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Marriage Book C - White
C-D Brides

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Groom Name Bride Name Date and Page Book
Rodgers, Chas. B. Cadwell, Anner 10-20-1902 159 Bk C White
Giddens, W.J. Cadwell, Beryl 1-14-1917 482 Bk C White
Uren, G.H. Cadwell, Beulah 3-8-1921 578 Bk C White
Bowen, Jas. M. Caldwell, Margret L. 8-8-1916 469 Bk C White
Cantrell, Horace E. Calhoun, Camilla 12-15-1918 522 Bk C White
O'Neal, James Calhoun, Lina  4-19-1903 177 Bk C White
Harris, D.S. Calhoun, Luella 3-13-1894 11 Bk C White
Gibbs, L.C. Calhoun, Luvenia 10-10-1897 60 Bk C White
Warren, W.J., Jr. Calhoun, Mary E. 3-20-1898 71 Bk C White
Sea, John Calhoun, Matilda 7-23-1905 232 Bk C White
Faircloth, John F. Calhoun, Ola 3-31-1907 274 Bk C White
Williams, Mandy B. Calhoun, Ola 8-24-1918 519 Bk C White
Clements, John W. Calhoun, Sallie 11-26-1911 364 Bk C White
Moye, Bob Calhoun, Sula  5-20-1917 491 Bk C White
Hammock, Henry Calhoun, Susie (1-11-1919) 527LI Bk C White
Yawn, H.D. Calhoun, Susie 8-26-1907 281 Bk C White
Yancey, Marsh Camble, Mary Lou 11-23-1913 411 Bk C White
Malpass, Nelms Campbell, Sallie 12-17-1902 168 Bk C White
Johnston, Theodore C. Cannon, Bertha C. 6-12-1915 447 Bk C White
Livingston, John J. Cantrell, Alice C. 6-9-1918 515 Bk C White
Terry, J.M. Cantrell, Ellen 11-8-1908 301 Bk C White
Burnett, G.E. Cantrell, Ethel 5-24-1914 422 Bk C White
Stepp, Riley Cantrell, Lillie 8-13-1913 404 Bk C White
Dennard, J.A. Carmack, Mrs. Cleo 7-28-1909 313 Bk C White
Ford, R.T. Carnes, Adel L. 11-24-1907 285 Bk C White
Oliver, E.M. Carnes, Susie K. 11-13-1916 477 Bk C White
Saturday, General Carpenter, Edna 7-25-1915 450 Bk C White
Fullington, L.L. Carr, Annie 7-17-1901 131 Bk C White
Roland, Wm. J. Carr, Lillie 2-4-1895 24 Bk C White
Pickren, John Carr, Maggie 7-3-1910 332 Bk C White
Land, Wesley Carr, Mrs. Willie 11-30-1919 548 Bk C White
Ruff, John B. Carriker, Vetrius O. 5-12-1919 529 Bk C White
Stone, L.T. Carroll, Annie 11-16-1902 164 Bk C White
Stone, W.J. Carroll, Nancy 10-13-1901 138 Bk C White
Pindar, George F. Carswell, Fannie Mae 12-7-1907 287 Bk C White
Ewing, G.A. Carswell, Hattie Grace 5-29-1917 491 Bk C White
Brown, R.P. Carswell, Lucia Bell 12-18-1912 392 Bk C White
McLauchlin, A.T. Carter, Annie (11-17-1910) 341LI Bk C White
Hammond, George Carter, Julia 12-2-1904 209 Bk C White
Harvey, A. Carter, Leola 11-20-1904 213 Bk C White
Kennon, Tommie Carter, Mary 12-21-1904 208 Bk C White
Mulkey, Henry Carver, Dorrie  3-17-1906 252 Bk C White
Cook, W.L. Cary, Ada B. 11-27-1907 286 Bk C White
Roberts, M.C. Cason, Dora 11-27-1898 80 Bk C White
Musselwhite, E.J. Cason, Isabella  1-7-1894 9 Bk C White
Parsons, W.J. Cason, Winnie 6-11-1911 354 Bk C White
House, E.L. Cato, Cora 5-19-1907 275 Bk C White
Hamilton, Edgar S. Cato, Daisy 12-31-1905 247 Bk C White
Sewell, H.J. Causey, Aline 2-2-1921 576 Bk C White
Wilson, J. Chester Causey, Annie L. 12-26-1909 323 Bk C White
Harvey, E.L. Causey, Ella 3-5-1916 461 Bk C White
Tombley, S.J. Causey, Essie Clide 12-22-1912 391 Bk C White
Wilcox, John M. Causey, Mary S. 6-11-1899 93 Bk C White
Land, George Cawley, Clyde 12-21-1919 551 Bk C White
Cook, N.A. Chancey, Mrs. M.L. 12-17-1901 141 Bk C White
Guthrie, Robert G. Chandler, Blanch 1-9-1909 305 Bk C White
McNeese, Augustus Chaney, Mattie Kate (6-5-1902) 1S1LI Bk C White
McCall, D.M. Chapman, Inez (1-12-1917) 482LI Bk C White
Tillman, William H. Chapman, Malissie 12-22-1915 457 Bk C White
Allen, William G. Chapman, Mary Parcia 6-7-1905 229 Bk C White
Burkhardt, Joseph Chatman, Lula 1-1-1917 481 Bk C White
Lacey, William Christmas, Eula 1-25-1903 172 Bk C White
Henderson, James M. Christmas, Lila 1-12-1902 144 Bk C White
Jenkins, Robert Christmas, Mattie 4-12-1908 293 Bk C White
Chatham, Lee R. Clance, Bessie E. 8-6-1911 357 Bk C White
Land, Fed Clance, Evie 6-22-1913 401 Bk C White
Wade, A.W. Clarance, Minnie O. 12-25-1910 344 Bk C White
Owens, William Henry Clark, Bertha 3-4-1917 485 Bk C White
Mitchell, William D. Clark, Blanch  10-27-1919 546 Bk C White
Vaughn, J.T. Clark, Bonnie 12-26-1919 552 Bk C White
Dupree, H.W. Clark, Florine 5-13-1918 513 Bk C White
King, G.W. Clark, Mabel 9-22-1912 383 Bk C White
Fitzgerald, George Clark, Marthe 11-20-1910 339 Bk C White
Mitchell, J.A. Clark, May 264 affidavit rec Bk C White
Hunt, J.A. Clark, Sallie 12-24-1899 100 Bk C White
Budd, John W. Clark, Susie 11-30-1901 139 Bk C White
Odom, J.W. Clements, Annie 1-8-1906 247 Bk C White
Warren, Charlie Clements, Eva 6-29-1919 539 Bk C White
Mitchell, John J. Clements, Evie  12-17-1899 99 Bk C White
Warren, C.C. Clements, Ida 9-17-1919 542 Bk C White
Weldon, B.A. Clements, Ida 4-15-1906 253 Bk C White
Calhoun, Sam Clements, Jane 12-24-1899 100 Bk C White
Smith, J.C. Clements, Jane 1-4-1906 247 Bk C White
Calhoun, Elijah Clements, Lucy 9-26-1897 59 Bk C White
Wilson, J.F. Clements, Maggie 10-10-1915 453 Bk C White
Johnson, Frank H. Clements, Mary L. (9-3-1917) 497LI Bk C White
Gammage, W.A. Clements, Sibbie 12-3-1905 241 Bk C White
Brooks, R.D. Coates, Mrs. Minnie 12-25-1919 552 Bk C White
Gibbs, William A. Coats, Ada L. 3-9-1919 530 Bk C White
Daniel, James T. Cobb, Alma D. 7-11-1909 313 Bk C White
Owens, James D. Cobb, Ella  8-13-1893 3 Bk C White
Brown, James R. Cobb, Gertrude 3-19-1905 225 Bk C White
Yawn, Rubin Cobb, Janie 8-25-1912 382 Bk C White
Jackson, S.N. Cobb, Mary 4-15-1906 251 Bk C White
Adams, J.M. Cobb, Mary E. 1-6-1898 64 Bk C White
Poole, Thomas Cobb, Minnie 7-7-1901 130 Bk C White
Smithhart, D.E. Cobb, Rebecca 7-17-1893 3 Bk C White
Rycroft, J.M. Cobb, Rebecca Jane 1-18-1903 156 Bk C White
Loyd, Will Coby, Annie Lou 6-12-1921 582 Bk C White
Warren, Wright Cockfield, Emma 4-6-1902 148 Bk C White
Wocoster, Jacob Cofer, Dovie 8-24-1912 382 Bk C White
Wacaster, Irwin Cofer, Ollie 11-9-1911 363 Bk C White
Bussell, James A. Coffee, Annie E. 7-28-1911 357 Bk C White
Bussell, J.R. Coffee, Ida 10-15-1893 5 Bk C White
Campbell, Wm. Maloy Coffee, Mary Eunis 5-23-1920 560 Bk C White
Bussell, James A. Coffee, May 1-20-1904 193 Bk C White
Lee, R.E. Cohen, Nannie 12-23-1894 21 Bk C White
Conner, N.A. Cohen, Stella 6-5-1915 455 Bk C White
Barker, Bartlett A. Coker, Julia 4-18-1920 559 Bk C White
Murry, R.H. Colbert, Sussie  1-26-1904 194 Bk C White
Wallis, Joe Cole, Effie (12-27-1909) 323LI Bk C White
Gordon, Thomas H. Cole, Eula 12-25-1912 392 Bk C White
King, J.L. Cole, Eve 2-23-1915 442 Bk C White
Bennett, D.L. Coleman, Abbie 4-2-1916 463 Bk C White
Watson, Joe Coleman, Angeline 12-24-1902 169 Bk C White
Mitchell, T.E. Coleman, Belle  7-2-1905 231 Bk C White
Ashley, R.E. Coleman, Ellie 6-13-1903 180 Bk C White
Boatright, M.L. Coleman, Essie 9-10-1905 222 Bk C White
Wallace, Edward Coleman, Etta 1-26-1896 35 Bk C White
Gibbs, J.W. Coleman, Fannie 5-5-1912 377 Bk C White
Hightower, T.C. Coleman, Georgia (8-3-1906) 262LI Bk C White
Peterson, John T. Coleman, Lillie 1-14-1903 172 Bk C White
Chastain, Charlie Coleman, Martha 8-24-1913 405 Bk C White
Livingston, Luther Coleman, Martha 3-24-1895 25 Bk C White
Roberts, Harve Coleman, Mary 10-12-1913 408 Bk C White
Taylor, Dennis Coleman, Mary 3-19-1895 25 Bk C White
Lane, J.T. Coleman, Matilda 1-15-1914 417 Bk C White
Martin, Henry Coleman, Mattie 4-10-1909 309 Bk C White
Smith, C.M. Coleman, Minnie 4-16-1916 463 Bk C White
Morelan, Barnett Coleman, Minnie  1-14-1912 369 Bk C White
Wright, Thomas C. Coleman, Nancy 5-6-1906 255 Bk C White
Bennett, Luther Coleman, Pearl 5-18-1913 400 Bk C White
Smith, T.L. Coleman, Pearlie 9-28-1919 542 Bk C White
Walker, J.L. Coleman, Sallie 9-7-1898 76 Bk C White
Terry, Earl Coleman, Tincy (9-29-1909) 317LI Bk C White
Miner, J. Neal Coley, Annie Clide 12-10-1916 478 Bk C White
Ham, J.R. Coley, Minnie Mae (10-7-1910) 338LI Bk C White
Russum, Sherman Coley, Ninnie Mae 10-18-1910 339 Bk C White
Bowen, J.T. Coley, Susan 4-28-1918 513 Bk C White
Stanford, J.R. Collins, Dora 12-25-1898 85 Bk C White
Taylor, W.J. Collins, Jessie (7-5-1911) 356LI Bk C White
McAnally, B.D. Collins, Lee  12-22-1918 524 Bk C White
Montkid, R.L. Collins, Mary  (12-30-1905) 247LI Bk C White
Ligan, W.T. Collins, Mrs. Mary 10-21-1912 385 Bk C White
Weaver, Tom Collins, Rebecca 8-6-1918 517 Bk C White
McGee, V.B. Collins, T.M. 12-6-1908 303 Bk C White
Fogarity, Troy Collins, Willird 10-6-1907 283 Bk C White
Gibbs, J.R. Cone, Hassie 4-6-1902 149 Bk C White
Giddings, J.N. Coney, Alice 12-29-1904 220 Bk C White
Hilliard, Herman Conley, Docia (12-8-1917) 503LI Bk C White
Williamson, Morrice Conley, Docie 3-3-1919 528 Bk C White
Layfield, E.I. Conner, Alice L. 8-18-1918 518 Bk C White
Thompson, C.R. Conner, Emma 12-21-1898 83 Bk C White
Wilson, W.A. Conner, Gertrude 8-4-1918 517 Bk C White
Burch, J.H. Conner, Ida (5-30-1914) 423LI Bk C White
Cumbus, M.D. Conner, Janie A. 3-10-1921 578 Bk C White
Blasingame, Thomas Conner, Julia 1-15-1902 152 Bk C White
Weldon, Bernard Conner, Leila 7-4-1911 355 Bk C White
Davison, Henry J. Conner, Lizzie 7-26-1896 44 Bk C White
Gibbs, J.A.F. Conner, Mrs. Alice 11-28-1917 502 Bk C White
McKinley, H.B. Conner, Mrs. Bessie 12-7-1919 548 Bk C White
Webb, C.P. Conner, Mrs. Ella S. 7-31-1907 279 Bk C White
Keen, Oscar Conner, Sallie 12-28-1919 553 Bk C White
Rhodes, T.B. Cook, Agnes 12-30-1917 505 Bk C White
Lovett, R.T. Cook, Claudia Lee 7-8-1915 448 Bk C White
Roland, J.R. Cook, Elizabeth (12-3-1896) 49LI Bk C White
Walden, Irwin Cook, Hattie 5-2-1906 254 Bk C White
Adams, T.P. Cook, Lizzie 12-14-1902 168 Bk C White
Burt, J.L. Cook, Maud 12-27-1903 189 Bk C White
Carter, G.S. Cook, Maymie 11-16-1902 164 Bk C White
Carswell, S.G. Cook, Mrs. Ada 4-1-1915 444 Bk C White
Wilson, S.P. Cook, Neoma 5-9-1897 54 Bk C White
Hilliard, Walter Cook, Nina Mae 11-26-1912 389 Bk C White
Wilson, E.P. Cooper, Emma R. 11-23-1902 164 Bk C White
Wilson, G.M. Cooper, Jennie 4-28-1897 53 Bk C White
Stone, P.F. Cooper, Minnie M. 7-1-1900 110 Bk C White
Green, J.M. Covington, Jane 3-6-1898 70 Bk C White
Hobby, L. Cox, Ida 10-28-1903 187 Bk C White
Cryder, George Craft, Ada (10-1-1904) 208LI Bk C White
Smith, Lawrence Crane, Ada 10-26-1913 409 Bk C White
Coffee, J.H. Cravy, Ruth 9-18-1910 335 Bk C White
Jones, Joe Cranford, Rosa 1-20-1918 507 Bk C White
McLean, Elvin P. Crawford, Cullin W. 7-5-1897 56 Bk C White
Medows, Willie Crawford, Eva (4-1-1916) 463LI Bk C White
Watson, John G. Crawford, Eva 7-1-1917 493 Bk C White
Presley, Clyde Crawford, Lugene 11-7-1920 570 Bk C White
Owens, James Crawford, Martha A.  8-28-1904 206 Bk C White
Munk, J.T. Crawford, Mary  11-20-1895 32 Bk C White
Johnson, Frank Crenshaw, Emma 8-29-1915 450 Bk C White
Johnson, L.E. Crenshaw, Emma (7-31-1914) 426LI Bk C White
Livingston, John J. Crenshaw, Willie Mae 3-12-1920 557 Bk C White
Wilcox, Thos. P. Crittenton, Lula M. 12-19-1901 141 Bk C White
Chatman, Frank Crockett, Addie 12-19-1895 35 Bk C White
Reed, H.M. Cromer, Mamie (3-11-1916) 461LI Bk C White
Reed, R.C. Cromer, Susie 1-10-1914 416 Bk C White
Page, E.M. Crook, Belle 3-7-1915 442 Bk C White
Jones, A.O. Croom, Gertrude 2-7-1897 52 Bk C White
Marsh, William J. Croom, Rosa V. 12-4-1898 79 Bk C White
Smith, John W. Cross, Bessie 7-28-1904 205 Bk C White
Olds, Amos W. Cross, Mary 12-30-1906 270 Bk C White
McDonald, J.C. Crozier, Eula Mae 11-2-1919 545 Bk C White
Duncan, M.W. Crozier, Gussie 10-8-1916 474 Bk C White
Fenn, Thomas Z. Crummey, Hattie 1-7-1912 369 Bk C White
Vaughn, C.H. Crump, Berta 12-28-1919 553 Bk C White
Carnes, B.E. Crump, Olis (5-19-1920) 561LI Bk C White
Barrett, J.H. Cumbus, Mrs. H.J. 1-3-1895 22 Bk C White
Braddock, J.B. Cummings, Nancy M. 12-22-1917 504 Bk C White
Miller, Jack Curtis, Lulia Belle 12-21-1913 411 Bk C White
Tapley, N.A. Dailey, Maggie 6-28-1916 467 Bk C White
Sawyer, W.T. DAniel, Lillia 6-29-1893 2 Bk C White
Joiner, Johnnie Daniels, Blanch 10-10-1919 543 Bk C White
Barden, Z.V. Daniels, Nida 12-4-1898 81 Bk C White
Cook, N.W. Daniels, Sallie B. 6-26-1902 152 Bk C White
Tracy, S.T. Darby, Sadie 10-27-1895 31 Bk C White
Floyd, Fletcher Daugherty, Annie 7-29-1917 495 Bk C White
Stubbs, A.A. Daugherty, Clauda Mae 7-21-1915 449 Bk C White
Griffin, John Davidson, Eula 11-30-1919 548 Bk C White
Hopson, J.C. Davidson, Lena 10-20-1918 521 Bk C White
Collins, Ben Davidson, Lizzie 12-20-1908 303 Bk C White
Collin, P.W. Davidson, Mrs. Mary 5-1-1908 294 Bk C White
Robinson, James Davis, Annie 5-17-1896 42 Bk C White
Gunter, Leon Davis, Carrie 12-16-1912 391 Bk C White
Floyd, J.F. Davis, Crissie 4-12-1905 227 Bk C White
Ray, Henry Davis, Della 10-4-1894 17 Bk C White
Hyde, G.W. Davis, Edna 3-25-1900 106 Bk C White
Heath, Stephen Davis, Elizabeth 1-25-1904 194 Bk C White
Chester, Clarence Davis, Fannie 4-10-1904 198 Bk C White
Palmer, W.A.J. Davis, Jessie I. 5-14-1916 460 Bk C White
Howard, J.T. Davis, Lela Belle (5-18-1912) 377LI Bk C White
Porter, J.E. Davis, Mary 10-10-1895 30 Bk C White
White, E.E. Davis, Willie (1-17-1920) 555LI Bk C White
Smith, J.R. Dawson, Amanda 12-19-1909 321 Bk C White
Little, John G. Dean, Anna Bell 4-2-1894 12 Bk C White
Churchwell, A.F. Dean, Florye 5-25-1899 93 Bk C White
McLemore, M. Dean, Lizzie 6-8-1895 28 Bk C White
Lott, D.W. Dean, Nettie 2-14-1900 105 Bk C White
Johnson, Mack Deen, Hattie 7-18-1903 182 Bk C White
Pople, Acie Dell, Cora 4-20-1919 531 Bk C White
Slaughter, J.M. Deloach, Mollie (7-28-1897) 56LI Bk C White
Chapman, J.H. DeLoach, Myrtle 9-15-1920 566 Bk C White
Belcher, J.E. DeLoach, Nora 3-25-1906 252 Bk C White
McCall, W.C. Deloach, Retter 8-27-1900 112 Bk C White
Conner, John M. Dennard, Abbie 12-18-1902 169 Bk C White
Warren, R.E. Dennard, Annie 12-25-1895 33 Bk C White
Morgan, Lester J. Dennard, Bertha  6-26-1912 379 Bk C White
Bellum, J.H. Dennard, Bessie 12-22-1897 65 Bk C White
Freeman, D.I. Dennard, Bula (5-13-1907) 275LI Bk C White
Hill, J. Thos. Dennard, Carrie C. (12-18-1894) 21LI Bk C White
Coney, Chas. Lee Dennard, Clara 9-16-1917 498 Bk C White
McEachin, Charles C. Dennard, Dora 5-3-1903 178 Bk C White
Wootten, P.D. Dennard, Dora 6-2-1901 128 Bk C White
McLeod, J.H. Dennard, Edith 11-21-1920 570 Bk C White
Perry, Walter B. Dennard, Edna H. 11-5-1902 162 Bk C White
Pate, N.M. Dennard, Fannie B. 6-4-1916 464 Bk C White
Doster, Philetus Dennard, Ida 1-14-1900 104 Bk C White
Ham, Johnnie Dennard, Martha E. 4-6-1916 463 Bk C White
Cumbus, R.S. Dennard, May F. 1-7-1900 103 Bk C White
Fisher, Joseph A., Jr. Dennard, Milliard L. 2-13-1913 397 Bk C White
Lane, John Dennis, Emma 8-1-1903 183 Bk C White
Tippett, G.H. Dickenson, Callie 12-25-1898 84 Bk C White
Chalker, D.C. Dickerson, Claud 6-10-1917 492 Bk C White
Jones, E.E. Dickerson, Grace 12-31-1911 368 Bk C White
Conner, Wesley Dickerson, Julia 3-3-1907 267 Bk C White
Watson, Dave Dickerson, Pearl 12-27-1908 305 Bk C White
Morgan, J.L. Dickey, Emma  2-9-1899 89 Bk C White
Parsons, R.E.L. Dickey, Jessie 3-12-1903 171 Bk C White
Beall, Thos. H. Dicks, Flora L. 12-4-1904 214 Bk C White
Mitchell, L.E. Dicks, Kattie  10-9-1904 210 Bk C White
Hall, James Monroe Dicks, Mary Ann 12-27-1896 50 Bk C White
Lamb, G.W. Dimmons, Sussie 12-24-1903 190 Bk C White
Whitley, L.G. Dix, Mary Ella 12-28-1899 99 Bk C White
Gild, James Dixon, Georgia Ann (12-2-1895) 32LI Bk C White
Tucker, William Dixon, Louisa (5-10-1894) 13LI Bk C White
Fletcher, R.R. Dixon, Rosa 1-28-1912 371 Bk C White
Martin, Floyd H. Dodd, Edith 10-9-1919 542 Bk C White
Yawn, James Dorden, Barry (4-5-1913) 398LI Bk C White
Peterson, Elonza L. Dormany, Alice 8-5-1894 15 Bk C White
Bussell, B.R. Dorminey, Evelyn 2-20-1905 223 Bk C White
Dennison, O.S. Dorough, Anner 7-4-1901 130 Bk C White
Perry, M.E. Dorsey, Carrie 1-15-1914 416 Bk C White
Faircloth, D.D. Dorsey, Harrett 1-1-1901 121 Bk C White
Moody, E.A. Dorsey, Mrs. Carrie  2-23-1906 250 Bk C White
Bush, Enoch A. Dorton, Bonnie May 2-1-1914 419 Bk C White
Laidler, J.C. Doster, Carrie 11-29-1916 478 Bk C White
Curry, C.C. Doster, Mattie 6-9-1901 108 Bk C White
Owens, J. Hardy Doster, Nannie  7-19-1905 233 Bk C White
Faircloth, J.A. Doster, Nannie C. 11-1-1905 238 Bk C White
Cross, Wm. F. Doster, Sudie E. 2-6-1910 325 Bk C White
Yawn, Calvin Dowdy, Annie (1-27-1903) 173LI Bk C White
Dowdy, James Cullen Dowdy, Christian 5-7-1921 581 Bk C White
Yancey, Liwis D. Dowdy, Jesse Mae 10-19-1919 544 Bk C White
Barron, James T. Dowdy, Lola 3-21-1915 443 Bk C White
Walker, J.W. Dowdy, S.L. 11-26-1907 285 Bk C White
Watts, W.E. Downs, Lena B. 1-1-1896 34 Bk C White
Whittle, Dave Dozier, Cora 6-18-1905 230 Bk C White
Ashley, G.W. Dozier, Mattie 7-2-1907 278 Bk C White
Myres, A. Drexler, Clemmentine  6-18-1900 109 Bk C White
Jackson, Will J. Dubose, Sudie E. 4-1-1917 487 Bk C White
Bush, M. DuBose, Willie T. 12-9-1917 503 Bk C White
Weaver, James J. Duggan, Nannie P. (1-18-1912) 378LI Bk C White
Cannon, Earl M. Dunaway, Gladys E. 12-12-1916 479 Bk C White
Baldwin, O.L. Duncan, Abner (2-10-1917) 484LI Bk C White
McDuffie, Carl Duncan, Alma 2-1-1919 527 Bk C White
Cummings, J.W. Dunn, Burtha E. (10-12-1918) 521LI Bk C White
Henson, J.A. Duvall, Carrie 8-9-1916 469 Bk C White
Walker, Wallace Dykes, Eliza Ann 8-26-1916 471 Bk C White
Grantham, A.P. Dykes, Imogene 2-23-1899 90 Bk C White
Davis, John Dykes, Lillie Mae 9-6-1914 429 Bk C White
Odum, Lee Dykes, Mrs. Mollie 1-18-1915 441 Bk C White

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