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Marriage Book D - Black
E-G Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "D" of Wilcox County, Georgia was transcribed from the records of the Wilcox County Court House Mary Lou McDonald assisted by Mrs. Geraldine Harvey. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. These have been omitted from this listing.


Grooms Name Brides Name Date Page Book
Eady, S.T. Walker, Early 12/25/1927 319 Bk D Black
Earl, Will Lee Rountree, Annie B. 11/28/1927 317 Bk D Black
Eckles, John Redin, Ellen 3/3/1917 7 Bk D Black
Edwards, Arthur J. Ewings, Lucile 9/3/1938 520 Bk D Black
Edwards, John Wood, Willie May 11/4/1920 158 Bk D Black
Edwards, John H. Jones, Pearl E. 8/8/1926 288 Bk D Black
Edwards, Paton Pitts, Luvenia 11/28/1920 160 Bk D Black
Edwards, Robert Wimberly, Amanda 2/5/1917 4 Bk D Black
Edwards, Tom Reed, Allicia 12/23/1917 39 Bk D Black
Edwards, Tommie L. Odom, Ella 6/22/1935 456 Bk D Black
Ellington, Isiah Sanford, Minnie 10/15/1919 120 Bk D Black
Elliott, Major Hughes, Cattie 3/8/1924 246 Bk D Black
Elliot, Major Martin, Sibbie Christine 6/6/1934 436 Bk D Black
Ellison, Robert Singletary, Ethel 1/13/1934 428 Bk D Black
English, Mack Wheeler, Sophie 2/4/1923 223 Bk D Black
English, Will Johnson, Agnist 7/13/1920 148 Bk D Black
Epps, F.R. Lowe, Leona 4/1/1923 225 Bk D Black
Eunice, C.L. Davis, Thelma 9/30/1935 461 Bk D Black
Evans, Lonzie Rogers, G. 4/13/1929 348 Bk D Black
Evans, Oscar Fuller, Queen 12/30/1939 546 Bk D Black
Evans, S.D. Adams, Louisa 7/3/1918 66 Bk D Black
Everette, Thomas Anderson, Elizabeth 3/17/1939 530 Bk D Black
Everson, Carrie Sanders, Leola 12/18/1921 192 Bk D Black
Everson, Haley Dukes, Lizzie Mae 11/15/1923 239 Bk D Black
Everson, J.C. Hughes, Maggie 7/2/1922 207 Bk D Black
Everson, J.W. Penn, Ethel Bell 9/25/1932 401 Bk D Black
Everson, Rufus Brown, Estella 10/23/1929 358 Bk D Black
Everson, Tom Stokes, Alice 12/22/1921 192 Bk D Black
Ewings, Tommie Glover, Mae Ellen 2/8/1929 344 Bk D Black
Facen, Henry Martin, Agnes 9/22/1934 441 Bk D Black
Fammon, Ike Wilcox, Essie Mae 12/23/1928 340 Bk D Black
Fason, R.L. Hill, Callie 9/13/1931 388 Bk D Black
Felder, Bob Batton, Sallie 7/8/1919 108 Bk D Black
Felder, Guss Florence, Annie 4/15/1919 98 Bk D Black
Felder, J.D. Johnson, Sallie 4/11/1920 142 Bk D Black
Felton, Albert Alexander, Hattie 3/2/1931 382 Bk D Black
Felton, O.B. Dean, Annie M. 10/12/1924 256 Bk D Black
Field, R.B. Davis, Annie M. 10/26/1935 462 Bk D Black
Fields, Andrew Corbett, Annie B. 10/11/1925 272 Bk D Black
Fields, Fonzie Bolding, Lillie B. 12/26/1934 446 Bk D Black
Fields, James O. Anderson, Lillie Mae 12/25/1934 445 Bk D Black
Fields, Mack Cromer, Lizzie 2/8/1920 133 Bk D Black
Fields, Owen deVaughn, Hattie Lee 12/25/1917 41 Bk D Black
Fields, Rufus Williams, Irene 9/15/1935 460 Bk D Black
Fintch, Tom Chatmons, Mayra 10/28/1917 29 Bk D Black
Fitzgerald, Dan Hollingworth, Rachel 9/19/1925 271 Bk D Black
Fitzgerald, Normon Durham, Willie May 1/9/1939 527 Bk D Black
Fitzpatrick, John Johnson, Etta Mae 2/16/1929 346 Bk D Black
Fleming, Collie Dean, Lizzie 2-8-18- 47 Bk D Black
Flagg, Griffin Smith, Mary 1/1/1918 44 Bk D Black
Floyed, George Hoskins, Maylizer 2/8/1919 92 Bk D Black
Floyd, James Reid, Catherine 12/30/1937 507 Bk D Black
Floyd, Walter Bradshaw, Martha Jane 12/10/1932 425 Bk D Black
Ford, J.B. Adams, Fannie 6/24/1917 17 Bk D Black
Fordham, Thomas Bivins, Lillian 8/10/1941 571 Bk D Black
Foreman, M. Allen, Mary 4/1/1933 409 Bk D Black
Foster, Aaron Brown, Bertha Mae 4/4/1936 472 Bk D Black
Foster, Sam Reid, Alice 10/27/1918 78 Bk D Black
Fountain, Henry Powell, G. May 12/26/1933 427 Bk D Black
Fowler, Jake Johnson, Ida Mae 1/29/1938 510 Bk D Black
Fowler, Johnie Blackshear, Daisy Bell 4/9/1938 514 Bk D Black
Franklin, John Hopkins, Sallie 4/12/1925 267 Bk D Black
Frazier, Homer Ford, Legion 8/14/1920 150 Bk D Black
Frazier, William McCormick, Missie Lee 3/31/1918 55 Bk D Black
Freeman, Ben Turner, B. 10/14/1918 77 Bk D Black
Freeman, Oscar Rodgers, Leola 9/8/1919 116 Bk D Black
Freeman, Richard Jones, Rosie Lee 4/6/1935 452 Bk D Black
French, Tommy Washington, Maurine 4/30/1923 228 Bk D Black
Fuller, A.D. Watson, Lizzie 12/25/1937 506 Bk D Black
Fuller, Alex Lanier, Sarah 2/9/1931 381 Bk D Black
Fuller, Amos Harden, Mattie 10/19/1930 377 Bk D Black
Fuller, Ardelus Everson, Cartrenia 4/13/1939 531 Bk D Black
Fuller, Ashley Coffee, Bertha 5/27/1922 178 Bk D Black
Fuller, Cooper Walters, Mittie 1/17/1929 344 Bk D Black
Fuller, Early Phillips, Lula May 12/26/1933 426 Bk D Black
Fuller, Eddie Woodard, Mattie Bell 7/11/1936 477 Bk D Black
Fuller, Emmett Morris, Annie May 9/21/1924 255 Bk D Black
Fuller, Fred Reid, Annie Bell 7/3/1936 476 Bk D Black
Fuller, F.W. Dawson, Eva May 4/24/1937 493 Bk D Black
Fuller, George Reynolds, Margrett 1/28/1934   Bk D Black
Fuller, Henry Brown, May H. 1/9/1938 508 Bk D Black
Fuller, Henry Ware, Bessie' 8/19/1941 570 Bk D Black
Fuller, John Fuller, Eliza 12/25/1919 118 Bk D Black
Fuller, John Samuels, Texana 4/19/1923 228 Bk D Black
Fuller, John T. Halley, Maggie 6/30/1918 66 Bk D Black
Fuller, L.W. Boon, Elvina 10/13/1917 30 Bk D Black
Fuller, Oakley O'Neal, Alma 4/15/1920 142 Bk D Black
Fuller, Ollie Jackson, Rena 7/12/1931 387 Bk D Black
Fuller, Ossie Johnson, Celia 4/8/1923 226 Bk D Black
Fuller, Son Jones, Synthey 5/4/1935 454 Bk D Black
Fuller, Warren Henderson, Mary 7/6/1930 374 Bk D Black
Fuller, Warren Sutton, C. Mae 8/23/1936 477 Bk D Black
Fuller, Willie Benton, Lucile 12/5/1936 484 Bk D Black
Fuller, Willie Lee Harris, Susianna 10/1/1939 540 Bk D Black
Fullwood, S. T. Miller, Mary 7/10/1927 308 Bk D Black
Furgerson, R.T. Marsh, Ola May 9/28/1936 481 Bk D Black
Furlow, Douglass Westbrooks, Mistress 5/15/1918 60 Bk D Black
Furr, S.H. Doster, E. 5/8/1918 61 Bk D Black
Fuse, George Green, Maggie 1/11/1924 243 Bk D Black
Futch, Austin Kemp, Irene 3/8/1920 137 Bk D Black
Gainey, E.L. Felton, Louise 12/28/1927 319 Bk D Black
Galiway, Tilman Stewart, Gracie 11/30/1931 393 Bk D Black
Gallimore, Monroe Freeman, Arnie 11/11/1923 239 Bk D Black
Gamble, John Lane, Gussie 10/26/1929 359 Bk D Black
Gamble, Marshal King, Ola B. 7/14/1934 438 Bk D Black
Garner, Alonzo Norwood, A. 1/24/1931 381 Bk D Black
Gartrell, Will Hicks, Dora Bell 2/3/1917 4 Bk D Black
Gary, Gus Wilcox, Essie May 1/26/1935 448 Bk D Black
Gary, Gussie L. Odum, Manda 10/13/1927 313 Bk D Black
Gary, L.C. Cobbett, Rosa Lee 2/15/1927 300 Bk D Black
Gaston, Clinton Wright, Lucy 3/24/1929 347 Bk D Black
Gaston, Clinton Smith, Edna May 3/8/1936 471 Bk D Black
Gaston, Jack Green, Doll 6/16/1929 351 Bk D Black
Gay, Leonard Mizell, L. Mae 6/7/1924 248 Bk D Black
George, Charlie Alton, Mary 1/27/1919 91 Bk D Black
Gibbs, James Woolfork, Elizabeth 1/29/1922 196 Bk D Black
Gibbs, Ross Sellers, W.M. 5/6/1922 204 Bk D Black
Gibson, Ebenezer Pittman, Carrie Jane 10/7/1933 420 Bk D Black
Gibson, Johnie L. Fairmon, Willie Mae 4/15/1939 531 Bk D Black
Gilbert, William Tolbert, Eliza 10/5/1918 76 Bk D Black
Giles, John B. Johnson, Hattie May 12/29/1927 320 Bk D Black
Gipson, E. Pauthill, Emma Lou 6/26/1921 179 Bk D Black
Gipson, Elijah Penn, C. 9/24/1921 185 Bk D Black
Gipson, Lenard Bradshaw, Mary 12/6/1941 576 Bk D Black
Gipson, Solomon Pollock, A. 7/23/1921 181 Bk D Black
Givins, Henry Austin, Daisy 7/19/1922 207 Bk D Black
Glaspie, Henry Burton, Alice 2/7/1926 280 Bk D Black
Glenn, Henry Galaway, Gracie 3/11/1940 548 Bk D Black
Glover, Lewis Sparrows, Ruthie May 12/17/1922 217 Bk D Black
Goodman, Oscar Burnham, Viola 12/13/1917 38 Bk D Black
Gorden, Willie Miller, Mattie 4/23/1933 412 Bk D Black
Gordon, Dave Todd, C. 3/16/1921 173 Bk D Black
Gordon, George Brown, Silvia 9/6/1936 479 Bk D Black
Gordon, John Mobley, Emma 3/13/1927 301 Bk D Black
Gordon, Sam Brown, Emma 9/17/1918 72 Bk D Black
Gosby, Willie J. Bozen, Pearl 2/9/1919 92 Bk D Black
Goss, Davis Player, Roxie 10/12/1929 357 Bk D Black
Gould, Andrew Mitchell, Rachel 9/3/1940 557 Bk D Black
Grace, Arthur Green, Francis 4/19/1919 99 Bk D Black
Grace, Johnie Miller, Viola 5/2/1926 284 Bk D Black
Grace, Tom Snell, Mammie 3/24/1918 54 Bk D Black
Grace, Willie Coley, Mary 9/4/1927 311 Bk D Black
Gray, Johnnie Bryant, Lizzie 3/5/1933 408 Bk D Black
Gray, Willie Broodus, Elsie 4/15/1942 581 Bk D Black
Green, Charlie Jones, Marthie Mae 2/25/1917 6 Bk D Black
Green, Earl Marsh, Clifford 8/24/1939 538 Bk D Black
Green, Russell Sparrow, Doll 12/1/1928 339 Bk D Black
Green, Tom Green, Inez 4/4/1924 247 Bk D Black
Greene, Elijah Screech, Nan 8/27/1934 439 Bk D Black
Gregory, Dave Smith, Viola 10/9/1920 156 Bk D Black
Griffin, E. Brown, Ethel 9/6/1927 311 Bk D Black
Griffin, Remus Miller, Mamie 10/30/1928 337 Bk D Black
Grigley, Dave Smith, Viola 9-31-17 24 Bk D Black
Grimes, Nathan Williams, R. 6/11/1933 413 Bk D Black
Grisham, C. Johnson, Ruby 9/22/1929 355 Bk D Black
Grover, Lewis Coley, Anna 9/30/1933 419 Bk D Black



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