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Marriage Book C - White
H-I Brides

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Watson, Stanley A. Haggard, Mary F. 12-9-1910 342 Bk C White
Ruff, F.A. Hale, Emma 11-12-1898 80 Bk C White
Barron, John Hall, Anner (11-4-1904) 239LI Bk C White
Nipper, J.R. Hall, Frances 10-26-1905 238 Bk C White
Gaff, G.H. Hall, Hattie 4-5-1896 39 Bk C White
Gibbs, Wright Hall, Lida (4-30-1914) 421LI Bk C White
Pool, Walter Hall, Lillie 5-27-1906 257 Bk C White
McLamore, Leon Hall, Linia (6-7-1906) 258LI Bk C White
Murphy, George Hall, Lizzie  10-26-1901 138 Bk C White
Peterson, James E. Hall, Mollie 3-6-1904 196 Bk C White
Ross, Leonard Hall, Nannie (11-27-1905) 241LI Bk C White
Sego, E.A. Hall, Pearl 6-24-1906 258 Bk C White
Nipper, H.F. Hall, Teepie 9-29-1905 236 Bk C White
Johnson, C.B. Hall, Walty 11-21-1900 116 Bk C White
Shoemake, Thomas M. Ham, Effie 10-17-1909 317 Bk C White
Harvey, W.E. Ham, Emma 5-27-1909 310 Bk C White
Fisher, Dewitt Ham, Essie 2-17-1918 509 Bk C White
Whitlock, W.C. Ham, Kennie 12-17-1915 457 Bk C White
Cumbus, A.F. Ham, Lillie 5-19-1901 128 Bk C White
Ray, Felton Hamilton, Alice 10-31-1915 455 Bk C White
Henderson, J.R. Hamilton, Clara 11-2-1902 162 Bk C White
Summerour, W.F. Hamilton, Gertrude 5-13-1915 446 Bk C White
Cole, A.F. Hamilton, Hazel 10-31-1915 454 Bk C White
Walker, Hezzie Hamilton, Ida Lou 2-20-1916 460 Bk C White
Coleman, Carswell A. Hamilton, Leora V. 4-16-1905 227 Bk C White
McCord, W.E. Hamiton, Zula B. 9-25-1907 282 Bk C White
Dowdy, H.K. Hammock, Bessie May 7-8-1917 494 Bk C White
Scott, Thurber T. Hamons, Maggie 12-25-1904 218 Bk C White
Coleman, Newton Hampton, Lilla 8-3-1920 565 Bk C White
Reaves, W.A. Hampton, Nettie 8-11-1916 466 Bk C White
Conner, W.L. Hancock, Bessie 6-30-1919 539 Bk C White
Vinson, G.E. Hancock, Dora 10-17-1895 30 Bk C White
Perry, H.J. Hancock, Sarah S. 10-27-1901 137 Bk C White
Cribb, E.C. Hancock, Sussie 10-4-1903 185 Bk C White
Cribb, Miles L. Hancock, Viola 10-15-1904 210 Bk C White
Smith, C.P. Handley, Annie 12-18-1898 82 Bk C White
Bellflowers, E.B. Handley, C.L. 1-15-1905 221 Bk C White
Griffin, Jas. H. Handley, Ida (6-12-1903) 180LI Bk C White
Wilkinson, W.H. Handrup, Ella 12-27-1893 8 Bk C White
Mullis, James C. Hannah, Katie  5-4-1919 533 Bk C White
Shannon, Sam Hannah, Mary E. 12-28-1902 170 Bk C White
Fitzgerald, Thos. W. Hannah, Nancy 5-10-1919 534 Bk C White
Strickland, Broxton Hannah, Nancy (3-4-1919) 529LI Bk C White
McNamara, J.W. Hardeman, Annie 10-24-1897 60 Bk C White
Irby, E.H. Hardeman, May 2-18-1900 106 Bk C White
McNamora, J.W. Hardemon, Annie (12-14-1896) 50LI Bk C White
Brown, A.T. Hardemon, Eugenia 2-7-1897 52 Bk C White
Hearth, T.N. Harden, Girtrude 12-29-1912 393 Bk C White
Waddell, S.P. Hardin, Ethel F. 8-4-1918 515 Bk C White
Bailey, J.H. Hardin, Mattie 8-2-1903 183 Bk C White
Stuckey, John Hardy, Dora Bella 6-26-1921 582 Bk C White
Layfield, D. Hardy, Elon 12-22-1907 285 Bk C White
Garrison, J.D. Hargrove, Georgia 12-16-1897 65 Bk C White
Fitzgerald, James T. Harp, Emma 9-16-1895 29 Bk C White
Pollock, Edmond Harp, Lillian 12-15-1896 50 Bk C White
Pearce, Lester Harpe, Clyde 12-28-1919 552 Bk C White
Benson, Garth Harpe, Minnie 6-24-1917 493 Bk C White
Lemon, W.N. Harpe, Minnie (1-25-1917) 483LI Bk C White
Crozier, W.C. Harper, Ada 12-17-1905 244 Bk C White
Rodgers, Colquitt Harper, Carrie 12-20-1904 217 Bk C White
Sapp, S.W. Harper, Ethelyne 9-28-1919 542 Bk C White
McNair, Thos. R. Harrell, Burtha J. (10-16-1915) 454LI Bk C White
Boman, D.A. Harrell, C.E. 1-2-1898 67 Bk C White
Tolson, W.L. Harrell, Cora Lee 6-2-1918 514 Bk C White
Tomberlin, Jno. A. Harrell, Masouria 6-3-1917 492 Bk C White
Fitzgerald, J.A. Harrell, Mattie L. 12-28-1904 219 Bk C White
Austin, W.J. Harrell, Mrs. M.E. 3-11-1917 486 Bk C White
Warren, George Harrelson, Lizzie 12-18-1898 82 Bk C White
Harrell, Dosie Harrelson, Sussie 10-12-1902 160 Bk C White
Lacey, John H. Harris, Alma V. 12-26-1920 573 Bk C White
Sanders, G.M. Harris, Lera 9-9-1919 541 Bk C White
Sudderth, I.M. Harris, Lola (10-15-1916) 475LI Bk C White
Kennedy, Foster Harris, Minnie Lee 12-27-1913 415 Bk C White
James, William Harris, Mollie (5-27-1913) 401LI Bk C White
Poole, Calvin R. Hart, Mattie Fort 6-16-1901 129 Bk C White
Harrison, J.D. Hart, Mrs. Mary 10-22-1916 473 Bk C White
Stanford, J.R. Hartlen, Iola (2-18-1921) 576LI Bk C White
Guest, Waymon Hartsfield, Cora A. 11-8-1914 434 Bk C White
Keen, L.H. Hartsfield, Flora 5-4-1905 228 Bk C White
Guest, Thomas Hartsfield, Grace (4-7-1917) 494LI Bk C White
Guest, Thomas Hartsfield, Grace 10-10-1920 568 Bk C White
King, J.B. Hartsfield, Mae 8-18-1907 280 Bk C White
Burnam, Joe S. Harvell, Nettie 1-2-1910 324 Bk C White
Parsons, R.B. Harvey, Aline 1-25-1914 417 Bk C White
Powers, Robert Harvey, Annie May 1-19-1908 290 Bk C White
Love, J.W. Harvey, Belle 12-19-1909 321 Bk C White
Chapman, C.C. Harvey, Callie 12-30-1918 502 Bk C White
Miller, r, B.J. Harvey, Eva 12-24-1906 386 Bk C White
Gordon, Harvey Harvey, Hassie 2-1-1914 418 Bk C White
Simmons, J.T. Harvey, Ida 3-22-1903 176 Bk C White
Simmons, Lewis Harvey, Lilla Mae 8-9-1908 298 Bk C White
Titshaw, Roy Harvey, Lillie 7-4-1915 448 Bk C White
Brown, Bee Harvey, Lula 12-10-1915 451 Bk C White
Faircloth, C.P. Harvey, Minnie 9-13-1903 185 Bk C White
Brinkley, E.F. Harvey, Nancy E. 2-22-1906 250 Bk C White
Talley, J.F. Harvey, Tris Lee 2-25-1906 249 Bk C White
Britt, Jessie Haskins, Mary Sussie 9-28-1902 158 Bk C White
Newman, J.W. Hatcher, Aline 3-23-1909 309 Bk C White
McAnally, J.A. Hatcher, Maud  11-19-1916 370LI Bk C White
Rose, Charlie Hattiway, Annie Mae 5-23-1910 330 Bk C White
Morris, A.P. Hawkins, Jessie  10-21-1906 265 Bk C White
Page, David A. Hawkins, Jessie P. (10-10-1905) 237LI Bk C White
Fowler, L.T. Hawkins, Ruth 4-9-1921 580 Bk C White
Bishop, Linton H. Hearn, Alena B. 3-24-1911 349 Bk C White
Newmans, Lonnie Heath, Alma 3-12-1916 462 Bk C White
Brown, Abner Heath, Cleachie 1-21-1917 483 Bk C White
McKie, Hubert Heath, Girtrude 6-11-1916 465 Bk C White
Conner, H. Grady Helms, Bessie 12-31-1916 481 Bk C White
Hooper, Greenville Helms, Mattie 11-24-1912 388 Bk C White
McKinney, A.B. Helms, Mrs. Mary M. 3-6-1903 175 Bk C White
Miller, Love Helms, Nannie  10-13-1907    283 Bk C White
Pedrick, William H. Henderson, Annie 12-13-1898 82 Bk C White
Owens, C.J. Henderson, Eliza J.  2-11-1917 485 Bk C White
King, J.A., Jr. Henderson, Fannie 12-23-1917 502 Bk C White
Martin, Floyd Henderson, Lula 1-14-1894 9 Bk C White
Faircloth, Ellis Henderson, Zora 1-6-1895 23 Bk C White
Pierce, F.M. Hendricks, Bertha L. 10-25-1905 238 Bk C White
Hamm, Thomas L. Henson, Margret C. (8-6-1903) 179 Bk C White
Hutchinson, W.E. Henson, Mrs. Lillie 12-18-1918 523 Bk C White
Gunter, T.G. Henson, Pauline 10-21-1917 489 Bk C White
Owens, Joe Herndon, Claudie 4-1-1917 472 Bk C White
Barnes, Charlie Herrington, Emmie 8-5-1917 495 Bk C White
Gudac, Frank Hibler, Tony 12-27-1913 414 Bk C White
King, Leon Hickmon, Maud 4-10-1910 328 Bk C White
Wall, E. Hicks, Eddie 4-28-1897 53 Bk C White
Kelley, Sam Hightower, Emma 4-15-1914 421 Bk C White
Lewis, T.W. Hightower, Francis R. 2-28-1909 308 Bk C White
Lamb, John Homer Hill, Edna Elizabeth 10-26-1902 160 Bk C White
Olds, P.E. Hill, Lizzie 12-5-1912 390 Bk C White
Jones, John Hillard, Sallie 6-18-1907 277 Bk C White
Pittman, Eazy Hilliard, Fannie 7-28-1921 583 Bk C White
Hilliard, J.T. Hilliard, Lessie 2-1-1914 419 Bk C White
McLeod, Alex Hinson, Belle 6-9-1918 514 Bk C White
Wilson, Henry L. Hinson, Juanita 9-11-1916 472 Bk C White
Hopson, J.S. Hizer, Sadie (12-26-1916) 480LI Bk C White
Ryals, J.O. Hobby, Ida 12-10-1905 241 Bk C White
Harvey, Monroe J. Hobby, Mary J. 10-2-1904 209 Bk C White
Hancock, Dave Hobby, Sarah (1-2-1904) 191LI Bk C White
Taylor, D.L. Hogan, Annie May 9-20-1917 499 Bk C White
Gibbs, Marion Hogan, Cintha 9-22-1898 62 Bk C White
Paul, Alex Hogan, Malissia 10-24-1893 4 Bk C White
Wood, Everett Hogan, Mary 1-28-1911 346 Bk C White
Vaughn, Arthur O. Hogan, Mrs. Amanda C. 7-5-1914 424 Bk C White
Marshall, Thomas W. Hogans, Annie (7-19-1902) 154LI Bk C White
Coffee, S. Holland, Jennie 11-30-1902 166 Bk C White
Watson, Elbert Holland, Margie (8-29-1908) 299LI Bk C White
McKinley, Horrace Holliday, Irene 8-20-1916 470 Bk C White
Massee, W.G. Holliday, Lena 8-23-1914 428 Bk C White
Allen, Augustus Holliday, Pearlie 6-6-1915 446 Bk C White
Raney, J.M. Holliman, Leila 11-24-1901 139 Bk C White
Conner, A.C. Hollingsworth, Alma 3-6-1904 196 Bk C White
McGlamery, Charlie Hollingsworth, Alma (5-21-1901) 128LI Bk C White
Lamb, Hub Holliway, Dora 1-14-1909 306 Bk C White
Tison, Arthur Holmes, Lula 4-27-1913 399 Bk C White
Jones, Clarence Holmes, Willie 10-16-1909 318 Bk C White
Pilgrim, G.G. Holms, Janie 10-17-1915 454 Bk C White
Rhodes, W.J. Holt, Alice 1-11-1913 395 Bk C White
Grantham, N.S Holt, Dollie 8-10-1902 155 Bk C White
Gibbs, J.F. Holt, Ida 6-11-1905 229 Bk C White
Malasier, John H. Holt, Martha J. 12-25-1898 84 Bk C White
Dennard, S.F. Holt, Nannie Lee 5-27-1919 535 Bk C White
Grantham, J.H. Holt, Nellie Tea 7-12-1910 332 Bk C White
Gibbs, P.L. Holt, Ovida 12-20-1914 438 Bk C White
Peavy, Holland Holt, Pollie 8-14-1910 326 Bk C White
Ledford, Phillip Holt, Trollie 1-6-1918 506 Bk C White
Powers, Milton H. Holton, Mrs. Ida H. 10-11-1911 362 Bk C White
Carnes, Barney E. Holton, Winnie E. 11-16-1910 340 Bk C White
Turk, J.H. Hood, Birdie 6-30-1911 355 Bk C White
Brown, Earnest Hooper, Dollie 7-26-1914 426 Bk C White
Dykes, J.J. Hopson, Dollie (2-29-1904) 196LI Bk C White
Skipper, Leroy Hopson, Ida 11-11-1900 115 Bk C White
Odom, E.A. Hopson, Matilda 4-19-1894 12 Bk C White
Hanbery, M.H. Hopson, Tissie (2-20-1901) 124LI Bk C White
Hamilton, Chas, B. Horne, Annie L. 10-6-1901 137 Bk C White
Gibbs, J.A. Horne, Winnie 7-28-1904 205 Bk C White
Luke, W.R. Horton, Mae (8-31-1904) 206LI Bk C White
Flanigan, J.J. House, Mary B. 8-21-1917 497 Bk C White
Joiner, Levy Howard, Alice 7-17-1910 309 Bk C White
Ryles, Willie Howard, Della (10-15-1915) 453LI Bk C White
Mixon, Thomas E. Howard, Lillian  10-9-1893 5 Bk C White
Johnson, James Howard, Missie 9-25-1893 4 Bk C White
Windham, Willard Howell, Bertice 10-29-1902 161 Bk C White
Smith, Oswell L. Howell, Bessie L. 10-17-1907 284 Bk C White
Gordon, W.E. Howell, Birdie 10-17-1909 305 Bk C White
Whitlock, Barnel Howell, Emma Lee 6-8-1919 537 Bk C White
Hughes, Fred Howell, Ina 9-18-1910 336 Bk C White
Clark, C.C. Howell, Inez 9-30-1917 499 Bk C White
Rutledge, E.E. Howell, Luvenia 1-12-1919 527 Bk C White
Titshaw, H.C. Howell, Marie 9-18-1910 336 Bk C White
McLemore, Jesse Howell, Mary 8-17-1919 540 Bk C White
Coleman, F.K. Howell, Mrs. Fannie 11-24-1918 522 Bk C White
Brown, Frank Howell, Susie M. 9-12-1920 566 Bk C White
Osborn, R.G. Howington, Cora  10-25-1910 339 Bk C White
Crawford, J.G. Hudgins, Ethel 0. 2-4-1912 371 Bk C White
Crozier, R.B. Hudnal, Sussie 5-7-1899 92 Bk C White
Fountain, Archie Huey, Annie 9-18-1921 584 Bk C White
Tomberlin, W.A. Huff, Bessie L. 11-3-1916 475 Bk C White
Spires, R.A. Hughes, Janie 11-9-1919 546 Bk C White
Underwood, G.Y. Hughes, Minnie 3-31-1901 126 Bk C White
Ledbetter, J.C. Hunt, Euna 10-12-1900 114 Bk C White
Davis, B.H. Hunter, Abbie L. 10-15-1911 363 Bk C White
Newell, E.M. Hunter, Carrie May (1-18-1919) 528LI Bk C White
Walker, Carey E. Hunter, Fannie L. 12-25-1904 218 Bk C White
Horn, M.C. Hunter, Harrett L. 11-7-1895 31 Bk C White
Hunter, Robert V. Hunter, Laura 12-7-1918 523 Bk C White
Goodowns, E.R. Hunter, Lilla 11-7-1905 240 Bk C White
Green, Robt. E. Hunter, Martha 9-7-1903 185 Bk C White
Smith, Jule A. Hunter, Sarah E. 5-21-1911 353 Bk C White
Norris, W.T. Hussey, Annie 9-23-1894 17 Bk C White
Schwalls, Lester Hutcherson, Amie Lee (1-29-1914) 418LI Bk C White
Gordon, J.J. Hutchinson, Annie Lee 10-18-1914 432 Bk C White
Greer, W.J. Hyde, Alice (10-20-1894) 18LI Bk C White
Faircloth, Garnett Hyde, Della 11-1-1903 185 Bk C White
Powers, J.W. Hyde, Hattie 1-23-1898 69 Bk C White
Pierce, John T. Hyde, Mamie Lenora 2-6-1901 123 Bk C White
Faircloth, James M. Hyde, Minnie 2-13-1898 70 Bk C White
Price, J.D. Ivey, Cora 6-9-1908 290 Bk C White
Conner, Mitchell Ivey, Sallie 10-27-1912 386 Bk C White




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