
House, B. Powell, Annie Mae 11/14/1931 392 Bk D Black
House, E. Sanders, R. 10/31/1920 157 Bk D Black
Houser, Joe Youngblood, Ruby 7/22/1939 537 Bk D Black
Howard, A. Jackson, Lillie 5/31/1930 372 Bk D Black
Howard, W.B. Martin, Alberta 12/19/1927 318 Bk D Black
Howard, Will Futch, Anna 5/7/1917 13 Bk D Black
Howard, Will Paul, W.B. 12/14/1935 466 Bk D Black
Howard, Willie Couger, L. 12/2/1926 295 Bk D Black
Howard, Willie Joe Reid, Lillie Mae 5/24/1941 568 Bk D Black
Howe, Clifford H. Loranger, Lucile 11/16/1935 465 Bk D Black
Hughes, Calvin McDoves, Bessie 2/4/1917 4 Bk D Black
Hughes, Clyde Bradshaw, Cora 6/1/1930 372 Bk D Black
Hughes, Love Young, Jimmie 4/15/1928 328 Bk D Black
Hughes, Robert Gipson, Ellen 12/25/1926 295 Bk D Black
Hughes, Thad Bradshaw, Alice 9/13/1930 376 Bk D Black
Hughes, V. Balum, E. Gene 6/17/1926 285 Bk D Black
Hunt, Jones Dowdy, Josephine 9/9/1923 235 Bk D Black
Hunt, Melvin Dowdy, Willie Lou 2/17/1924 246 Bk D Black
Hunt, William, Jr. McBurrows, Lola B. 9/23/1939 539 Bk D Black
Hunter, Crawford Iverson, Martha J. 3/3/1918 51 Bk D Black
Isaac, Amos Joiner, Carrie 1/12/1917 2 Bk D Black
Isaac, Amos Scott, Susie 5/2/1936 473 Bk D Black
Isles, peter Parrott, Minnie 6/29/1918 65 Bk D Black
Iverson, Hildred Banks, Lizzie May 9/3/1936 478 Bk D Black
Iverson, Tommie Day Thompson, Rosa Mae 9/28/1941 572 Bk D Black



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