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Marriage Book C - White
P-R Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Pace, G.M. Pipkin, Mrs. Patsy (8-19-1921) 583LI Bk C White
Page, David A. Hawkins, Jessie P. (10-10-1905) 237LI Bk C White
Page, E.M. Crook, Belle 3-7-1915 442 Bk C White
Painter, C.F. Lappin, Addie C. 4-8-1896 41 Bk C White
Palmer, W.A.J. Davis, Jessie I. 5-14-1916 460 Bk C White
Parker, James P. Wilks, Annie 8-18-1895 28 Bk C White
Parker, Robert A. Jones, Annie K. 2-13-1921 577 Bk C White
Parkes, C.A. Garner, Sarah A. 3-8-1921 578 Bk C White
Parks, Blackston M. Warren, Ophelia 2-15-1904 195 Bk C White
Parks, Furman Allison, Ruby 11-15-1914 435 Bk C White
Parrish, Edward B. Pendergrast, Lunelle 10-9-1912 384 Bk C White
Parrish, G.C. Bush, Dell 3-8-1903 175 Bk C White
Parrott, G.B. Reid, Fannie 7-5-1894 15 Bk C White
Parrott, J.W. McKinney, Mrs. Nancy (3-8-1912) 373LI Bk C White
Parsons, Arthur W. Keen, Pearl 8-14-1918 518 Bk C White
Parsons, J.B. Whittle, Emma 6-9-1901 129 Bk C White
Parsons, James B. Barrett, Callie 11-14-1895 31 Bk C White
Parsons, James W. Middleton, Sidney Jane 7-11-1894 15 Bk C White
Parsons, Joseph B. Wallace, Mary A. 8-14-1904 206 Bk C White
Parsons, R.B. Harvey, Aline 1-25-1914 417 Bk C White
Parsons, R.E.L. Dickey, Jessie 3-12-1903 171 Bk C White
Parsons, W.J. Cason, Winnie 6-11-1911 354 Bk C White
Pass, Homer Moye, Lonie (6-17-1908) 296LI Bk C White
Pate, Henry Blalock, Liller (8-30-1911) 360LI Bk C White
Pate, Henry Martin, Simmie Lou 10-6-1912 384 Bk C White
Pate, J.B. Mitchell, Fannie Lee 8-16-1910 334 Bk C White
Pate, N.M. Dennard, Fannie B. 6-4-1916 464 Bk C White
Patten, N.M. Woolvin, Annie E. 7-12-1911 356 Bk C White
Patterson, Carl Atkinson, Ethel 12-25-1917 505 Bk C White
Paul, Alex Hogan, Malissia 10-24-1893 4 Bk C White
Paul, George Edge, Ella 8-23-1914 429 Bk C White
Paul, James Webb, Eliza 8-21-1896 45 Bk C White
Paul, Sam Taylor, Bessie 7-8-1918 515 Bk C White
Paulk, D.W. Mitchell, Alice 12-10-1903 188 Bk C White
Paulk, Warren J. Story, Lela 11-23-1910 341 Bk C White
Payne, P.F. Ashley, Millie (12-29-1903) 191LI Bk C White
Peacock, Benjamin W. Land, Bessie L. 5-15-1910 330 Bk C White
Peacock, Charlie Lacey, Ola 3-30-1907 273 Bk C White
Peacock, Looney 0. Jones, Sallie W. 12-25-1904 216 Bk C White
Pearce, Lester Harpe, Clyde 12-28-1919 552 Bk C White
Pearce, Lonnie W. Jackson, Etta P. (8-20-1912) 382LI Bk C White
Pearson, Samuel R. Lawson, Dora A. 12-25-1898 85 Bk C White
Peavy, H.L. Nobles, Hester (7-21-1915) 450LI Bk C White
Peavy, Holland Holt, Pollie 8-14-1910 326 Bk C White
Peavy, Steve Martin, Edna Voncille 7-15-1917 494 Bk C White
Pedrick, William H. Henderson, Annie 12-13-1898 82 Bk C White
Peebles, F.L. Tomberlin, Maggie 10-20-1910 338 Bk C White
Peebles, L.C. Osborn, Floy (4-6-1906) 253LI Bk C White
Peebles, Loving McCartney, Sallie 7-14-1900 112 Bk C White
Peek, Luther E. Fussell, Minnie 7-3-1905 231 Bk C White
Peek, Sam McDuffie, Mattie 7-2-1911 355 Bk C White
Peek, Thomas Underwood, Willie 1-2-1911 345 Bk C White
Peetman, Glen Ellis, Caplolyer (1-12-1901) 122LI Bk C White
Pendley, Ernest Page, Cleo (11-8-1913) 410LI Bk C White
Penn, Charles A. Foster, Ettie 4-27-1904 200 Bk C White
Perkins, John M. McCranie, Emily Udell 7-19-1921 583 Bk C White
Perry, H.J. Fitzgerald, M.W. (8-5-1899) 94LI Bk C White
Perry, H.J. Hancock, Sarah S. 10-27-1901 137 Bk C White
Perry, J.W. Reynolds, Maggie 6-3-1909 311 Bk C White
Perry, M.E. Dorsey, Carrie 1-15-1914 416 Bk C White
Perry, W.B. Jacobs, Dora 6-19-1893 2 Bk C White
Perry, Walter B. Dennard, Edna H. 11-5-1902 162 Bk C White
Peterson, A.B., Jr. Wilkinson, Sarah L. 10-23-1919 545 Bk C White
Peterson, Elonza L. Dormany, Alice 8-5-1894 15 Bk C White
Peterson, J.J. Fletcher, Mrs. Truly 9-2-1921 584 Bk C White
Peterson, James E. Hall, Mollie 3-6-1904 196 Bk C White
Peterson, John Livingston, May (12-6-1902) 167LI Bk C White
Peterson, John T. Coleman, Lillie 1-14-1903 172 Bk C White
Peterson, Will Webb, Rebecca 1-10-1908 289 Bk C White
Phillips, W.L. Roland, Fannie Lee 10-22-1911 362 Bk C White
Pickard, Homer A. Gibbs, Mary 1-2-1901 121 Bk C White
Pickren, John Carr, Maggie 7-3-1910 332 Bk C White
Pierce, F.M. Hendricks, Bertha L. 10-25-1905 238 Bk C White
Pierce, John T. Hyde, Mamie Lenora 2-6-1901 123 Bk C White
Pike, David Guest, Hattie 9-20-1914 430 Bk C White
Pike, Garvie M. Gibbs, Mattie 4-20-1919 532 Bk C White
Pike, James J. Taylor, Annie Mae 8-3-1912 381 Bk C White
Pilgrim, G.G. Holms, Janie 10-17-1915 454 Bk C White
Pilan, W.T. Musselwhite, Ella J. (8-19-1896) 45LI Bk C White
Pindar, George F. Carswell, Fannie Mae 12-7-1907 287 Bk C White
Pipkin, I.P. Owens, Mrs. Martha A. 5-14-1908 295 Bk C White
Pirkle, Dozier A. White, Jessie C. 7-12-1906 261 Bk C White
Pittman, Eazy Hilliard, Fannie 7-28-1921 583 Bk C White
Pittman, James Lee Shepard, Tiny Eleanor 9-19-1897 58 Bk C White
Pittman, Joe B. Fountain, Annie 94-1904 199 Bk C White
Pittman, Silas Wootten, Izzia 10-22-1905 238 Bk C White
Player, Asa Smith, Belle (7-6-1900) 111LI Bk C White
Player, Z.T. Smith, Totha 4-5-1895 25 Bk C White
Pollard, J.H. Rycroft, Annie 12-12-1909 319 Bk C White
Pollock, Edmond Harp, Lillian 12-15-1896 50 Bk C White
Pool, Walter Hall, Lillie 5-27-1906 257 Bk C White
Poole, B.F. McCall, Celia L. 6-29-1897 55 Bk C White
Poole, Calvin R. Hart, Mattie Fort 6-16-1901 129 Bk C White
Poole, Thomas Cobb, Minnie 7-7-1901 130 Bk C White
Poole, Tomberlin Martin, Mandy 11-4-1917 500 Bk C White
Pople, Acie Dell, Cora 4-20-1919 531 Bk C White
Pope, Charlie Bowen, Masuria 8-20-1911 359 Bk C White
Pope, Robert Simmons, Mabel 11-23-1902 165 Bk C White
Pope, W.M. English, Mellie 11-20-1898 80 Bk C White
Porter, Anderson Bentham, Lucy 10-8-1904 209 Bk C White
Porter, Geo. Laten, Sarah 11-23-1903 187 Bk C White
Porter, J.E. Davis, Mary 10-10-1895 30 Bk C White
Poston, Luke H. Evans, Lizzie L. 1-17-1911 346 Bk C White
Powell, C.O. Tyler, Charity 11-23-1901 140 Bk C White
Powell, Karl Morris, Mamie 8-21-1915 451 Bk C White
Powell, N.P. Wilder, Emma 6-20-1908 296 Bk C White
Powell, R.L. McNear, Josie (12-7-1915) 456LI Bk C White
Powell, T.L. Rodgers, Annie Bell 2-8-1914 419 Bk C White
Powers, J.W. Hyde, Hattie 1-23-1898 69 Bk C White
Powers, Milton H. Holton, Mrs. Ida H. 10-11-1911 362 Bk C White
Powers, Robert Harvey, Annie May 1-19-1908 290 Bk C White
Powers, W.V. Giles, Sallie 1-8-1899 87 Bk C White
Prassey, J.A. Session, Ulabele 9-3-1905 234 Bk C White
Prater, J.A. Kitchens, Arorra 12-21-1904 217 Bk C White
Pratt, Horace L. Yates, Leila 10-12-1920 568 Bk C White
Presley, Clyde Crawford, Lugene 11-7-1920 570 Bk C White
Pressley, Clide Wilson, Flora (9-25-1920) 567LI Bk C White
Price, Foy McDuffie, Viola 12-19-1920 572 Bk C White
Price, J.D. Ivey, Cora 6-9-1908 290 Bk C White
Price, Lanton Mathis, Roxie 1-4-1914 414 Bk C White
Proctor, John A. Watson, Christian C. (2-10-1894) 11LI Bk C White
Putman, G.R. Ellis, Minnie C. 6-30-1902 153 Bk C White
Quattlebaum, Henry G. Mann, Bettie 11-21-1897 62 Bk C White
Quattlebaum, John B. Graham, Emma 9-18-1899 96 Bk C White
Raffield, John M. Roberts, Jane 1-24-1902 145 Bk C White
Raffield, Leonard Vinson, Willie Mae 2-15-1906 249 Bk C White
Ragan, W.P. Warren, Mattie 11-14-1893 6 Bk C White
Rainey, B.F. Tippett, Eva 5-21-1899 91 Bk C White
Rains, W.G. Bruce, Ada 8-10-1904 205 Bk C White
Raney, J.M. Holliman, Leila 11-24-1901 139 Bk C White
Ranow, A.F. Ross, Mattie (11-14-1896) 48LI Bk C White
Ratterree, Luroy Spears, Cleo 9-17-1911 360 Bk C White
Rauson, J.J. Ashley, Lenor 9-25-1898 77 Bk C White
Rawlins, J.J. Wilcox, Martha (10-17-1903) 186LI Bk C White
Ray, Arthur McDuffie, Abbie 1-1-1899 86 Bk C White
Ray, Charles W. Rhodes, Emma L. 11-26-1916 471 Bk C White
Ray, Claud Warren, Alma 8-17-1913 404 Bk C White
Ray, Felton Hamilton, Alice 10-31-1915 455 Bk C White
Ray, Henry Davis, Della 10-4-1894 17 Bk C White
Ray, Leroy Ray, Thelma 3-17-1918 511 Bk C White
Rea, Walter H. Rogers, Tincy (2-23-1918) 509LI Bk C White
Reaves, T.A. Livingston, Eliza 8-14-1917 496 Bk C White
Reaves, G.M. Wynn, Eudell 8-21-1916 470 Bk C White
Reaves, M.H., Jr. Gibbs, Sallie 2-21-1909 307 Bk C White
Reaves, Murrie Ray, Lola (8-30-1913) 405LI Bk C White
Reaves, W.A. Hampton, Nettie 8-11-1916 466 Bk C White
Reaves, W.H. Smith, Lizzie 8-25-1907 269 Bk C White
Redock, W.H. Warren, Mrs. M.E. 5-10-1914 422 Bk C White
Reed, H.M. Cromer, Mamie (3-11-1916) 461LI Bk C White
Reed, R.C. Cromer, Susie 1-10-1914 416 Bk C White
Reese, Pat Edmiston, Carrie (4-5-1921) 580LI Bk C White
Reeves, Ben O. Samples, Jessie 3-28-1920 554 Bk C White
Reid, S.F. Mitchell, Pearl 11-23-1902 164 Bk C White
Reid, S.J. Smith, Maude (4-30-1894) 13LI Bk C White
Renfroe, C.F. Bullard, Eddie 7-24-1909 311 Bk C White
Renfroe, W.H. Vaughn, Lena 9-1-1902 157 Bk C White
Renfroe, William H. Young, Abbie 1-18-1898 66 Bk C White
Revels, D.J. Bennett, Minnie 9-28-1913 407 Bk C White
Revels, G.L. McDuffie, May 5-6-1917 490 Bk C White
Revels, James A. Smith, Lois 7-6-1919 538 Bk C White
Revels, W.A. Smith, Annie L. 1-1-1920 549 Bk C White
Reynolds, M.F. McMillian, Janie 10-16-1898 79 Bk C White
Reynols, J.H. Odom, Lizzie (9-30-1897) 59LI Bk C White
Rhodes, Dave Ash, Mable 1-15-1921 575 Bk C White
Rhodes, E.R. Redman, Harmer 10-16-1905 237 Bk C White
Rhodes, Fed Posey, Odessa 6-28-1913 402 Bk C White
Rhodes, Frank Martin, Odessa 9-9-1917 497 Bk C White
Rhodes, G.W. Ash, Essie 1-23-1921 575 Bk C White
Rhodes, H.A. Evans, Mattie Pearl 3-1-1914 420 Bk C White
Rhodes, J.A. Law, Mollie 8-19-1906 262 Bk C White
Rhodes, John Land, Nancy (12-15-1897) 64LI Bk C White
Rhodes, John H. Pope, Della Mae 10-19-1919 544 Bk C White
Rhodes, T.B. Cook, Agnes 12-30-1917 505 Bk C White
Rhodes, T.G. McDuffie, E.L. 1-3-1895 21 Bk C White
Rhodes, W.J. Holt, Alice 1-11-1913 395 Bk C White
Rice, Carl S. Wilbanks, Daisey L. 7-14-1905 232 Bk C White
Richardson, John M. Blackshear, Verna 6-3-1919 536 Bk C White
Richardson, Joseph S. Fenn, Sarah Lou 3-29-1921 579 Bk C White
Richey, A.J. Livingston, Mae 8-11-1907 280 Bk C White
Richey, John Henry Stone, Emma Elizabeth 5-28-1920 562 Bk C White
Riddle, Lonnie Bullard, Maggie 12-11-1904 215 Bk C White
Right, W.H. Bond, Nora 5-24-1907 276 Bk C White
Riley, Tom Osborn, Lula 5-28-1910 344 Bk C White
Riviere, Ezra L. McCrimmon, Hattie 5-24-1893 1 Bk C White
Riviere, H.W. Weeks, Lena 6-4-1902 150 Bk C White
Riviere, O.P. Johnson, Florence 8-9-1902 155 Bk C White
Riviere, W.J.I. Mead, Linnie L. 11-27-1902 163 Bk C White
Roberts, R.F. Mills, Mrs. Vargons 11-8-1914 433 Bk C White
Roberts, H.F. Thompson, Mittie A. (8-27-1901) 134LI Bk C White
Roberts, Harve Coleman, Mary 10-12-1913 408 Bk C White
Roberts, Hoyt Martin, Sussie 12-31-1911 368 Bk C White
Roberts, J.L. McDuffie, Julia Mae 2-5-1919 528 Bk C White
Roberts, Joseph Gordon, Malinda 2-23-1896 39 Bk C White
Roberts, M.C. Cason, Dora 11-27-1898 80 Bk C White
Roberts, Marsh Bennett, Lanie 3-22-1914 420 Bk C White
Roberts, R.A. Moye, Hattie 7-29-1906 261 Bk C White
Roberts, William F. Greeson, Silvah G. 12-25-1898 84 Bk C White
Roberts, W.H. Floyd, Lizzie 10-13-1897 60 Bk C White
Robertson, H.L. Shannon, Bessie H. 10-31-1909 319 Bk C White
Robinson, James Davis, Annie 5-17-1896 42 Bk C White
Robinson, Jessie Roberson, Bennie 9-26-1914 431 Bk C White
Rodgers, Chas. B. Cadwell, Anner 10-20-1902 159 Bk C White
Rodgers, Colquitt Harper, Carrie 12-20-1904 217 Bk C White
Rodgers, Hugh D. McDuffie, Mae (12-7-1914) 437LI Bk C White
Rodgers, Miles Fitzgerald, Maybell 12-11-1905 242 Bk C White
Rodgers, Offie Petts, Nettie (6-16-1909) 312LI Bk C White
Rodgers, Thomas Floyd, Ada 5-4-1920 561 Bk C White
Rogers, J.E. Thompson, Ada M. 10-19-1920 543 Bk C White
Roland, J.R. Cook, Elizabeth (12-3-1896) 49LI Bk C White
Roland, Wm. J. Carr, Lillie 2-4-1895 24 Bk C White
Rooks F.M. Turner, E.A. 10-28-1900 116 Bk C White
Rooks, Perry Stanley, Berta 1-25-1913 414 Bk C White
Rose, Charlie Hattiway, Annie Mae 5-23-1910 330 Bk C White
Ross, Leonard Hall, Nannie (11-27-1905) 241LI Bk C White
Rouse, Perry Fields, Mamie 11-13-1911 364 Bk C White
Rowe, J.R. Williamson, Ellen 7-4-1915 448 Bk C White
Royal, A.R. Reid, Jean 8-20-1894 16 Bk C White
Ruff, F.A. Hale, Emma 11-12-1898 80 Bk C White
Ruff, John B. Carriker, Vetrius O. 5-12-1919 529 Bk C White
Rushin, Otis William Johnson, Sarah 4-27-1921 580 Bk C White
Russum, Sherman Coley, Ninnie Mae 10-18-1910 339 Bk C White
Rutland, R.A. Allen, Maud 11-9-1910 340 Bk C White
Rutledge, E.E. Howell, Luvenia 1-12-1919 527 Bk C White
Ryals, J.O. Hobby, Ida 12-10-1905 241 Bk C White
Rycroft, Charlie Ryals Mabel 2-14-1915 442 Bk C White
Rycroft, J.M. Cobb, Rebecca Jane 1-18-1903 156 Bk C White
Ryles, Daniel Newmans, Nannie 12-21-1913 413 Bk C White
Ryles, Willie Howard, Della (10-15-1915) 453LI Bk C White




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