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Marriage Book C - White
A-B Grooms

The  Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Marriage Book "C" of Wilcox County, Georgia, was transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue. This work was started in 7 April 1981 and completed on 16 June 1981. Grooms have been listed alphabetically by their last name, showing their bride, the date of the marriage, and the page number in the marriage book where the marriage is recorded. In this book there are a large number of instances where the license was issued, but no further entry to certify that the marriage ceremony was actually performed. In these instances I have indicated that no certification was shown in the book by showing the initials LI immediately following the page number of the particular entry in the book.

Grooms Name Brides Name Date and Page Book
Adams, J.F. Mitchell, Nettie 7-20-1901 131 Bk C White
Adams, J.M. Cobb, Mary E. 1-6-1898 64 Bk C White
Adams, J.C. Owens, Eva N. 1-22-1905 222 Bk C White
Adams, R.L. Mitchell, Viola 10-30-1904 211 Bk C White
Adams, T.P. Cook, Lizzie 12-14-1902 168 Bk C White
Adkinson, Bryant Wheeler, Ellen (1-4-1904) 192LI Bk C White
Adkinson, Hizzy Johnson, Nancy E. 5-10-1896 42 Bk C White
Alexander, A.J. Bullard, Annie 10-29-1899 97 Bk C White
Allen, Augustus Holliday, Pearlie 6-6-1915 446 Bk C White
Allen, H.R. Parham, Carrie L. 1-4-1900 102 Bk C White
Allen, Herbert Smith, Viola 7-7-1912 380 Bk C White
Allen, J.D. Belcher, Katie 1-8-1896 34 Bk C White
Allen, J.E. Johnson, Dollie 2-25-1914 420 Bk C White
Allen, J.W. Beall, Mary 3-13-1898 71 Bk C White
Allen, William G. Chapman, Mary Parcia 6-7-1905 229 Bk C White
Alton, W.T. Bush, Ida Mae 5-27-1906 257 Bk C White
Ambrose, J.H. Roberts, Jennie 2-7-1904 189 Bk C White
Anderson, Edd H. Fulghum, Bessie E. 6-16-1897 55 Bk C White
Anderson, H.J. Whitlock, Evie (8-30-1916) 471LI Bk C White
Anderson, H.J. Gregory, Mrs. Lula 4-4-1920 558 Bk C White
Anderson, J.C. Green, Clide (8-27-1900) 113LI Bk C White
Anderson, J.C. Sands, Alice 7-22-1901 132 Bk C White
Anderson, W.F. Newbern, Mae Louise 2-24-1915 443 Bk C White
Anderson, Willie Peterson, Lillia 12-25-1910 342 Bk C White
Andrews, J.T. Walden, Lela 3-11-1906 252 Bk C White
Anthony, Allie B. Mitchell, Eva L. 9-2-1906 263 Bk C White
Arnett, T.D. Lovett, Mary 1-4-1903 170 Bk C White
Arrington, Robt. J. Rawles, Daisy 9-15-1901 135 Bk C White
Ashley, G.W. Dozier, Mattie 7-2-1907 278 Bk C White
Ashley, George R. Taylor, Alice N. 3-22-1903 176 Bk C White
Ashley, R.E. Coleman, Ellie 6-13-1903 180 Bk C White
Ashley, T.A. Gorday, E.M. 10-17-1897 60 Bk C White
Ashley, William A. McCallum, Sarah E. 9-3-1911 352 Bk C White
Atherton, Harry F. Ware, Ethel P. 9-17-1902 158 Bk C White
Attaway, J.W. Mitchell, Nancy 5-8-1904 201 Bk C White
Austin, W.J. Harrell, Mrs. M.E. 3-11-1917 486 Bk C White
Bacon, Cecil B. Vaughn, Sarah C. 7-25-1920 564 Bk C White
Bagby, William M. Jones, Annie K. 3-23-1913 398 Bk C White
Bagley, William W. Jackson, Leonora E. 2-4-1904 195 Bk C White
Bagwell, Hiram H. Page, Dollie 1-5-1919 526 Bk C White
Bailey, J.H. Hardin, Mattie 8-2-1903 183 Bk C White
Baker, Charlie H. Farrow, Clifford 10-13-1917 500 Bk C White
Baker, J.M. Garrott, Pearl 9-10-1905 235 Bk C White
Baker, Owen Keen, Carrie 5-19-1918 514 Bk C White
Baker, William H. Johnson, Callie (8-3-1918) 517LI Bk C White
Baldwin, O.L. Duncan, Abner (2-10-1917) 484LI Bk C White
Baldwin, O.L. Rowe, Annie 4-15-1917 488 Bk C White
Ball, E.B. Posey, Ethel 12-3-1914 436 Bk C White
Ball, Ernest C. Gordon, Annie 10-24-1914 433 Bk C White
Ball, James D. Townsend, Alice 10-20-1902 161 Bk C White
Ball, Sam Whittle, Sallie 9-27-1908 300 Bk C White
Ball, W.A. Gordon, Sarah E. 8-26-1898 76 Bk C White
Banks, Oscher Blalock, Gussie 3-8-1908 292 Bk C White
Barber, James F. Ledford, Mary J. 12-28-1913 413 Bk C White
Barden, Z.V. Daniels, Nida 12-4-1898 81 Bk C White
Barfield, Adolphus Williams, Mattie 5-29-1898 73 Bk C White
Barfield, Elijah Bruce, Ida L. 2-18-1912 372 Bk C White
Barfield, M. Sheppard, Fannie 1-27-1904 193 Bk C White
Barker, Albert Bruce, Fannie (1-8-1909) 306LI Bk C White
Barker, Bartlett A. Coker, Julia 4-18-1920 559 Bk C White
Barker, Barto Rhodes, Annie 10-23-1910 337 Bk C White
Barker, Fritz Kitchen, Ola 1-20-1910 324 Bk C White
Barker, John A. Gordon, Nannie 1-30-1910 325 Bk C White
Barker, Rubin J. Wethernton, Cora 2-7-1909 307 Bk C White
Barnes, Charlie Herrington, Emmie 8-5-1917 495 Bk C White
Barnes, L.F. Morris, Irene 5-23-1915 446 Bk C White
Barrentine, James Stone, Mary 5-22-1898 73 Bk C White
Barrenton, Thomas Gorday, Dovie (7-7-1903) 181LI Bk C White
Barrett, J.H. Cumbus, Mrs. H.J. 1-3-1895 22 Bk C White
Barron, James T. Dowdy, Lola 3-21-1915 443 Bk C White
Barron, J.L. Gibbs, Minnie 4-3-1910 327 Bk C White
Barron, John Bruce, Mattie 1-13-1904 192 Bk C White
Barron, John Hall, Anner (11-4-1904) 239LI Bk C White
Barron, John L. Odom, Gatsy (10-19-1908) 300LI Bk C White
Barron, W.S. Sapp, Frances R. 8-4-1903 184 Bk C White
Barry, D.F. Feltes, Mrs. Hennrietta 6-20-1901 130 Bk C White
Barton, Henry Odom, Martha 7-16-1911 357 Bk C White
Barton, J.T. Smith, Betsie 4-19-1903 177 Bk C White
Barton, S.B. Smith, Mary A. 12-3-1902 166 Bk C White
Barton, S.J. Smith, N.C. (6-19-1899) 94LI Bk C White
Batton, Hardy Allen, Sallie 12-17-1905 242 Bk C White
Batton, Make Lamb, Fannie 7-190- 111 Bk C White
The above license issued 7-3-1900 -- Bk C White
Batton, Rufus A. Lee, Mary C. 2-1-1900 105 Bk C White
Batts, Edwin W. Marchman, Gertrude F. 10-3-1901 137 Bk C White
Beach, Jesse King, Rosa 11-9-1913 410 Bk C White
Beall, Lewis M. Riviere, Ora E. 10-18-1900 115 Bk C White
Beall, Thos. H. Dicks, Flora L. 12-4-1904 214 Bk C White
Beall, William R. Spell, Alma M. 9-23-1903 179 Bk C White
Beasley, George L. Robinson, Mary 11-19-1904 212 Bk C White
Beckham, O.F. Leidy, Mary E. 9-24-1905 235 Bk C White
Belcher, C.E. Medders, Dora 10-21-1907 283 Bk C White
Belcher, J.E. DeLoach, Nora 3-25-1906 252 Bk C White
Belk, Henry J. Arnold, Mrs. Minnie P. 7-24-1917 495 Bk C White
Bell, John Adams, Florence 4-25-1915 445 Bk C White
Bell, W.W. Brown, Mary Frances 12-26-1912 392 Bk C White
Bellamy, Carvin Patterson, Carrie 3-10-1918 511 Bk C White
Bellflowers, E. Ashley, Rutha (4-14-1903) 176LI Bk C White
Bellflowers, E.B. Wheeler, Ellen (12-10-1904) 217LI Bk C White
Bellflowers, E.B. Handley, C.L. 1-15-1905 221 Bk C White
Bellum, J.H. Dennard, Bessie 12-22-1897 65 Bk C White
Benchina, Louis Kosnerl, Antonia 5-10-1914 422 Bk C White
Benefield, Guy Bullock, Claudine 1-5-1918 506 Bk C White
Bennett, Benjiman McDuffie, Claudie 12-26-1915 458 Bk C White
Bennett, Cleveland Olds, Lanie 9-12-1910 335 Bk C White
Bennett, D.L. Coleman, Abbie 4-2-1916 463 Bk C White
Bennett, Luther Coleman, Pearl 5-18-1913 400 Bk C White
Benson, Garth Harpe, Minnie 6-24-1917 493 Bk C White
Benton, Willie J. Grindle, Dola Mae 10-7-1915 453 Bk C White
Bernhard, Thomas Tycroft, Allie 6-13-1909 312 Bk C White
Bishop, E.M. Streddon, Hepsie 5-8-1904 201 Bk C White
Bishop, Joe Smith, Bettie (9-15-1902) 157LI Bk C White
Bishop, Linton H. Hearn, Alena B. 3-24-1911 349 Bk C White
Black, Homer Johnson, Mattie 8-22-1920 566 Bk C White
Blackburn, Lt. Noel L. Gunn, Lenore 5-9-1903 179 Bk C White
Blakey, William B. Blow, Mary Lizzie 12-13-1903 188 Bk C White
Blalock, Carry V. Revels, Minnie L. 11-2-1919 546 Bk C White
Blalock, Ed McDuffie, Lela 12-28-1913 412 Bk C White
Blalock, Paul W. Rhodes, Bertha 4-7-1912 374 Bk C White
Blasingame, J.B. Blow, Katie 1-6-1902 143 Bk C White
Blasingame, Thomas Conner, Julia 1-15-1902 152 Bk C White
Blizard (Blizzard), Edgar    Lacey, Lura 10-11-1908 300 Bk C White
Blizard, Oscar F. Walker, Annie 7-14-1911 356 Bk C White
Blizard, Oscher Lawson, Julia 12-24-1905 245 Bk C White
Blizzard, W.F. Roberts, Minnie 4-29-1903 178 Bk C White
Bloodsworth, James A. Rhodes, Lola B. 12-12-1907 287 Bk C White
Bloodsworth, Z.M. Stephens, Sallie Mae 12-15-1912 391 Bk C White
Blow, O.L. Adams, Mrs. Minnie 12-11-1904 216 Bk C White
Blue, D.A. Miller, Leila 8-19-1897 57 Bk C White
Blue, N.M. Pitts, Belle 1-31-1915 442 Bk C White
Boatright, M.L. Coleman, Essie 9-10-1905 222 Bk C White
Bohannon, J.D. McCall, Olena (7-25-1903) 182LI Bk C White
Bolton, James Miller, Elon 2-6-1898 69 Bk C White
Boman, B.T. Bush, Emma 2-22-1905 224 Bk C White
Boman, D.A. Harrell, C.E. 1-2-1898 67 Bk C White
Boman, J.J. Keen, Mollie 12-23-1897 66 Bk C White
Bowen, Charlie Spires, Dovie Lou 8-5-1918 516 Bk C White
Bowen, J.M. Bell, Annie 9-25-1904 208 Bk C White
Bowen, Jas. M. Caldwell, Margret L. 8-8-1916 469 Bk C White
Bowen, J.T. Coley, Susan 4-28-1918 513 Bk C White
Bowen, M.S. Guthery, Addie Lee 12-14-1911 364 Bk C White
Bowen, Wiley Taylor, Mrs. Lizzie (2-12-1908) 292LI Bk C White
Bowen, Wright Jordan, Minnie 2-25-1912 393 Bk C White
Braddock, J.B. Cummings, Nancy M. 12-22-1917 504 Bk C White
Braddy, James Smith, Cordelle (12-22-1904) 218LI Bk C White
Bradley, J.L. Byers, Mrs. F.E. 12-7-1919 549 Bk C White
Brady, K.M. King, Ader E. 9-19-1897 58 Bk C White
Braswell, D.B. Lemon, Nellie 2-17-1918 509 Bk C White
Braswell, J.E. Smithhart, Viola 8-13-1905 234 Bk C White
Braswell, James Warren, Nora 11-12-1905 240 Bk C White
Braswell, S.L. Pearce, Aline (1-10-1912) 369LI Bk C White
Braswell, S.L. Watson, Minnie 12-31-1916 464 Bk C White
Braswell, S.L. McClain, Mattie 1-26-1921 575 Bk C White
Braswell, T.J. Barefoot, Lena 7-6-1912 380 Bk C White
Braziel, Tip Standridge, Cleo 7-30-1916 464 Bk C White
Brazil, Earnest Whitten, Ella Mae 2-6-1916 459 Bk C White
Brewer, C.F. Walker, Lora 9-18-1917 498 Bk C White
Bridges, Fletcher Fountain, Annie 5-20-1906 257 Bk C White
Brinkley, E.F. Harvey, Nancy E. 2-22-1906 250 Bk C White
Brinkley, J.T. Renfroe, Minnie 8-17-1902 156 Bk C White
Britt, Jessie Haskins, Mary Sussie 9-28-1902 158 Bk C White
Britt, L. Gibbs, Rosa 2-10-1903 173 Bk C White
Britt, Willis Keen, Nancy 12-3-1903 187 Bk C White
Brock, M.G. Bridges, Nannie 11-12-1910 340 Bk C White
Brogdon, Fritz Fledo Newman, Mary Lou 12-4-1909 320 Bk C White
Brogdon, Hoyt D. Greeson, Henrietta 5-5-1901 127 Bk C White
Brooks, R.D. Coates, Mrs. Minnie 12-25-1919 552 Bk C White
Brooks, Robert L Bankston, Lillie (1894) IOLI Bk C White
The above license issued   1-28-1894 --- Bk C White
Brooks, Vynard Adams, Ola 3-22-1912 374 Bk C White
Brophy, James Stuckey, Mollie 9-21-1913 406 Bk C White
Brown, A.B. Woodward, Texan 5-20-1896 43 Bk C White
Brown, A.T. Hardemon, Eugenia 2-7-1897 52 Bk C White
Brown, Abner Heath, Cleachie 1-21-1917 483 Bk C White
Brown, Bee Harvey, Lula 12-10-1915 451 Bk C White
Brown, B.W. Lawson, Carrie (1-25-1918) 507LI Bk C White
Brown, C.P. Bagwell, Mattie E. 1-30-1911 347 Bk C White
Brown, D.F. Sangster, Agnes 12-7-1902 167 Bk C White
Brown, D.P. Langford, Marrie 8-15-1909 314 Bk C White
Brown, Dewey Sewell, Willie Belle 8-1-1920 565 Bk C White
Brown, Earnest Hooper, Dollie 7-26-1914 426 Bk C White
Brown, Frank Taylor, M.C. 11-10-1902 163 Bk C White
Brown, Frank Howell, Susie M. 9-12-1920 566 Bk C White
Brown, G.R. Bohannon, Della 10-4-1897 59 Bk C White
Brown, George Land, Sarah 11-1-1914 431 Bk C White
Brown, Horace Walker, Elizabeth (2-12-1921) 577LI Bk C White
Brown, J.W. Walker, Mattie E. 12-11-1901 134 Bk C White
Brown, Jackson W. Stone, Emma O. 7-21-1901 131 Bk C White
Brown, James R. Cobb, Gertrude 3-19-1905 225 Bk C White
Brown, J.C. Shomake, Gretchen 9-11-1918 520 Bk C White
Brown, Jessey Melvin, Mamie 3-23-1913 398 Bk C White
Brown, Lance Long, Annie (2-1-1913) 396LI Bk C White
Brown, Lance C. Gordy, Bivins 4-8-1920 558 Bk C White
Brown, Love Taylor, Martha (9-20-1895) 29LI Bk C White
Brown, Lovett Blalock, Bessie 6-27-1897 55 Bk C White
Brown, R.P. Carswell, Lucia Bell 12-18-1912 392 Bk C White
Brown, Roy W. Graham, Stella L. 12-23-1917 504 Bk C White
Brown, Sam J. Settle, Katherine L. 12-3-1912 389 Bk C White
Brown, Sam L. Byes, Blonnie May 4-11-1920 559 Bk C White
Brown, Tom Johnson, Gertrude 9-20-1916 472 Bk C White
Brown, W.O. Townsend, Sarah 7-7-1903 181 Bk C White
Brown, Walter E. Jackson, Mary V. 12-31-1916 481 Bk C White
Bruce, A.M. Stone, Frances L. 1-17-1900 104 Bk C White
Bruce, J.L. Land, Sarah A. 9-6-1903 184 Bk C White
Bruce, J.M. Allen, Ella 3-12-1916 462 Bk C White
Bruce, N.B. Bowen, Hattie 10-24-1903 186 Bk C White
Bruce, Nathan Owens, Winnie 10-31-1897 61 Bk C White
Bruce, Steve Jones, Ida May 1-11-1920 554 Bk C White
Bruce, W.N. Rhodes, Essie 12-15-1918 523 Bk C White
Bruce, W.O. Killibru, Clara Mae (12-18-1916) 479LI Bk C White
Bruce, W.O. Fitzgerald, Celia (3-29-1918) 511LI Bk C White
Bryan, R.L. Fitzgerald, Emma 9-26-1900 114 Bk C White
Budd, John W. Clark, Susie 11-30-1901 139 Bk C White
Bullard, M.C. Odum, Rosa 5-20-1917 491 Bk C White
Bullington, Oscar Flowers, Annie Bell 8-17-1913 403 Bk C White
Bundrick, B. Spivey, Lila 7-28-1916 469 Bk C White
Bundrick, J.J. Lacey, Vanie 7-6-1904 203 Bk C White
Burch, J.A. Roland, Luella 11-29-1908 301 Bk C White
Burch, J.H. Conner, Ida (5-30-1914) 423LI Bk C White
Burdick, Benj. L. Swain, Mollie 11-24-1901 127 Bk C White
Burke, M.A. Sheffield, Belle 11-24-1912 389 Bk C White
Burkhardt, Joseph Chatman, Lula 1-1-1917 481 Bk C White
Burham, J.M. O'Neal, Carrie 11-4-1909 320 Bk C White
Burnam, Joe S. Harvell, Nettie 1-2-1910 324 Bk C White
Burnett, G.E. Cantrell, Ethel 5-24-1914 422 Bk C White
Burnham, B.B. Yancey, Hattie 10-11-1914 431 Bk C White
Buttish, J.B. Reynolds, Nettie 8-1-1903 183 Bk C White
Burt, J.L. Cook, Maud 12-27-1903 189 Bk C White
Bush, A.B. Nance, E.E. 11-18-1896 48 Bk C White
Bush, Enoch A. Dorton, Bonnie May 2-1-1914 419 Bk C White
Bush, John A. Tullice, Onie 8-26-1916 471 Bk C White
Bush, M. DuBose, Willie T. 12-9-1917 503 Bk C White
Bush, William Statham, Lill 6-29-1919 537 Bk C White
Bussell, B.R. Dorminey, Evelyn 2-20-1905 223 Bk C White
Bussell, J.R. Coffee, Ida 10-15-1893 5 Bk C White
Bussell, James A. Coffee, May 1-20-1904 193 Bk C White
Bussell, James A. Coffee, Annie E. 7-28-1911 357 Bk C White
Bussell, Joseph Gibbs, Millie L. 1-31-1900 104 Bk C White
Bussell, W.H. Grantham, Mattie C. 11-7-1920 569 Bk C White
Butler, Henry Bundrick, Mrs. Sallie 3-2-1913 397 Bk C White
Byres, Hershel Mauldin, Azzillee 12-26-1909 322 Bk C White




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