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The two earliest Marriage Books of Wilcox County Georgia were transcribed from the records on microfilm in the Georgia Department of Archives and History by Harry Blue and published in The Passing of the Pines: A History of Wilcox County Georgia by authors, Mary Lou L. McDonald and Samuel Jordan Lawson III. These books are copyrighted and we appreciate their generosity in allowing us to use these records on this web site.  Please Note these records were transcribed just as they were written in the original marriage books, so please check for all spelling variations of your surname.

Groom Last Groom First Bride Last Bride First Date Page Book
Swain Robert H. Adams Prissilla 9-6-1860 16 A, A1
Evans John L. Adams Susan 2-21-1875 146 A, A1
Johnson Darling Adkinson Nancy 4-23-1871 106 A, A1
Hunter Samuel T. Akins Billie V. 4-20-1879 194 A, A1
Akins  N. C. Akins Sarah 4-1-1883 257 A, A1
Robenson John Aldridge Latteya 5-9-1871 130 A, A1
Pope Lee Andrews Sarah 7-3-1867 67 A, A1
Gordon William W. Ashley Susan 12-23-1875 159 A, A1
Michael George D. Ashley Lucy 12-14-1882 251 A, A1
Watt James F. Ashley Nancy E. 2-3-1876 163 A, A1
Wright W.W. Ashley M.J. 2-45-1871 99 A, A1
Coleman Kinion Ashley Mary 8-8-1878 222 A, A1
Faircloth  W.F. Ashley Emma 7-19-1885 285 A, A1
Faircloth David Ashley Mary J. 1-20-1876 162 A, A1
Fountain James T. Ashley Susan 1-20-1879 220 A, A1
Banner Alexander J. Atkins Mary J. 1-18-1884 275 A, A1
Odom Robert Ayers Barbra E. 2-13-1859 6 A, A1
Johnson Pinkney P. Ball Martha  8-13-1876 169 A, A1
Lacy Ransom Ball Anathe M. 2-15-1877 172 A, A1
Lovett James Ball Elizabeth 1-26-1880 199 A, A1
McCall Joshua A. Ball Josephine 7-8-1859 25 A, A1
McDuffie Daniel Ball Elizabeth 8-17-1865 42 A, A1
Odom G.W. Ball Alias 9-19-1875 151 A, A1
Walker George Ball Elizabeth 1-15-1879 187 A, A1
Wilson N.P. Ball Sharlotte 1-1-1873 126 A, A1
Andrews Jesse Ball Celia 7-30-1876 174 A, A1
Wheeler W.H. Baly Jane 1-11-1883 254 A, A1
Dansy J.D. Banner Sarah L. 6-28-1869 160 A, A1
Handley J.P. Banner Abby 7-4-1882 241 A, A1
Bruce J.N. Barker Leora 12-24-1879 230 A, A1
Gibbs Larry Barrentine Elizar 11-3-1872 114 A, A1
Mann D.E. Barrentine Francieann 12-30-1875 175 A, A1
Stone George W. Barrentine Antamipa E. 5-16-1880 210 A, A1
Swain D.E. Barrentine Francieann 12-30-1875 158 A, A1
Stanford H.A. Barrett Martha 5-27-1883 259 A, A1
McCuller Joseph A. Barrott Elizabeth 12-15-1859 10 A, A1
Byington M.L. Barrott L.E. 12-25-1858 3 A, A1
McRae Christopher Barton Martha A. 3-26-1865 37 A, A1
Harvey Wm. F. Barton Evelyn 2-16-1880 272 A, A1
Wilson George (Col) Batten Vina (Col) 12-31-1878 182 A, A1
Handley Daniel Batton Lowezar 1-14-1883 253 A, A1
Parson Thomas Batton Ida A. 7-3-1881 238 A, A1
Player Henry C. Batton Ellen 10-26-1879 221 A, A1
Stone Henry J. Batton Sarah C. 7-27-1866 53 A, A1
Barrot John J. Batton Laura 12-6-1867 74 A, A1
Owens William A. Bishop Elizabeth 4-18-1876 165 A, A1
Tomberlin Jno. Bishop Manah 6-4-1882 241 A, A1
Blow S.H. Blasingame Bennie 4-23-1882 239 A, A1
Statham Norman Blue Elizabeth 8-21-1866 54 A, A1
Wilcox Henry Bohanan Caroline 2-10-1877 182NN A, A1
Tomberlin Winfrey (Col) Bohannon Lizza (Col) 12-10-1879 205 A, A1
Statham John Bowen Nancy 4-12-1866 49 A, A1
Bowen James E. Bowen N.V. 1-18-1885 274 A, A1
Rose R.M. Bowen Susan F. 11-25-1860 18 A, A1
Mixon James Bowman Penelope J. 3-31-1861 23 A, A1
Pope W.D. Bozeman Lizzie E. 10-25-1883 274 A, A1
Pritchard Isaac Bradshaw Sarah C. 1-23-1876 163 A, A1
Harvey Wm. F. Branten Emiline 2-26-1880 213 A, A1
Ball Green C. Brown Mary Jane 4-7-1859 5 A, A1
Griffin James Brown Nancy 5-10-1866 53 A, A1
Johnson L.J. Brown Martha A. 8-12-1869 89 A, A1
Keen Josiah B. Brown Annie 10-18-1883 264 A, A1
Mann T.C. Brown Mollie 2-7-1883 261 A, A1
McCuller George Brown Billie T. 1-8-1880 204 A, A1
Minchew John D. Brown Mary F. 9-20-1879 221 A, A1
Minshew John D. Brown Mary F. 3-23-1879 190 A, A1
Paulk Reason Brown Ann 2-19-1860 11 A, A1
Polk Warren Brown Martha 3-7-1869 86 A, A1
Spradley Charles A. Brown Caroline 3-27-1866 50 A, A1
Swain Eldred Brown Elizabeth J. 8-3-1865 40 A, A1
Tomberlin B.O. Brown Elizabeth 10-20-1875 156 A, A1
Tomberlin Dennis (Col) Brown Rebecca (Col) 9-12-1874 138 A, A1
Tomberlin Handy Brown Bettie 6-11-1882 239 A, A1
Bell N.M. Brown Elen 10-28-1883 264 A, A1
Reid Lewis (Col) Brown Rosetta (Col) 1-8-1880 206 A, A1
Willliamson George W. Brown Sarah E. 3-19-1874 135 A, A1
Wilson Jackson (Col) Brown Frances (Col) 1-20-1880 211 A, A1
Lovett C. Bruce Rutheann 12-27-1868 84 A, A1
Willson T.A. Bullington Minnie L. 7-5-1883 260 A, A1
Reid David Burnham Esther 10-26-1871 107 A, A1
Tomberlin Sam Burnham Cherry 1-4-1872 110 A, A1
Johnson Troy Bush Lucinda 10-12-1876 166 A, A1
Williams George W. Cain Josephine 3-9-1884 272 A, A1
Faircloth Sugar F. Calhoun Martha A. F. 8-2-1860 15 A, A1
King James J. Cason Gwen Jane 1-4-1883 256 A, A1
Davis Joseph  Cason Savilda 11-1-1874 135 A, A1
Dowdy W.L. Cason Margaret 3-11-1875 136 A, A1
Rycroft Thomas J. Catete Mary A. 1-3-1886 286 A, A1
Pate Bennet Chandler Catherine 5-28-1868 78 A, A1
Taylor Sampson Clements Mary Ann 1-22-1874 126 A, A1
Dennard B.M. Cobb F.H. 11-7-1878 188 A, A1
Owens John Cobb Elizabeth 2-17-1878 215 A, A1
Wilcox Benjamin (Col) Coffee Rachael (Col) 9-28-1878 185 A, A1
Fuller George (Col) Coffee Lizza (Col) 6-1-1879 192 A, A1
Hunter G.W.F. Coleman Mary L. 8-19-1875 154 A, A1
Mann J.H. Coleman Mary A. 5-3-1868 86 A, A1
Strickland Jesse S.L. Coleman Jane 11-18-1864 36 A, A1
Taylor Evan Coleman Edith 2-1-1866 46 A, A1
Woodard James B. Coleman Martha A.C 4-30-1865 39 A, A1
Odom John Collins anna Jane 10-25-1860 17 A, A1
Dowdy Benjamin C. Colmon Sarah Ann 12-3-1882 256 A, A1
Mitchell John B. Conner Mary 7-28-1868 85 A, A1
Newell John M Conner Naomi M. 3-17-1881 227 A, A1
Smith Stephen H. Conner M.E. 3-21-1875 147 A, A1
Taylor George R. Conner Martha E. 3/4/1875 145 A, A1
Lewis B.F. Covington M.A. 2-3-1866 122 A, A1
Bowen C.V. Covington Etna 4-17-1870 99 A, A1
Luke George A. Cravey Nancy A. 6-1-1872 115 A, A1
Mulkey William Crawford Elizabeth 2-19-1861 21 A, A1
Eskew Henry Daniel Lucinda 4-2-1870 94 A, A1
Wilson Andrew J. Daniels Martha L. 6-14-1873 175 A, A1
Lacy Henry Davis Mrs. Nancy 1-1-1884 265 A, A1
Smith Jacob Davis Sarah O. 10-30-1869 97 A, A1
Taylor D.W. Davis Rebecca 10-15-1871 196 A, A1
Hollingsworth Ellick (Col) Davis Mary (Col) 8-11-1867 71 A, A1
Smith Daniel W. Davis Nancy 11-8-1863 32 A, A1
Hatton Tomy (Col) Deen Ellen (Col) 11-29-1884 268 A, A1
Conner Lewis Dennard Mary 1-3-1860 25 A, A1
McLeod Charles R. Dennard Fannie 2-6-1883 250 A, A1
Conner Franklin Dickerson Martha E. 3-4-1883 253 A, A1
Barkley Edward J. Dickson  Ida T. 1-11-1883 245 A, A1
Graham Andrew (Col) Dixon Abbegail (Col) 1-27-1869 105 A, A1
Grissum Samuel (Col) Dixon Alcey (Col) 7-25-1872 112 A, A1
Irving Lucius Dixon Lea 2-19-1879 195 A, A1
Mobbly Robert Dixon Mary 1-27-1869 105 A, A1
Fountain C.W. Dorsey Anne 5-27-1882 243 A, A1
Bennett John L. Dorsey Martha L. 3-19-1885 277 A, A1
Futch John Doster Susan 12-5-1858 7 A, A1
Wooten Thomas H. Doster Caroline 10-3-1872 113 A, A1
Reid Joseph (Col) Doster Susan (Col) 11-7-1880 218 A, A1
Hutto Lee Mark Douglas Emmaline 4-7-1861 21 A, A1
Wright Zack E. Douglas Ruth 12-23-1880 216 A, A1


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